Ask Kate (random questions from YOU!)

3 tips to help make traveling a breeze

It’s been a long time since I filmed an Ask Kate! That might be because I’m always answering questions over on Instagram, but I wanted to resurrect this video series so I can answer a bunch of questions for anyone not on Instagram!

  1. Have you ever considered microblading? (01:16)
  2. Would you consider trying magnetic eyelashes? (03:23)
  3. How do you find a good hair salon? (04:51)
  4. How do you stop dark lipsticks or glosses from getting onto your teeth? (06:10)
  5. How long does it take you to get ready? (07:13)
  6. How do you organize your makeup? (09:00)
  7. What are you most nervous about with having a third child? (10:31)
  8. Why did you move to Raleigh?  (12:06)
  9. What do you use for stretch marks? (14:22)
  10. Have you tried GrandeLASH? (15:20)
  11. Do you always wear makeup primer? (16:23)

Notes and links from the “ask kate”:

The lipstick I’m wearing is Sephora #Lipstories in Oui! If you are interested in blow dry tips, watch this! And watch this tutorial to get volumized straight hair!

This is an example of magnetic eyelashes. I haven’t tried them, just FYI!

Here is another blogger’s experience with microblading!

Check out my post about my vanity.

I’m using Mama Bee from Burt’s Bee’s for stretch marks!

Check out GrandeLASH here!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 01.19.18

I added this to my Watch Later list. ❤️ Thank you for answering the questions, love learning more about my favourite bloggers! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Kay Nguyen says · 01.19.18

Lovely video, I enjoy it every much! Thanks for sharing <3

Allie says · 01.19.18

I’ve been wanting to try a lash serum for a while, your reviews of the different brands really helps! Thank you! xAllie

Carli says · 01.19.18

In response to getting out of the house with tiny kids… When I was at that stage, I would park next to the cart corral and load kids directly into it from the car and push them all into the grocery store or Target. If we were going someplace without carts I would carry the baby (duh) and hold the hand of my “loose cannon” and make the older brother hold onto his other hand. Also, lots of pep talks about how mommy expects obedience. And a treat (literally one skittle was all it would take) to reward good behavior. You will do great!

Kelly says · 01.19.18

Do you have any recommendations (or your own previous posts/videos) for beginner tutorials on makeup, hair, skin care, etc.?

Tyler says · 01.19.18

What are the best products for frizzy hair?

Caitlin says · 01.19.18

I would love a video more about Raleigh/Greenville or NC in general! 🙂

Jennifer says · 01.19.18

I absolutely love how you detail out all the topics you talk about in your video w/ the time-stamp of when you start talking about them! It’s so helpful especially when I’m short on time and want the answers to a couple of the questions right away/if I need to come back to the video later. Thank you for doing that!

Kim says · 01.19.18

I love these videos! It’s great to “get to know” the person behind a blog!

Kim .. Copenhagen Travel Guide!

Brittany says · 01.19.18

I’m a relatively new mom of three. My girls are 4.5, 2 and 6.5 months. I think your fears are spot on for these ages. I LOVE my Solly wrap for the baby, the two year old scares me on a daily basis with her risk taking behavior and the 4 year old is *usually* the easiest but also needs attention. Leaving the house is hard and I try really hard to avoid having to go anywhere with all three by myself. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by how much my older two love their baby sister…but sometimes that means they are smothering her and I have to make sure baby doesn’t get flattened! Sleep is in very very short supply and even at almost 7 months old, the baby wakes many times a night. My patience is thin before I even start the day. Good luck to you! I’m sure you will handle it with grace and humor!

Teresa says · 01.19.18

I would 💗 for you to do a video on eyebrows! How to and best products 🤗

LG says · 01.19.18

It IS hard feeling like I don’t have one on one time for my 4 small children. BUT…. they are getting the gift of a sibling. Seasons of life change and at some point I will be able to give them more individual attention. God bless you.

Jenny says · 01.19.18

I love these types of videos! It was super interesting to hear about the different lash serums that you’ve tried. Have you tried any other Rodan and Fields products? I have heard great things, but haven’t jumped in to try it yet. Finally , what is the plant in the background of the video? It looks fantastic!

Laura says · 01.20.18

Great video! What color is your nail polish? Very pretty color!

Andrea Nowlin says · 01.20.18

Do you have any pictures of hairstyles going between a shirt angled bob to growing it out and it’s not quite shoulder length but my hair will do nothing and it needs shaping but I have nothing to go off of 🙁

Suzanne says · 01.23.18

Do you have a travel blow dryer to recommend?

Betsy says · 01.25.18

What is your nail color in this video? Thanks!

Michelle Colasante says · 02.01.18

Kate, a few years back you turned me on to Tarte 360 Creaseless Eyelid Primer, and I’ve loved it. Today I headed over to Sephora to replenish my stock, and they told me it’s no longer available. GASP! Have you found something you like in its place!? This product has kept my eye makeup in perfect place all day for years! Hoping you can help guide me to the next “it really works” product!

Kate says · 02.05.18

WHAT! I’ll start looking for something else!

Kerrie says · 02.03.18

I have a real issue with mascara bleeding down under my eyes after a few hours and I don’t even apply it to my bottom lashes! Even really good quality mascara does it. I’ve tried putting a setting powder directly under my eyes after I’m done with my makeup.. but it still bleeds. I’ve read that I should try a mascara primer or use waterproof mascara. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!!

Robyn says · 02.08.18

Kate Microblading has been LIFECHANGING for me! LOVE it and highly recommend but only when done by someone that knows what they are doing! I bought magnetic lashes (two different kinds) and they were both awful!

Have you looked into Monat Hair products? I think you should try them!