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I’ve been using the Aera Smart Home Diffuser in my house for years! It’s one of my favorite discoveries and I love it so much that I’ve already gifted it to my mom and my assistant Amanda.

It’s one of the easiest, automated things that help my home to feel inviting, fresh, and calm. As much as I love a candle, the best part of this diffuser is that it only requires to be plugged in and will last up to 800 hours! You don’t need water or fire, and it’s also pet-safe too.

I have 3 smart home diffusers spread throughout my home! One on the first floor in the family room, one in my master bedroom, and another in our second-floor playroom/media room. I have each one linked to the app on my phone so I can set them all up on individual schedules. For example, the family room one runs the most often so I typically set the intensity to something a bit lower and let it run for a longer time. The playroom and master bedroom ones run for shorter increments of time so I typically bump the intensity up to level 8 for them.

In my bedroom, I love using a fragrance capsule with lavender in it so it smells like a spa.

The Home Hygiene collection from Aera has a handful of different scents created to clean the air as well as making it smell nice. These capsules contain odor-eliminating molecules as well as essential oils and natural antibacterial botanicals to truly refresh the air. And I can tell you from personal experience that the scent of this capsule is one of my very, very favorites to play on the second floor of my home where all the bedrooms are.

I think White Tea is still my #1 favorite scent capsule from Aera, but the Home Hygiene Lavender and Bergamot is a close second.

The other space where I have an Aera Smart Home Diffuser is the playroom. This is the room in the house where a lot of the kids’ toys are stored and it’s also our homeschool space. We have a TV in this room as well, and a large sectional to either play or chill on.

I typically choose a scent that feels a bit more invigorating and fresh than the calming scent of lavender. I’ve been using the Home Hygiene Linen and Lemon for this room and it’s the nicest smell! The throw of the fragrance from the Aera diffuser is pretty impressive because it will end up lingering all the way down to the hallway that you enter when you come in from the garage and it’s such a nice way to be welcomed into the house. 

If you are looking for an extremely easy and effective way to make your home smell great, while also cleaning the air, I cannot recommend the Home Hygiene collection from Aera enough! And they just launched their latest brand new scent Citrus and Sage! I can’t wait to try it out. The smart home diffuser is so simple to automate and schedule, and you can even turn your diffuser on from your phone before you get home so it smells warm and inviting when you arrive.

You can use my code KATE20 for 20% off diffusers until March 31st!

This post is sponsored by Aera.


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 02.24.21

Your home is the cutest! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Kim Pincombe-Cole says · 02.24.21

Hi! Can you share where your mercury glass floor lamp is from? I’ve searched your blog & LKT page to no avail. Thanks!

Kate says · 02.24.21

It’s from Target!

JB says · 02.25.21

I get so annoyed when I see bloggers pushing this product. It doesn’t work. After investing in this over priced product I was so disappointed. I tried multiple scents and units and ultimately just got my money back. There is never a noticeable scent after the first day. The reason I purchased is to have a scent otherwise what is the point. I tried in all my rooms which are not big rooms and have normal ceiling heights. After being gone all day I should notice a scent when I return. Nothing. Waste of time and energy. It is a gimmick … I really do think they expect consumers to keep buying cartridges hoping the next will be better until you forget about it. I am sure you got yours for free along with cartridges but still be honest it isn’t “ throwing “ any scent of note.

Kate says · 02.25.21

I’m sorry to hear you haven’t had a great experience with it. Personally, I’ve used my Aera diffusers for over a year and really love them. I can smell the fragrance anytime the unit is on. Maybe it just didn’t work for you for whatever reason, and it’s nice you were able to get your money back.

Acerrime says · 02.25.21

This is a great reply, Kate – but you mention here that you’ve used them for over a year, and I recall the original post about them. In this post, though, you mention having used them, “for years.” Confused about how long you’ve worked with them.

Kate says · 02.26.21

I got my first Aera device in Oct 2019.

Alison says · 02.26.21

I bought an Aera after seeing you talk about them previously!! It’s so great! Thanks for it sharing again – I snagged a second diffuser with your code!

Kiersten Sterling says · 02.27.21

Thanks for sharing! I love the color of your walls in the first picture, do you happen to know the name of it?