A few awesome documentaries

Don’t miss this time to stock up on the good stuff!

Justin and I love watching documentaries. We generally have the same movie preference, but on evenings that we can’t find anything to watch, we’ll scroll through the documentary options.

If you are looking for something new to watch, check out some of these films!

Murph: The Protector

Justin: He’s an American hero who gave up his life to save his friends. If you’ve ever heard of “the murph” workout, this is who created it.


Justin: Even though I don’t drink wine, I found this fascinating. Statistically, the test to become a Sommelier is the hardest test in the world. This documentary follows a few guys as they attempt to become Master Sommeliers.

Fittest on Earth

Kate: This is the most recent one we’ve watched, and we’ve actually watched a few of the other years as well. We find ourselves saying, “we feel like we know these people!” during the documentary because we’ve watched them grow over a few seasons. While neither of us are into CrossFit, we both appreciate how dang hard these people work and how amazing it is that they can do what they do! Justin actually tried CrossFit after watching one of these documentaries but it wasn’t for him. I’m more of a higher energy/cardio/boot camp style work out kind of gal (when I’m NOT 9 months pregnant, of course) so I dont’ really have any interest in trying CrossFit. All that to say, whether you are into the sport or not, it’s a very fascination documentary to watch!

Justin: This is a Crossfit Game Documentary with people displaying amazing feats of strength. It was motivating for me to see these men and women push themselves to their limit (and beyond). Make sure you watch these in order so the winners aren’t spoiled for you!

Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story

Kate: This story was incredible. I didn’t know exactly how it was going to turn out, but I found myself so emotionally invested in Eduardo coming out on top and pursuing his dream regardless of what happened during a freak accident. I don’t want to give too much away, but this is definitely a motivating story of someone who pushes himself HARD to overcome obstacles.

Justin: This was a good example of what people can do with the right attitude and sticking to your goals.

The Barkley Marathons

Justin: This is crazy. If you think running a marathon sounds hard, you ain’t seen nothing yet. These were created based on a historic prison escape, it’s definitely worth a watch.

A New High

Kate: This documentary hits close to home for personal reasons, and was incredibly heartwarming and powerful to watch. It’s the kind of thing that makes you think about what YOU are doing in your life, and how you can help others overcome a tough time.

Have you seen any of these documentaries? If so, which was your favorite? Or do you have a film you would highly recommend?


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Allie says · 04.05.18

We don’t watch documentaries very often and I don’t know why. Every time we do we love them! I don’t drink a lot of wine, but I would like to become more knowledgeable about the topic so that on the rare occasion I do I know what to pick – I feel like Somma is a great first step. Can’t wait to watch! Thanks for all the picks! xAllie http://www.theallthatglittersblog.com

Lindsey says · 04.05.18

My husband and I were really taken aback by the FLINT documentary on Netflix. It was very eye opening, to say the least. I highly recommend this series.

Heather says · 04.06.18

I started watching this yesterday and it is eye opening!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 04.05.18

Mmm, I gotta step up my documentary game! I’m always watching TV shows or reality TV, haha! 🙂 Thanks for the recommendations! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Jamie says · 04.05.18

My husband and I watched The Barkley Marathons and it was fascinating!! We started it really late, but couldn’t go to sleep until we finished it.

Jenna says · 04.05.18

Icarus! I think you guys would love this one – it’s about doping in the Olympic Games (specifically the Russians with the help of one master mind) and how exactly they cheat the system. The second half is way better than the first, stick with it!

Ashala says · 04.05.18

I second Icarus! I wasn’t expecting much as it started and I was considering heading off to bed to read. BUT THEN… it took quite a turn from where it started and I was fascinated. Definitely worth a watch.

Rach says · 04.05.18

“I’m more of a higher energy/cardio” = crossfit. hehe

Beata D’Amato says · 04.05.18

yes! Super high energy and will leave you feeling more out of breath than a boot camp style workout ever will.

Amanda says · 04.05.18

You would LOVE the True/False Film Festival in Columbia, MO!! It’s a documentary film fest that is held every first weekend of March, and it’s getting big enough that it attracts some celebrities. If you ever want to make a trip to the Midwest, this is a super fun weekend and Columbia is a great college town.

Hildy says · 04.05.18

We watched Finding Vivian Maier when it popped up on Netflix a while ago- it’s the story of finding finding a treasure trove of film and discovering the nanny who was an amazing street photographer. No one k ew about that side of her life until the pictures were discovered decades later. It was a very fascinating story. And I love those Crossfit Games docs, too!

Lindsay says · 04.05.18

If you liked “Somm”, you should watch the follow up “Somm: Into the Bottle”. It focuses more on wine itself. Even if you’re not super into wine, the structure of the documentary makes it interesting (not to mention the host of characters that make up the wine industry).

Angela P. says · 04.05.18

History of the Eagles on Netflix is a good one if you like their music!

KatyO says · 04.05.18

You should check out “Barista” – it follows several contestants preparing for the annual national Barista championship competition. Considering my coffee skills consist of putting a k-cup in the keurig I found this fascinating! There is some strong language in it – just a head’s up. I can’t wait to see Som! Thanks for the recommendation.

I also watched The Barkley Marathons – it is insane!!!

Ashley says · 04.05.18

My sister-in-Law just bought my husband Score, which is a behind the scenes look at how musical score (for movies) is developed. She said it’s fantastic! We’re looking forward to watching it 😉

Erinn says · 04.05.18

I love documentaries! Thanks so much for these recommendations!
I used to do Crossfit and did Murph one time…I remember being in so. much. pain. Haha!

Deirdre says · 04.05.18

This is so different from what you usually post and I really appreciate it! Thank you for some interesting recommendations that I wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

Stephanie says · 04.05.18

Watch SOMM: Into the Bottle it’s the next documentary after Somm you’ll enjoy it

Hannah A says · 04.05.18

My husband and I have watched the Barkley Marathons – SO interesting!! We really enjoyed it and found us super interesting

Anne says · 04.06.18

I love this post! You should watch “Wild, Wild Country.” Its fascinating!

SRD says · 04.06.18

I love documentaries, but usually watch historical ones. I just watched Barkley Marathon – thanks for the suggestion! This was a great post – please recommend more documentaries.

Katherine Salinas says · 04.06.18

Kate, I know this was a new kind of post for you but I loved it! Sometimes when Netflix just ain’t doing it, it is nice to have a recommendation for the something new. Love this!

Melinda says · 04.07.18

Thank you for the recommendations! My husband and I watched the Barkley Marathons and loved it! My husband is a 7 time marathoner so it was right up his alley.

Kate Schwass says · 04.07.18

Watch Meru!! It’s incredible and I bet you two would love it – has some very unexpected twists and turns and is so inspiring!

Nichole says · 04.07.18

Try the sequel to Somm. It was even better!

Melissa says · 04.17.18

So far you are two for two with your list! We watched Charged last night and Somm on Sunday! Loved both! If you enjoyed Somm, watch Somm: Into the Bottle. It features the same guys and gives you a great overall picture of the complexities of wine!

alli says · 04.20.18

Where are all these found? Netflix?

Kate says · 04.21.18

Either Netflix or Apple TV. I included the links so you can click them to find where to watch.

Danielle says · 04.21.18

We LOVED The Barkley Marathons film! My husband is an ultra runner and he wants to run it someday if he can get in. He follows the race every year on Twitter (it just finished a couple of weeks ago). I’m not a runner and I was fascinated as well!