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The Sweet Smell of the Holidays

How was your week? Mine was good! I got a lot accomplished with work, I felt like Justin and I got some good quality time together, and now my mom is visiting for the weekend! I’ve been working on figuring out my outfits for an upcoming work trip so I’ve been testing out different shoes with dresses, and I think I’ve finally found the winners.

Are you a buy and return kind of shopper, or do you go in store to try things on? I would so much rather try things on in my home, especially if I’m trying to see how it goes with multiple different outfits, so I’m glad that so many retail stores (and amazon!) have such great return policies.

I bought these pajamas from Target a few weeks ago and they are LOVELY. If you need a cozy, warm pair for winter, get these. If you are more of a shorts + tee pajama girl, these look very comfortable as well!

I’ve gotten a few questions about the watch I wear recently. It’s a wrap style by Tory Burch, click here!

I’ve made these and they are SO good! It’s hard to go wrong with Smitten Kitchen. This is on my list of things to make soon!

I made this for dinner earlier on in the week and it was great! I have Chungah’s recipe book and love how simple and straight forward her dishes are. She also focuses a lot on one pot or one pan meals and I love that as well!

I hope you got the memo that Sephora is doing their Holiday Bonus Event RIGHT NOW! I shared my guide to the best gift kits last week, you can watch it here, and will also share a few of my holy grail makeup items below!

The event is open to all tiers now and the code you need is “HOLIDAYSAVE”!

I hope you have a great weekend! I’m waffling between setting up for Christmas now or waiting a few more weeks. Have you decorated yet? It feels early but then again the window of time from Thanksgiving to Christmas is so short this year!


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Karen says · 11.08.19

Yeah, first comment! Have a great weekend. Getting my hair cut this evening, going similar to yours.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 11.08.19

I’m definitely more of a try in-store person – I’m very small and pretty much all the clothes I order online, even size XS or XXS or whatever, never fit me. I’ve given up! I go for makeup and accessories online instead and leave the clothing for an in-store experience, haha! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Michelle Ridgway says · 11.08.19

I want to make everything Smittenkitchen posts. I made the skillet raviolis with spinach a couple weeks ago. I added some chicken sausage and the way it comes together reminded me of a white pizza. So good.

Sadie says · 11.08.19

Love your white turtleneck . . . looks gorgeous & warm! Do you have a link for this sweater?

Kelly says · 11.08.19

Love your purse! Where is it from? Thanks!

Branna says · 11.09.19

I came to ask the same thing! Love the color!

Nancy says · 11.09.19

I love the photo of you in the white sweater. You are lovely! I really like your lip color. Would you please share the brand and color name? Thank you!

Kapsels says · 11.10.19

Ooh, love the purse! This year, I’m not really in the mood for Christmas yet… but I kinda already want to start decorating 😀