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Can you hear the hallelujah chorus right now?

I sure can.

My husband and father-in-law built me beautiful white “floating” shelves for my office closet!


Before this there was a jumbled mess of wire shelving with tons of wasted space. I wanted to start from scratch and add a few deep floating shelves for easy storage – and I love how it turned out! I love having open space to store things AND to be able to see what is in there!

I divided the sections up by category (hair, nails, makeup, etc.).  A few sections of the shelves are for office supplies or extra things that didn’t necessarily need a specific category, but I really like having specific places for the main contents of the closet.

My friend Jordan wrote out the words on the chalkboard tape (because my handwriting is a complete disgrace, if you ask me) and I almost fell over from pure joy after she wrote the labels. Ask her, she’ll tell you.



I’m still messy and a pile-creator at heart, but it is really nice to have an organized and totally functional closet!

A few details about it: 

-The closet shelving is just white closet shelves from Home Depot that my husband and father-in-law cut to size. They also added a lip to the end so I had a wider area to adhere the tape to.

-My original intention was to paint the ends of the shelves with chalkboard paint but I couldn’t bite the bullet so I found chalkboard tape at The Container Store and it’s working perfectly. Jordan wrote on the tape with a chalkboard marker that I had already.

-There are supports below the shelves but they aren’t ideal for holding REALLY heavy things. I don’t plan on putting heavy things in there so it wasn’t a problem for me, but if you store heavy things I’d recommend searching Pinterest for floating shelves with supports.

-A lot of the boxes and containers you see on the shelves are from Ikea, HomeGoods, Target or Marshall’s. (nail polish organizer, glass jar, glass boxes with black metal (similar from Target), white trays from HomeGoods)

Check out another glimpse of my office here!


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Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 03.28.16

Omg this is pure perfection! All the organization makes my heart so happy!

Katie says · 03.28.16

Ahhhh….the calligraphy is so pretty!

Mel says · 03.28.16

Stunning!!! I love this!! Totally giving me inspiration so I can create this for myself!

Mel |

A New Old Fashioned Girl says · 03.28.16

Wow I’m a little envious right now. this is amazing!

Kacie M. says · 03.28.16

Love the organization on this! I don’t have the space like you have, but am taking notes on how you have this… like your brushes, and the use of all of those organization containers/organizers (make up odds and ends, etc)! I bought one thing from the container store a few months back to use in the bathroom for foundation, beauty blender, lipsticks, etc… and it has made a world of difference already.

taylor says · 03.28.16

oh my. beautiful. could her handwriting be more perfect?

Kim says · 03.28.16

Gorgeous!! I wish I had the space for something like that in my apartment!

Kim .. BirchBox vs IPSY!

Hannah says · 03.28.16

This makes me a ridiculous amount of happy. This is the stuff organizational dreams are made of!

Katie M says · 03.28.16


Sherl says · 03.28.16

My jaw dropped. It looks so beautiful!

Meagan says · 03.28.16 Reply
McCall J says · 03.28.16

That is so beautiful. I don’t even think you could comprehend my jealousy!

Sarah says · 03.28.16

I’m anxiously waiting to use my new “office’ read – old teenagers bedroom, thank you for the inspiration! I’m hoping to try this in the new closest.

Meg says · 03.28.16 God! This is the dream! Love this! I need this kind of space for all of my crazy things too!! Looks amazing! I would need someone to write on it for me too. My hand writing is atrocious!

Krystal says · 03.28.16

This is such a gorgeous setup! I’m currently trying to organize my office desk and business supplies and I could really use a shelving system like this haha.

Krystal |

Sydni says · 03.28.16

Could not be prettier! So functional too!!

Joyce says · 03.29.16

I have been waiting for this post ever since you gave a sneak peek awhile back. Love it and it looks amazing!

Justyna says · 03.29.16

This is properly organized. I am very much a drop on pile girl myself nad I’m always very impressed when I see this kind of effort to find a place for everything. I really like the blackboard tape, I had no idea such a thing existed. Very helpful.

Emilie R. says · 03.29.16

Beautiful. I love it!

Katie says · 03.29.16

It looks amazing!! I LOVE the chalkboard tape idea.

Jill says · 03.29.16

This makes my OCD tendencies so happy 🙂

Jillian says · 03.31.16

I love this. I am also a pile-creator, one of the things my husband loves most about me 😉 hahaha He would definitely be happy the day my piles disappear.

Nicole says · 04.01.16

Wow this is amazing!! I love it!

Nicole says · 04.01.16

Wow, this is amazing!! So gorgeous!

Vivian says · 04.02.16

This looks so pleasing to the eye; very pretty.

Michelle says · 04.01.17

The metal and glass boxes say “similar” to Target….where did you get yours?,,,I love them…..thanks!

Liz Burgdorf says · 08.15.17

What did your hubs decide to do for his own biz?

Kate says · 08.15.17 is his website so you can learn more 🙂