How To Avoid (and treat!) Static Electricity in Hair

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I wrote a post with a few suggestions for products to use to help avoid or combat static electricity in hair, but I also wanted to share a few techniques you can use if you need a quick fix!

One. Use a wooden comb. Say goodbye to a traditional plastic comb if you are looking to keep static at bay. This comb comes highly reviewed and looks like a solid option!

Two. Use hydrating products or products with oil. The more moisture the better! And don’t skip using conditioner in the shower, either! Sometimes the thought is that silky, conditioned hair may be more staticky but in fact, dry hair ends up being more problematic than not!

Three. The best quick fix on the go is to apply lotion to your hands, rub it in like you would normally, and then rake your hands through your hair. This isn’t an ideal fix but it will certainly work if the static electricity is out of control!

If static electricity in your hair is an ongoing issue, I’d recommend taking a look at your clothing choices, or even the scarves that you wear! Some knit fabrics are more prone to causing static electricity than others. On a similar note, you can also look into spraying Static Guard onto the shoulders or neck area of a sweater you are wearing, or even covering both sides of a scarf before you wear one of those items. Static Guard smells horrible, but it really does the trick to eliminate static electricity.


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Karen says · 11.11.19

The people at Ulta told me to use the living proof de Frizzer spray. It works perfect. I never deal with static anymore.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 11.11.19

It’s crazy humid in Hong Kong even in winter, so I’ve never had this problem here! But I’m travelling to Korea next week, and I know it’s a lot drier there… hopefully these tips will help if my hair gets all annoying! Thanks, Kate, for the tips! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Amanda says · 11.11.19

I don’t use dryer sheets for my clothes, but I always have one in my car or purse in the winter. If you rub them on your hair, it instantly takes away the static without worrying about liquids/products leaking on the go. Definitely ordering the wood comb to help prevent it though. Thanks!

Taylor says · 11.11.19

I keep a dryer sheet in my purse and have been known to run it over my hair on those extra staticy days!

Melissa says · 11.11.19

Keep a box of dryer sheets in the car or your purse and fix hair as needed! Best solution for the static hair days of winter 🥶

Penny Norris says · 11.11.19

Ever since we added a humidifier to our furnace the static in my fine hair is almost non-existant!!

Kate says · 11.11.19

That’s great to know!

Amy says · 11.11.19

I carry an unscented Bounce dryer sheet in a ziplock. It works great to eliminate static between my tights and slacks/skirts and sweater as well as work well on my hair!

The downside if you can’t control how much is rubbed onto you, but it also doesn’t stink!!

I also pay attention to the humidity level…in Seattle the rain is usually enough to keep the humidity higher, but inside high rise Office buildings, it can drop low.

Megan says · 11.11.19

Agree with the dryer sheet strategy! I would add that I’ve had better luck with them if they’ve been through the dryer a couple times. No residue on your hair, plus you don’t smell like laundry detergent!

Kas says · 11.11.19

Set your hairbrush/comb on the dryer sheet. Run the sheet over your head too.

Elly says · 11.11.19

The Shield from Amika works well too. I often find it at TJ Maxx or Marshalls at a good price.

Angela says · 11.11.19

Great tips! I used to rub a dryer sheet over my hair quickly to nix the static, although if it has a lot of scent then you end up smelling like the dryer!

Elle says · 11.12.19

In the Canadian Prairies winter months, static hair is a BIG problem! I always just spray Static Guard right to my hair! I don’t mind the smell, and it’s the last thing I use on my hair before walking out the door. It doesn’t affect other hair products already used.

Lindsey Marek says · 11.12.19

That’s so funny! Here in Nebraska during winter, static is unavoidable. Everyone I know uses the dryer sheet method too! Clothes or hair, doesn’t matter!

Kari says · 11.14.19

Would you also have a recommendation for a round brush to help fight static?

Kate says · 11.15.19

You know, I don’t have one off the top of my head. I know there are non-metal options for round brushes and that would be the direction to go. But if you have a round brush that you love I would instead try to find a product or two to help beat the static that way!

Patricia says · 11.17.19

This is probably horrifying but I spay a split second of static guard on the brush

Kate says · 11.18.19

I’ve done that as well!

best says · 11.28.19

great idea 👍 and this is for u take a look

Gayle Gorman says · 11.30.19

Smoothing “Downey” fabric sheets over hair works and smells great!

Kendra B says · 12.05.19

I still have a guy friend from high school call me “Lotionhead” because it was a constant fix to all my problems. LOL

Kendra B

M. Beth says · 01.02.20

My sister was a great hat user. She looked fabulous in them and she had fabulous hair. If you are a hat user and in winter most of us use at least a knit one, use an old dryer sheet. Apologize is this is old news to you. This is my first time leaving a comment. I also swipe on my hair very lightly and it helps with the static. I would not recommend using a new dryer sheet, just one that has already been used in the dryer.
I also want to recommend a product. My other dear sister gave me Revlon Salon one – step Hair Dryer and Volumizer for Christmas. I was hesitant because I air dry my hair, maybe only use a curling iron if I’m going to a wedding, special event. I always use sponge rollers and that’s it. But this product is great. You get a blow dry as if your stylist did it. I still put my rollers on top of my head because I like the soft curls. But the Revlon dryer keeps its style till I wash my hair again. The only problem is that this is a big product. The design is big like a hair dryer.

Whitney Foley says · 05.19.20

Love this post. Static is the worst! Have you heard of Static Schmatic? It’s so much better than Static Guard and Bounce sheets because it doesn’t have any chemicals. It doesn’t have any smell either. I highly recommend it.

Rachel Scarvey says · 01.20.21

The laundress makes a static clothing spray that doesn’t stink. It’s worth every penny!

Renda B says · 01.20.21

Yes! For static gaurd! I spray onto my comb and catch the ends of my hair, and I always use conditioner 🙂