Our Creative Corner/Homeschool Space

How Justin and I Prep for Important Discussions

One of Luke’s favorite parts of preschool was called “Creative Corner”. It was a chance for the kids to work at a desk and create whatever they wanted to out of random art supplies. I cannot tell you how many telescopes, walkie talkies, and binoculars made from empty rolls of toilet paper he came home with. Anytime I asked him what he enjoyed the most at school, he would answer with “Creative Corner!” and proudly display the creation he had made.

In designing our homeschool/creative space, I wanted to set up an area for the kids to all be able to use and enjoy for years to come. I specifically did not set this up to be too heavy on the schooling front because this season of homeschooling for us is temporary. Crafting, puzzle building, and playing games are all things that we will do in this space for years to come!

Up until I set up this spot on the “stage” in our playroom, we would sit on the floor to play games and do puzzles. While I’m certain that will continue to occur, it’s nice to have a designated comfortable spot for doing artwork!

I specifically chose a table with a leaf instead of a smaller kid table so we can expand it as need be. It’s a little big for Emily right now, but nothing thrills her more than feeling like a big kid sitting in a big kid chair. We have a taller toddler chair that first perfectly up to this table as well, so we can always swap out one of the metal chairs for it.

I chose a dresser for aesthetics as well as function. I prefer closed storage to open shelving for art supplies as it generally looks tidier, and this dresser has plenty of space to store all the art supplies, games, and craft materials one could need.

I also wanted an area where the kids could display their art, and found the perfect metal hanging magnetic strip to do just that. I did not want to hang a bulletin board up in that room since the other portion of the room is a free play area and I imagined tiny pins getting lost in the mix of all the toys. No pricked fingers wanted here!

I chose artwork that was fun, colorful, and fit into a creative space. Minted is one of the very first places I look into for art and it didn’t take long for me to create a gallery with some creative artwork to fill the space!

I’m thrilled about how quickly this spot came together and how fun it looks. I always wondered what we would do with this random stage area in the playroom (we did not build this house), and I’m glad to have a functional purpose for it!

Art c/o Minted.


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Allison says · 08.17.20

I think it turned out great. I can easily see that becoming a great homework/studying spot as they get older.

Denise says · 08.17.20

What color paint is on your walls?
That’s exactly what I am looking for. I hate picking paint colors!

Kate says · 08.17.20

I’m not exactly sure but also I turn down the yellows a bit in this room when I edit. It’s much more yellow in real life and I don’t like it 🙃.

Susan says · 08.17.20

Was Minted a sponsor of this post? I’m confused why you would include ‘art c/o Minted’.

Kate says · 08.17.20

I’m disclosing that Minted provided the art for this space.

Becky Bass says · 08.17.20

Creative Corner, what a great idea!
Thank you💖🌺

Connie says · 08.17.20

I absolutely love it!! It will definitely work for many activities and for years to come!!

Katie says · 08.17.20

It’s perfect!! Homeschool is a lot more peaceful and enjoyable in a happy, pretty space ❤️

Daneen says · 08.17.20

This looks AMAZING! I love this area!

Sherry says · 08.17.20

This is fantastic, you did a great job !!

Ramona says · 08.17.20

Seems like it was “meant to be!” I did notice that stage area in other photos you’ve shown and I was like….”Lucky!” (cue Napoleon Dynamite’s voice here!) 😉

Maureen Plonk says · 08.17.20


We’re doing Abeka K-5 for our daughter, Brielle, too! Did you go with the cursive or manuscript curriculum? Would love to connect our two littles!

Jessica says · 08.17.20

I love your new space!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 08.18.20

Such a cute learning space! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Elizabeth says · 08.18.20

Looks awesome! Where did you get the conversation sign on the wall? Love it!!!

Tammy says · 08.18.20

This looks so great! Perfect spot from school (and fun)!

Elaine says · 08.18.20

Over the years, our office has evolved into a library/art room/homeschool space. The open and accessible art supplies will make creativity spontaneous and easy!

Stel says · 08.19.20

The stage was MADE for your homeschool area! brilliant, nice look to it. Hope you and kids get loads of joy and fun from it.

Kelly says · 08.23.20

Where did you get the creative corner sign? I love it!

Andy says · 08.25.20

I have a 4.5 year old, as well as two younger children.
We are interested in homeschooling her, but are so unsure about how to navigate our options and actually step into a structured learning routine, especially with a toddler and baby at home too. Like you, I also work from home so I know you understand how busy it can get.
Would you be willing to share more about the homeschool program you’ve selected and why? Also, any other helpful things you’ve learned along the way?
Thanks so much!

Giota says · 08.28.20

What is the name of the plant you have by the dresser? I like it also.

Jessica says · 10.07.20

Great Job! It looks adorable!❤️

Chelsie says · 10.08.20

Love the chairs! Have you liked them?

Nicki says · 10.28.20

Why have you purchased framed adults artwork that looks like a child did it?? Why is your childrens work getting stuck on a rather bland magnetic rail and not framed instead?? It all rather smacks of “not good enough”. I think this is a great idea but its a bit dank & got “adults choice” stamped all over it. It should be inspiring to children n theres nothing for little imaginations to feast on here.
I bet you hover over every brush stroke, every blob of glue, in case they get it on the table. They should have freedom to be creative, an area purely to express themselves with no confines.
Have you heard of Pinterest?? Take some inspiration from there.
I bet you dont publish my comment!!

Kate says · 10.28.20

Hey Nicki, you seem upset. It may surprise you to learn that people have differences in opinion on art. It also seems that you’ve spent some time inventing a narrative about my life that isn’t true–and if that is what scratches an itch for you, you do you.

Stephanie says · 11.12.20

I’m sorry, Katie, that someone was so hateful and critical. We usually criticize things in others that we don’t like in ourselves, so there’s that 😘 You handled it well. I just want to affirm you I’m sure you are doing an amazing job as a mother, even an imperfect human. This world sends the message far too often that somehow people aren’t good enough—and especially that moms aren’t good enough. I so wish that weren’t true, and I’m sad that Nicki must feel that way. Blessings, girl!

Iyyappan says · 12.29.20

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