Fruity Sangria

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Nothing looks like summer in a glass more than Sangria. From the sliced fruit to the pretty pink or peach colors, it’s one of my favorite drinks to enjoy when the sun is blazing hot.

The first recipe I shared for non-alcoholic Sangria can be found here! I got that recipe from my Mom and it is delicious! I was thinking about a way to lighten up the flavors a bit so I tweaked a few of the ingredients over the weekend and have a different recipe for you here.

You can switch out the Sprite for sparkling wine if you are looking for an alcoholic version of this drink.

Fruity Sangria

serves 5-6

6 tbsp Country Time Lemonade powder mix

1/4 cup Orange Juice

2 cups white grape juice

1 liter of Sprite

Sliced lemons, limes, strawberries and oranges. I added whole fresh blueberries for color!

  1. Mix orange juice with lemonade powder.
  2. Add white grape juice and top with fruit.
  3. Add Sprite just before serving and enjoy!

This drink is sweet with a light flavor. You can tweak it in either direction by adjusting how much lemonade mix you add to the recipe.

Find the other Sangria recipe here

P.S. Did you happen to see that I shared my family’s “secret” Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe? Let me know if you’ve made them yet and what you thought!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 05.31.19

This sounds delicious! Thank you for the recipe! 💕✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Sara G. says · 05.31.19

Thank you for sharing your secret cookie recipe, Kate! It was delicious! I decided to do a chocolate chip cookie bar along with cupcakes for my son’s graduation party this weekend and your recipe is the perfect touch. Your chocolate chocolate chip, chocolate chip and Monster cookies are the three cookie options and the cupcake options are white with vanilla buttercream and dark chocolate with mocha cream frosting. I am looking forward to a fun party this Saturday and eating a few cookies! =)

Cassie says · 05.31.19


Angela says · 05.31.19

I’ll take the sparkling wine version please! This is so perfect for summer – love Sangria!

Angela at Blush & Pearls

Claire says · 05.31.19

i love Sangria ! the perfect drink for summer! i remember in my last trip to Spain how much i enjoyed drinking it!

Amber says · 06.02.19

Love sangria, thank you for this recipe!!

Heather says · 06.08.19

I made the chocolate cookies the other weekend and my boys and I loved them. Thanks for the recipe.