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I’m working on a short and sweet series called “Summer Wardrobe” for the blog, focusing on some summertime essentials for your closet! And because it’s already in the mid-nineties here in Raleigh, we’re starting with shorts.

I went on a mission to find great shorts about a month or so ago and am happy to report I found some great options. I’d describe my body type as curvy with a larger butt and thighs but a smaller waist. One of the main things I look for when shopping for shorts is to find something that won’t ride up my thighs that requires constant readjusting throughout the day!

So here are the four initial pairs I went with.

AG ripped hem shorts. These were most definitely a spurge but I found them to be pretty much perfect the second I put them on. They kick out at the thigh a slight bit so they don’t ride up, they are a nice rise to hold everything in without being too high, and I love the wash. I’ve already worn these quite a bit and I’m sure that will continue all summer long.

Madewell button fly shorts. I love Madewell denim, as you know, and was really pleased with these shorts. I have found that they stretch quite a bit so I would actually recommend sizing down in case you are between sizes. I’m between a 30 and 29 right now and 29 fit me very comfortably. They have a cuff at the ends and cute buttons that you can show off with a shirt front tuck.

H&M paper bag waist shorts. I was hesitant about the paper bag waist trend as it often was paired up with wide-leg pants. I wondered if wide-leg pants would make me look even wider in the bottom, but I think (given the right cut) it can actually be really flattering. These shorts were a great price (under $25!) and look adorable with a basic tee.

Target Universal Thread shorts. I found two pairs of Universal Thread shorts that were winners. One has a button fly, very similar to Madewell but at a much lower price point, and the other has a bit of distressing with a cuff at the ends. Both of these shorts feel a bit thicker than either AG or Madewell, but that isn’t a bad thing. They have some stretch in them and are very comfortable to wear. Of the two, I probably wear the distressed shorts more but both would be great options for your summer wardrobe!

I’m sharing a lot of my summer clothing finds over on Instagram and Instagram stories, so follow along if you aren’t already!

P.S. I’m also joining my sister for her ongoing series titled “Shop Your Closet”, you can read the first post here!


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Maureen says · 05.30.19

I love the idea of a raw hem, but I worry to much that the hem would get messy quickly! I guess it’s probably not a real concern given that summer in Minnesota is fairly short…
Do you do anything to keep the hem from fraying?

Kate says · 05.30.19

Yes I use something called “Fray Check” that is a liquid you can apply to the inside of the fray to keep it from fraying even higher!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 05.30.19

So cute! I’ve recently gained a bit of weight (a good thing, since I was severely underweight for years!) so I’m in search of new shorts. Thanks for the links! 😀

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Claire says · 05.30.19

love the Paper-bag Shorts by h&m ! they are so comfortable ! black is the perfect color!

Angela says · 05.30.19

I hate my super-white legs so I rarely wear shorts. Might try some this summer if my self-tanning goes well!

Angela at Blush & Pearls

Cicero Leather says · 05.30.19

love the Paper-bag Shorts by h&m ! they are so comfortable ! black is the perfect color!

Kate says · 05.30.19

I absolutely love shorts! My favorites are definitely my old navy ones or American Eagle! They both have lasted me forever and are so comfy. I will definitely have to check out some of the ones you shared! I have heard such great things about the Madewell brand. Thanks for sharing, hope you’re having a wonderful day.


Elizabeth says · 05.31.19

Thanks for this post! It’s so hard to find comfortable and attractive denim shorts for our body type!

Molly says · 06.05.19

Thanks for the round up! I saw the Madewell button fly shorts a couple weeks ago and loved them, but I didn’t pull the trigger because of the price tag. The Universal Thread are a great affordable dupe, and super comfy (and 20% off right now). Thanks so much for the heads up!

Erika Bloedorn says · 06.10.19

Love this! Would you be willing to do a similar post on tshirts? I’m in the need of some great budget-friendly t-shirts that won’t wear and tear! As always love your tips and your insta stories!

Kristin says · 06.10.19

Thanks for this post! Saved me hours searching for the perfect summer shorts.

Jennifer Crain says · 05.14.21

Would you be able to tell me what size you got the Target Universal Thread shorts in? I’m having a hard time with their sizing. Thanks!!