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Hello! By Sephora Favorites UnBAGGING!

One.    Two.    Three.    Four.    Five.    Six.    Seven (similar).    Eight.    Nine.    Ten.    Eleven.    Twelve.    Thirteen (similar).    Fourteen.    Fifteen.    Sixteen (similar in brass finish).    Seventeen.    Eighteen.    Nineteen. 

You know, one of the great parts of all the rain we’ve been getting lately is that I’ve been cleaning out and organizing a few parts of my house! I tackled the playroom last week and it felt great to pare down some of the toys the kids have and only keep the ones they really use and love. It’s also nice to hand down some gently used toys to my little nephew who lives nearby!

I’m styling a few bookshelves in the playroom and have been browsing for some home decor online. Do you know that H&M has some really cool, modern home decor? I have a few items linked up above but don’t sleep on it if you’re looking for tabletop decor or accessories.

My regular go-to is Crate and Barrel or West Elm. In fact, the shelves I just got for the playroom are from West Elm.

I recently swapped out my dying outdoor plants near my front door with some faux boxwood ones and I really love how it looks! We have a deep front porch so it’s hard for any sunlight to get into those planters, so I’m hopeful these faux options will last for years!

I can’t wait for a few things that I ordered online to arrive so I can finish styling the space, but until then I thought I’d leave you with a few decor pieces I have my eye on!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 02.23.21

So cute! I’m all for faux plants – can’t be bothered to keep real ones alive. Love your recommendations! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Michele says · 02.23.21

Those fake plants led me to more fake plants led me to becoming a fake horticulturist.

And I’m not mad about it.

Allison says · 02.23.21

Any tips for decorating a mantle? We’ve lived in our house for two years and it is still empty 😛

Sandra says · 02.23.21

Awesome I did not know H&M had home goods. Thanks and now I shop! LOL.