3 tips to help make traveling a breeze

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While I’m certainly not a jetsetter like some, I find myself traveling quite regularly either for work or pleasure. I used to take multiple flights home to Illinois to visit my family, but lately I’ve been taking lots of road trips to visit my sister up north or my parents down south. My brother and his fiancΓ©e are still in Illinois but we are hoping they will migrate south in the future too!

I’m a light packer, and I tend to wait until the night before my flight to put things in my suitcase. My husband is an even lighter packer than me, and sometimes he only travels with a backpack if he can help it!

I know holiday travel is past us, but perhaps you found yourself experiencing travel frustrations over the holidays that you are hoping to not repeat the next time around. Today I thought I’d share a few tips from my experience over the years to help simplify the travel process!

Toiletries are the biggest challenge for me because I like to have a lot of options. But unfortunately options with cosmetics or skincare usually means excess weight.

Purchase either a few contact lens cases or these containers from Sephora. You can divide up your skincare, or even foundation, into these little containers so you aren’t hauling large, glass jars in your bag. Not only does this force you to make some decisions (instead of just throwing a bunch of options into your bag), it’s also very convenient. I prefer to use something like this since I can use my mobile label maker (it simply connects to my phone and I make the labels in an app!) and clearly know which product is which!

When traveling by plane, I typically have 1 checked bag and 1 carry-on bag. I’ve found that I prefer to pack my purse in my checked bag, and simply slip a little pouch of essentials into a side pocket of my carry-on. My carry-on is usually heavy with a laptop and/or a camera, so eliminating unnecessary weight (from my Nordstrom card to 8 more options of lipstick) makes everything a bit smoother. A pouch like this is perfect for just tossing into your bag when you are ready to carry it, and this would be a great option as well because it can charge your phone!

Finally, always pack a back up charger in case your flight is delayed and you need to charge your phone. There is something about just being in an airport that sucks all the battery out of my phone, so having a back up charger is key! Just don’t forget to charge it before you head out the door!

Do you have any fun travel plans coming up? Heading anywhere warm in the spring to temporarily escape winter? My sister and her husband just got back from Mexico and it looked like paradise based on her Instagram stories. Now I’m craving a trip to a tropical climate!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 01.17.18

I’m all for the tip about the backup charger! Sometimes I even have to bring one out with me when I’m just out and about for the day. My iPhone runs out of battery so easily and it’s annoying when it does.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Erinn says · 01.17.18

Great tips! I love the idea of dividing up skin care/cosmetic items into smaller containers – ingenious!

samantha says · 01.17.18

I am a light packer too! I love that you pour lotions into a smaller jar. I do the exact same thing! It saves so much room and makes traveling much lighter!

Olga says · 01.17.18

A pouch that charges your phones? Yes, please! I will be making a very 1-2 day short trip in a few weeks and I will definitelly be using some of these tips (the phone battery ones!).

Olga from Myme

Allie says · 01.17.18

I’m like you – I love to minimize my toiletry bulk and be well prepared at the airport. That charging clutch looks perfect! My tip is that I save up samples, especially shampoo and conditioner, and travel with those. It saves so much space and allows for variety. xAllie http://www.theallthatglittersblog.com

Kate says · 01.17.18

I love to see how light I can pack – it’s like a competition between me and my husband.

I have to ask – where is the grey/blue square zip around container from? That looks perfect to pack small items in. Thanks!

Ray says · 01.17.18

Really helpful tips. Thanks for sharing.


Sam says · 01.17.18

Perfect timing – I’m taking a 48 hour getaway this weekend! I’ve never been a light packer, but I have gotten “lighter” over the last couple of years. I love having hair/makeup options, which always kills my packing light vibe. I’m going to try this trick again and see if I can make it work this time. And carrying a power bank is always a must when traveling!

Jenene says · 01.17.18

Getting ready to take my family to Europe for three weeks. I think I have officially over YouTubed the how to pack for Europe
Ack. So overwhelming! And yet , come on! Its Europe! πŸ˜ƒ yea! Thanks for your post ! Love all you do girl!!

Mallory says · 01.17.18

Do you have a solution for traveling with necklaces? I always struggle with this. I have seen a few jewelry pouches out there, but I haven’t found a good one for a few necklaces.

Paula says · 01.17.18

Thirty-One sells great travel jewellery cases.

JaNae says · 01.17.18

I saw a tip on Rachel Ray a while back…take a sheet of Glad press n seal with the sticky side up. Lay your necklaces on one side, the fold over the other side and press it down on top of your necklaces to keep them from getting tangled. Then you can roll it up/fold it up and put it in your bag. I cut small squares from a cereal box and cut little notches in the top and bottom of it. Then I can wrap each of my necklaces around a square, sliding it into the notches to keep it in place and not tangled. This has worked really well for me!

Jessica says · 03.08.18

For my more delicate necklaces, I thread them through straws and connect on the ends. (Smoothie straws have a wider diameter & help with larger necklaces!) This helps reduce tangling and separates them in my jewelry bags a bit for travel. πŸ™‚

A Woman Of A Certain Age says · 01.17.18

You should try Trinny London.
Her magnetic makeup stacks would be perfect for travel.


Stacey Nicole says · 01.17.18

My husband & I love to travel! After experiencing some luggage mishaps, I only carry on. I’ve been using a Briggs & Riley duffle (that can also be worn as a backpack) for years. It’s especially great for Europe travel. If I’m gone for more than a week, I book a place with laundry so I don’t have to pack as much. Next trip is to Calgary & Banff area to visit family! It will be cold!

Suzanne sager says · 01.17.18

Love your sweater/kimono! Details, please?

Becky says · 01.17.18

Heading to Jamaica in ten days! I always have a toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and deodorant in my suitcase so that when I am packing I never forget those items.

Elise says · 01.17.18

I would caution against putting your purse with any credit cards or valuable items in your checked bag as those things can quickly disappear. It’s better to leave them at home or carry with you. I will put an empty purse in my checked bag, but never anything from my wallet, any electronics, etc.

Cheryl says · 01.17.18

I travel a lot with my husband, plus a college student in a fun town, a senior looking at colleges, and two girls who compete in horse shows on a very regular basis. I keep my makeup bag stocked with all the essentials so I’m not constantly moving them from my drawer to my bag. Things like toothpaste and brush, deodorant, mascara, moisturizer…they are so easily forgotten so I’ve found this works for me. Plus when I run out at home I know I have a back-up!

Jenna says · 01.19.18

I have been looking everywhere for a makeup bag like the blue one in the picture. Where did you get It?

Lena says · 02.13.18

Traveling is fun. I go to Florida soon. Got the beach product from my husband as Valentine’s present http://beautifulbutt.com/bamboo-charcoal-butt-cheek-mask/ Made me laugh first but i can’t deny men pay attention to different parts of the body and butt is not an exception.

Jess says · 03.16.18

Yes, yes, yes to the travel charger. So important to charge my phone and friends phones in emergencies.

What I find difficult when traveling is to pick and choose which toiletries to bring with me. Even with those containers I know i’d get totally carried away! πŸ™‚

lisa says · 04.08.18

Great, I love this post very much. And I like the glasses most.

Darby says · 04.26.18

Great post and beautiful pictures! I travel around a lot so I keep a couple o make up bags ready to go all the time. Saves me time worrying if I’m missing something or not.

Christina says · 04.11.19

Traveling light is key these days, especially with all the extra baggage fees. Usually I carry a very small makeup bag in my backpack purse. Then I throw in a couple of dry shampoo packets just in case my hair gets greasy, and I’m ready to jet πŸ˜‰

Sarah O says · 05.21.19

The link for the containers at Sephora doesn’t work. I’d really like to see them!