How to combat static in hair in the winter

Setting Sprays: what they are great for and how/when to use them

I was always dealing with static hair when I lived in Illinois. It was drier up there than North Carolina, therefore my hair was pretty staticky all winter long.

The only way I could truly take care of it was to spray my hair brush with Static Guard and then brush through my ends. It used to smell *horrible*. Does it still? I haven’t used it in years!

There are a few other method for combating static electricity in your hair in the winter that don’t smell quite as bad though. Let’s jump into them.

First, you can try rubbing a dryer sheet along the static areas of your hair. This will smell better and should take care of the static at least on a surface level.

Second, you can try a hair oil or bump up your conditioner a bit. Dry hair is more prone to static than hydrated, moisturized hair. In a pinch you can rub hand cream all over your hands (as if you were simply using it to moisturize your hands) and after it has soaked in a little bit, rub your hands through the ends of your hair. The very little residue from lotion on your hands should negate the static temporarily!

Third, make sure you are using the right brushes, combs, and blow dryer. A carbon comb, as opposed to a plastic one, will prevent static! Avoid a boar bristle brush and instead choose one with wider bristles. This would be a great option for a brush!

Scarves and puffy vests tend to be static-inducers so consider spraying them with Static Guard and letting them air out a bit before you put them on. That should set you up for the most success for staying static-free this winter.

P.S. This is one of my favorite puffy vests!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 11.13.18

I have crazy static hair during winter, and no amount of conditioner helps. I’ve never tried dryer sheets before but am totally going to give them a go! And I need to throw away my plastic comb too!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Alison G says · 11.13.18

I have found 2 products that helped: Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Spray or Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle (got in a Birchbox). I have very fine & straight hair & struggle with static!

Michelle says · 11.16.18

Seconding the Beauty Protector suggestion! I’ve been using it for several years now and haven’t found anything that helps with static more than the detangle spray has. I’ve recently started using the shampoo and conditioner as well and my hair has never been better! It smells amazing, as well!

Elle says · 11.13.18

Use Static Guard spray! Yes it’s originally intended for clothing, LOL, but it works to spray it on your hair too! It smells like hairspray, so not too bad.

Kate says · 11.13.18

I said that in the post 🙂

Kimberly says · 11.13.18

Couldn’t have posted this at a better time! Is the comb you use to backcomb antistatic? Thanks Kate!

Kera Pederson says · 11.13.18

Please, please don’t rub a dryer sheet on your hair, they are so full of harmful chemicals, even the “unscented” ones! I really like Aveda’s Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner spray. I live in ND where it’s very cold and dry so staticky air and hair is very common! Dryer Balls and Dry Conditioner spray for me!

Sheri says · 11.13.18

Thank you Kate! I really needed this today. The static is so bad in my hair during the winter, even in Atlanta. Looking forward to trying your suggestions!

MEGHAN E TRA says · 11.13.18

I swear by ColorWow DreamCoat for static and frizz!

Erica says · 11.13.18

Great post! I’m going to share this with my sister because her hair gets a lot of static in the winter. Thank you!

Rachel G says · 11.14.18

Excellent post!!! I struggle so much with static in the winter (even in Alabama!)
I’d love to see a future post on cleaning your brushes and combs. I feel like mine get a good bit of buildup. Is there a quick and easy way to clean them? Without just going out and buying new ones?

Kas says · 11.14.18

Also, in addition to rubbing the fabric sheets in your hair— set your hair brushes face down on one when you aren’t using them. Even lay your combs on them.

Katie says · 11.14.18

I had this problem bad today so this post came at the perfect time! I live in Canada so will be dealing with this from now until April.

Shelley says · 11.16.18

I use Amika dry conditioner to control static in the winter. It smooths my hair, reduces tangles, and controls static. And I like the smell!

Kate says · 11.17.18

Good to know!

Inese says · 12.06.18

Could you suggest an anti-static brush that has holes in the back so it’s better for blow drying? Thanks!

Melissa Bartels says · 01.07.19

Static guard still stinks. Not quite as bad, but not nice. Wonder why they can’t fix that?!!
For my hair static I use 2 squirts of a nutrient rich, coconut oil 10-in-1 multipurpose spray for hair. Light enough & does stop the static!

ReBecca Bergman says · 02.17.19

I live in Minnesota and I love to use just a pea sized amount of Aveda humectant pomade after I finish curling my hair. It smells AWESOME, draws just a bit of moisture to the hair and doesn’t weight it down too much.

Anna Zodmek says · 03.04.19

Nice piece of information. May also suggest that wooden combs too help to combat static hair.

Karen says · 01.28.21

Run a cold air humidifier in your room at night (some furnaces also have this option built in, so check your furnace). It helps not only staticky hair, but dry skin, chapped lips, dry mouth, coughs, etc etc etc. Highly highly recommend. (Gotta be a cold air humidifier).

Rebecca D says · 12.06.22

I live in Minnesota and need this information! My hair has been so full of static the last few weeks. Thanks Kate for these tips!