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How was your week? We had a few beautiful days of sunshine and warm temperatures this week that felt like an absolute treat after a lot of rain the weeks prior. I love to get outside, and so do my kids, so as long as there isn’t cold rain falling we can get outside and enjoy nature. It makes all of us very happy!

Yesterday Justin was cleaning up the yard a bit and the kids and I were playing with chalk in the driveway. The sun was shining and it was in the mid-sixties! I was so content.

Anyway, this week felt a bit like a rollercoaster but now that it’s Friday it’s starting to level out. I had a long meeting with Amanda and Taylor on Wednesday, at the coolest location, which was very productive! Amanda booked us a co-working space at the Loading Dock in Five Points (an area in Raleigh) and it worked perfectly for our needs. The design and feel of it were really cool, and we had the privacy of a conference room but the ability to get outside and eat lunch at a nearby restaurant.

Last month we tried a different co-working spot in downtown Raleigh which was okay, but not totally ideal, so I’m thrilled to have discovered the Loading Dock, and we plan to return very regularly for our once a month “deep dive” meetings.

Unrelated to business, I’ve shared on Instagram that we are replacing the countertops in our kitchen and I was originally scheduled to give final confirmation to the two slabs my designer and I had chosen on Thursday morning. As it turns out, the Loading Dock was really close to the warehouse where my slabs were being held, so I popped over on Wednesday after our meeting to give them a last glance.

The first slab, the one I originally approved, still looked perfect to me but unfortunately, the second slab had a weird corner that was throwing me off a bit. I’m a pretty quick decision-maker, and after the gut feeling of knowing the second slab imperfections would bother me forever, I let my designer know that we have to pass on these two slabs and start at square one. I’ve mentioned that this is my first time picking out anything like this for my home, and I’ve gotten a lot of advice on Instagram in my DM’s to assist!

The original picks were Quartzite and I’m hoping to find another two slabs of Quartzite that I love just as much as the first slab. I’m not interested in Granite, simply from a style perspective, and while Quartz is on my radar, I tend to like the natural character and style of the Quartzite I’ve seen more than the Quartz I’ve seen. That said, I still have a lot to look at over the next few weeks to try to find the winners, and I’m hopeful it’s a quick process!

Overall, I am so excited about how the kitchen is going to look with lighter countertops, and I’m happy to be getting rid of the wood top on the island. I like the warmth wood offers, but it’s not the easiest as far as maintenance goes and I’m excited to have a durable surface that should last for years and years!

I have a few fun things in the works that I’ve been spending time developing over the past few weeks, and one of them started last night on Instagram! I had the first “Small Talk” chat with Tracy Trellis, all about clean beauty, and I saved it to my IGTV if you care to check it out! It’s 30 minutes, and Tracy and I just chat about her business, her clean beauty favorites, and more!

I have my next guest lined up and a few others in the works. I always announce and share the details on my Instagram page, so be sure to follow along there if you don’t want to miss out!

Here are a few links + loves from the last week:

I love Caralyn’s blazer styling here! 

A pretty and simple dress to throw on when it gets warmer! Only $15! 

Are you cleaning out your closet? Make sure you watch this to get some tips before you start! 

This looks like a great basic tank for $5.00! 

A few tips on staying connected with friends right now.

This french toast looks delicious.

And here are a few things I mentioned on Instagram Stories that you may have missed: 

T3 Curl ID 1.25 Smart Curling Iron, Hot Tools 24K Gold Curling Iron – a 1.25-inch barrel is my favorite size to work with, and these are two great curling irons at different price points.

Amazon joggers– I’m wearing these as I type and can say that they are very comfy!

Greenland movie – it was a ride, to say the least. Kind of strange, very intense at parts.

Old Navy Baby Blue Sweatshirt

Warby Parker Laurel Sunglasses – a favorite from last year that I still reach for quite often!

J.Crew Vintage Jeans (currently 30% off!) – a great darker straight denim

Vince Janna Lace Up Sneakers – a white sneaker I’ve had for years that I love!

Shani Darden Retinol Reform – I’m still obsessed with this product and have a blog post coming soon.

Blue Rails floral long-sleeve dress – gets me in the mood for spring!

Tori Burch white sneakers with floral detail and laces – such a fun find in my most recent Trunk Club box!

Target white sneakers – a similar pair to the shoes I shared above!

Unseen sunscreen from Supergoop! – my go-to sunscreen.

Jones Road Beauty – Bobbi Browns’ newest endeavor of clean beauty makeup. I’m excited to test out the products I bought.

Sugarwish – my sister and I send these to each other whenever someone needs a pick me up. They are perfectly packaged and have the freshest candy!

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Body Cream – I can smell this on my body right now and it reminds me of summer.

Amazon tank with line detail – a really great basic tank that is long enough to cover your booty!

Zella pink long-sleeve shirt – a fun find at Nordstrom in the prettiest pink color!


This week’s discount codes: 

Fit Track – Use code K820 to save 20%

Aera – Use my code KATE20 for 20% off diffusers!

KiwiCo – Get 30% off with my code k8!

Q&A from Monday’s Question Box on Instagram Stories:

What program do you use for video editing? Premiere Pro!

Newlywed advice? My biggest tip is to think about how you would feel if the tables were turned in a situation.

What nail polish have you been wearing? I’m giving Olive + June another go with all the proper steps for the longest-lasting manicure possible. I’ve worn “xoxo” and “Grateful & Kind” in the last week. My nails are always fragile and thin after I get dip powder removed so I cannot comment on the longevity yet, BUT I will say the color selection is fantastic!

Which celebrity style do you like the most? To be honest, I don’t really follow celebrities, like at all, but I’d have to say I always love Jennifer Aniston’s easy, relaxed style.

How many necklaces are too many? You do you, for I personally never exceed 3 necklaces!

Have you tried Dime Beauty? No, I haven’t.

How can I handle static electricity in my hair? Read this!

Do you use a self-tanner? Sometimes, and my favorites are shared on this post!


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Jen says · 02.26.21

Could you please share the name of the quartzite slab that you had originally picked out? That first slab was beautiful and I would live to keep it in mind for when we get to our kitchen.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 02.26.21

Thanks for the links, Kate! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Lindsay says · 02.26.21

Thank you so much for the tip for the new baby hairs and the clear brow gel! I’ve been struggling with this and failing miserably. I am so grateful to find an easy and cheap fix and without dousing my forehead in hair spray every day and it not even working! 🙂 Love you and your practical and helpful tips!

Susan says · 02.26.21

Keep your eyes open for Common Desk coworking which is opening soon near Five Points. I’m a member in Wilmington where they have a gorgeous historic spot. I love coworking!

Andrea says · 02.27.21

Just curious what color that Zella top is? On Nordstrom there is paradise pink but it looks different. Wondering if that’s it or maybe that color is sold out? Thanks so much!

Kate says · 02.27.21

I have purple opera and it does seem to be sold out. Keep your eyes peeled for a restock!

Alina says · 02.21.23

Thank you for sharing that helpful information. It’s always great to have more resources at our fingertips, and I’m grateful that you were able to share it with us. Thanks again!