An easy way to add balance to your outfit

I found a sunless tanner that works!

I’m such a queen of basics and simple outfits that I would actually describe myself as someone who doesn’t really take much interest in what I wear. But the more I think about it, and especially when I have someone picking out clothes for me, I am realizing that I actually do really care about what I wear and my “personal style”.

The summertime is difficult because it gets so hot here and the humidity is at insane levels that no matter what you wear it’s hard to stay comfortable. But right now we are in this sweet spot of spring where we’ll get 75 degree days mixed with 85 degree days too.

So there’s room for a little variety.

I was at Trunk Club in Chicago during my last time home and had so much fun. You may remember this post from last year (or this one) where I got my first Trunk and since then I’ve loved the service. I got a few more Trunks after that initial one, but I held off since I knew I was going to Chicago in April. I had a bit of credit on my account, so I was excited to have Ari style me and add some nicer tops to my wardrobe.

I told her that I have 1,000,000 v-neck t-shirts and I need something a little different for the RARE occasions that I actually want to wear something different!

She brought out some great options, and some that were too much of a stretch for me, but it helped me see that changing things up a bit is nice!

So, I bought these linen pants from J.Crew Factory a few months ago and have barely worn them. I wasn’t really sure how to style them and I figured they would just be casual, errand running pants. But I threw them on with the *perfect* white v-neck tee I found a few weeks ago and was immediately brought back to my time at Trunk Club with Ari.

She forced me, AGAINST MY WILL, to do a front tuck with a top I was wearing while I was trying things on with her. Let it be known that I do not have a flat stomach. I’ve had 2 babies and there’s a little extra “fluff” right around my midsection. So doing a front tuck was something I never even considered.

But I saw how much better it balanced my outfit when I did it, and I realized that it doesn’t have to be a really tight tuck that made me feel self conscious. And frankly, I don’t own tight shirts, so it would never be so tight that I would feel like I need to suck in.

So here is how I would be most likely to wear this outfit:

It looks kind of frumpy right? There isn’t really any shape to it. I could do this with a tighter pant, but since these are loose it just looks sloppy.

And here it is with a slight front tuck:

It’s a better balance! My legs look a little longer, I think, and it looks like I have a bit of a waist!

I’m sort of excited about the challenge of switching up my typical plain v-neck tee’s for a different look with them tucked in to some of my pants! It won’t work with everything, but it helps give me fresh eyes on shirts that I’ve resolved are a little shapeless!

So here I am, about a year or two behind on the “trend”, but I’m finally seeing how it can help certain outfits look a little more. . .well . . . styled.

p.s. you can find more of what I’m wearing here! My necklace can be found here and here is another similar version of the pants I’m wearing! More about the room I’m standing in can be found here


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 04.21.17

I used to tuck in my loose shirts all the time, I was a huge fan of the loose + fitting outfit combination. Time to bring the style back, it seems!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Stephanie says · 04.21.17

I’ve been front tucking since before front tucking was a thing. I have some extra stuff in my tummy area, too, but it still looks so much better than when the shirt is just out in the front.

Jessica says · 04.21.17

Love love love! I have serious extra fluff, too, after two kids and never thought of this. I figured it would accentuate it. Going to have to try! Love the pants! I always have a hard time with linen pants since I need to order them so big because of, well, the fluff, and then there’s that weird extra fabric in the front. I’m 5’3″, so it’s always a toss up to order regular or petite length, too. Uffda. But I might have to try these!

Jenna says · 04.21.17

Love the front tuck, but more importantly, can you link to that rug? 😉

Donna says · 04.21.17

Yes, THAT RUG!!!

Jenn says · 04.26.17

Love the rug!! Where did u get it??

Hayley at Winging it with two boys says · 04.21.17

This is awesome! And I’m so going to try this!

Bobbie says · 04.21.17

Thanks, you have convinced me to try the front tucking. But you say it won’t work with everything. What do you mean? I don’t want to look silly.

Karly says · 04.21.17

Love the front tuck!! I do it all the time and makes a big difference to certain outfits! You look so cute too! 🙂

Sophie says · 04.21.17

I loooove doing this, as you’ve said it’s just so much more flattering particularly if you are wearing loose or semi-loose fit things on the top and bottom. You look lovely in this outfit!

Sophie xxx

Megan says · 04.21.17

I literally just started doing this last week and it has made ALL the difference. I kept wondering why I was wearing clothes that were considered “in style” yet I did not feel stylish at all, I felt really frumpy and not put together.
I was playing around in front of the mirror one day and front tucked one of my tunic tops and it was a huge light bulb moment for me. It adds the slightest amount of structure and sophistication which helps someone like me, who is constantly being mistaken for someone way way younger, which is not a good thing when you are in your early 30’s.

Leslee says · 04.21.17

Oh my goodness, I am terrified of the front tuck too! I have such a short torso, I feel like I’ve never been able to tuck in anything! I’m going to have to try it out again.

Sydni says · 04.21.17

What a great tip! I have some pants like that and they always make me look like I’m wearing pajama pants. I’ll have to try the tuck. Now, what kind of jacket or outer layer to wear with them?

Anne says · 04.21.17

When I was younger we had these round circles with a center bar that we would pull our shirts through on the side- a half tuck without tucking into waistband. I sometimes accomplish the same thing with a black small hair tie on a black shirt…

Kay says · 04.21.17

I have been do front tucking for quite sometime now! It makes my outfit put together and casual still <3

Eva says · 04.21.17

Yesss!! The front tuck rules! I am just like you in that I have like 1,000 white tees and have a simple uniform that I love to wear. I started doing the subtle tuck for a few months now and it works really well to make a tee look more styled!

Kate says · 04.21.17

I know what you mean about tucking in. I feel the same way, self conscious about the stomach area. But it makes you look skinny, so I’m all for it!

Amber says · 04.22.17

I just bought 2 pair of pants very similar to those online from Old Navy for $18. I hadn’t thought about other ways to style them besides a tee, but now I’ll have to experiment!

cosmafree says · 04.22.17

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Holly says · 04.22.17

Would you PLEASE do a tutorial on how to get that perfect tuck!! I can not seem to get my front tuck to look as nice as yours does. The side view when I tuck it just doesn’t seem quite right.

What Mum Loves says · 04.23.17

I live in trousers like this. I think I own 4 pairs of them. There is nothing more comfortable than them! x

Alex says · 04.23.17

The front tuck looks great on you! And you’re right, it totally lengthened your legs like magic.

I’ve been struggling to jump on the front tuck bandwagon myself, but I may have just recently found the right tank top to pull it off on, at least with some shorts! So far anytime I’ve tried it with jeans, I feel like it makes my hips get all the focus and look bigger.

Ashley ivey says · 04.23.17

This is so funny! I have been following your. Blog for years and today when you picked up your son from church, I realized you looked so familiar! I serve in the walker class and just adore your little guy. ❤ such a small world! I started following you when I lived in Texas years ago.

Kate says · 04.24.17

small world! Next time say hi!

Eve says · 04.24.17

And not only does it show you have a waist, it elooongates your legs!

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