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At this very moment in time, I’m about 90% finished with the office! I’m so happy with how everything has come together so far and it’s really beyond perfect for what I needed!

If you missed it, you have to read the post about my experience with Modsy to see how I got to this style/look for the new space. Basically, my goals were for a clean, textured and airy space with grey, whites, blacks and green from “plants”. A lot of my plants need to be fake, because of my cats, but I really think fake plants have come a long way in looking authentic!

The original picks for the office design were beautiful, and I copied some exactly, but some items were beyond my budget for what I would spend on a particular item. The desk, for example, while STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL was $2000.00. I couldn’t do it! So I found a similar version at IKEA and I’m hanging shelves above it to mimic the look.

I found a couch at HomeGoods for a great price, and got $50 off because a button had fallen off.

Through the redecorating process I’ve purged a lot of junk as well. That feels SO GOOD. I’m fairly good at throwing things away and donating items that can be donated, but I have to do it when the mood strikes. Nicole inspired me with her idea of “quieting the house” in September, before fall decorations and holidays, and so far I’ve held off on doing a SINGLE fall decoration until I clean out the house a bit.

You can be sure I’ll share a full blog post about the office when it’s finished, but for now I’ll leave you with my inspiration board, taken straight off of my secret pinterest board.

p.s. nothing says fall like a plaid shirt!


To see more glimpses into my office space, check out here and here!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 09.15.17

Love the colour palette of your picks! A neutral, light room always works the best!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Victoria Miller says · 09.15.17

After reading your blog post about Modsy I decided to use the services to help me decorate my living room in our new home. I can’t wait to see what they come up with! When you do share your office tour it would be neat to have a comparison of what they suggested and what you did!

Kathleen says · 09.15.17

So far I haven’t had the best experience with Modsy. Set up an account, they charged my credit card, and now say I don’t have an account with them. They aren’t answering live help or their customer service phone number even though the are supposed to be open rn. Will keep trying, but I’m a little miffed.

Kathleen says · 09.15.17

Modsy update. I’m over my miffededness. They found my account and fixed everything. Customer service was great once they got online.

Steph says · 09.15.17

Absolutely beautiful choices – such a calming colour palette with loads of texture. It’ll be perfect for achieving enough zen to get the creative juices flowing! Enjoy settling into your new little haven!

Joanna says · 09.18.17

That couch though! All of these tones are perfect for an office. I like that your avoiding prints which could make it feel busy/cluttered.

Angie says · 10.13.17

Hey Kate! Quick Q: We are seriously looking at that same sofa from article.com—(Volu) how’s the cush on it? Pretty comfy??! Thank you!! 🙂

Brooke says · 10.01.19

I know this is an old post, but is there a picture of the office when it was completed? I’m looking to buy this desk for our home office and would love to see how it is styled.