3 Podcasts I’m Enjoying

The Dyson Airwrap (my first experience!!)

I’ve written a post about some of my favorite podcasts before, but I’m so enjoying these lately that I wanted to tell you about them again!

Terrible, Thanks for Asking. This type of content is really out of character for me. I’m a deeply sensitive person with a level of empathy that can keep me up at night when my mind wanders to terrible scenarios (whether they are real or not!), but there is something about this podcast that keeps me coming back week after week. Nora, the host, has had her fair share of devastation in her life and is gentle and thoughtful in her interviews while at the same time she knows when it’s time for a little comedic relief. I imagine she has that peronality time that you just open up and spill your guts when she asks you how you are doing, you know?

Anyway, she covers a variety of topics through her interviews with people, and all of them are hard. I never end the podcast feeling low, though, because somehow the stories end with a hopeful or positive note.

Reply All. This is a bit newer for me but I had heard about it through ads on This American Life. The most fascinating episode so far was #102 about a scammy caller that took a very surprising turn. You HAVE to listen to that! The hosts are easy to listen to, the episodes move quickly and the content is interesting. It typically is related to anything having to do with the internet, from e-mail to photos being stolen, and much more.

Up and Vanished. I listened to the very first Up and Vanished when that released and season two is now running. I’m slowly trucking through it. I’m intrigued but not as swept up as I was in the original. The host isn’t the most interesting storyteller on the planet, but it’s cool to watch

and for kids: Stories Podcast . This is my go-to for the kids if we need something to do on a rainy day. I love being outside and I’m glad my kids do as well, but occasionally if I need to catch up on laundry or do indoor chores and the kids are antsy, I’ll put one of these stories on for them in the playroom. David is a bit more interested than Luke, but I like that it spurs their imagination and is a non-tv option of entertainment!

P.S. If you’re not into podcasts, here is a post where I shared some of my favorite documentaries. 


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 11.22.18

I’ve never heard of Reply All, but it sounds super interesting and useful! Definitely going to give it a listen! 🙂 Thank you for the recommendation, and have a great Thanksgiving! 😀

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Michele says · 11.22.18

I’m new to the podcast thing and have been getting suggestions from so many people. I love the idea of one for kids, but th least time I listened to you when it came to entertainment for kids, Blippi came to live in our house and just won’t move out.

Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for your content (not so much for Blippi😂)

Marianna Lucas says · 11.22.18

Happy Thanksgiving! Rounded up the first set of black friday sales for the holiday, everything is on sale for $15 or less!


Angela says · 11.22.18

Ah, so you are a fellow empath! Totally understand, can’t read the newspaper or hear a sad story without crying, it’s terrible. I feel like it’s gotten worse since I had children too.

Never tried a podcast yet so these look like a great place to start – thanks!

Angela at Blush & Pearls

Nisha Malik says · 11.24.18

I have never been into podcasts as such but, I would love to give them a try. ‘Terrible, Thanks for asking’ is something I would try out because seriously I can have the most terrible thoughts before falling asleep. Thanks for sharing.

Patricia A Riley says · 11.27.18

I love the terrible pod cast and NORA. Honestly, I have met her and she is so real and down to earth. She also does another podcast that just started called Cafeteria Christian, which I LOVE. Check her out.

MICHELLE says · 11.27.18

My absolute favorite podcast is The Big Boo Cast, feels like I’m chatting with old friends. I’m with you on the empathy piece! I’m listening to Dr Death now and it has sucked me in big time! I also loved Serial. I couldn’t quite get on board with Up & Vanished, but I may have to revisit. I love podcasts! My kids adore the stories podcast. We have a 20 minute commute so it’s a good way to calm down. We like the Disney stories one too and we adore Wow in the World – with Mindy from Kids Place Live on Sirius.

Laura Lyons says · 11.29.18

Love this type of post! I would also recommend to you Dr. Death and Dear John

Kim says · 11.30.18

My boys (5 & 8) really enjoy Stories Podcast too….and they just discovered Stories Pirate. Their new favorite! It’s worth a listen. They take stories written by kids and turn them into plays and songs and then interview the kid author about how they came up with the idea. I like it too. 🙂

Melissa says · 12.01.18

TTFA is one of my all time favorites! It is really cool to come across one of the women I enjoy following and seeing that they enjoy another one of the women I follow!

Loreen Gray says · 12.02.18

I recommend the Reading Bug for the kids. Mine love it and I don’t mind listening to them over and over.

Kristina says · 12.12.18

I love podcasts and am always looking for new ones, so when you suggested these – I immediately downloaded them. First, Reply All. I started with #102 -the one you recommended. Well, I have now listened to about half of them! I love this podcast!!

Next up- Terrible, thanks for asking. Another good one. I started in the middle and am working my way to the end and beginning…that seems to be the way I tackle good podcasts I’ve found.

Good recommendations, keep them coming. Thanks ❤️

Kate says · 12.12.18

Thank you! 🙂

Tracy Andrews says · 12.28.18

I had the same thoughts on Up and Vanished for this season. I couldn’t get enough of the first season, but this second season drove me crazy. I couldn’t keep the people straight and just thought it was going in circles. I stopped listening.

Beth says · 01.02.19

I just listened to Reply All Ep #102. Thanks for the rec!! Crazy story but I enjoyed it so much!!!!!