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I keep it casual most days, but the holidays are such a fun time to dress up a bit more. My husband and I go on an annual Christmas date, and this year we went to a cooking class! I’ll let you guess who’s idea that was.

Beyond that, our Christmas and holiday season is mostly spent being with family in each other’s homes. We dress up a bit for our Christmas church service, but beyond that we stay comfortable and cozy!

I’ve always been pretty picky about my clothes. In fact, I’ve never told you this but in middle school I used to safety pin the bottoms of my jeans to my shoe laces so my jeans wouldn’t crumple up around my ankles. Thank goodness there wasn’t ever an emergent need for me to remove my shoes because I would have had to sit down on the floor and removed the three safety pins first! As if middle school wasn’t awkward enough. . . I took it to the next level.

I’ve tried clothing services in the past, and had some good results and some really horrible ones. I started looking into Trunk Club over the summer, but never pulled the trigger. So when they approached me about partnering for this video, I excitedly jumped on board! I already had my profile filled out, so all I needed to do was have a short conversation with my stylist.

I talked to Ari, my trunk club stylist, for about 2o minutes on the phone. She asked great questions to get a feel for my style, and then said she’d send over a list of selections by the end of the week.

To say I was skeptical would be an understatement. How could she curate a box for me only after chatting on the phone? Doesn’t she need to see my style pinterest board or have me send her photos of things I liked? I patiently waited, and when the e-mail came through I let out a deep breath and told myself to be open minded.

I did a speedy scroll through to take everything in, and then returned to the top to scroll more slowly and really look at the items she chose. Basically, she nailed it. I couldn’t believe how accurately she pin pointed my style.

I nixed a few things that I already owned similar versions of, and then sent her my feedback. Next thing I knew, the shipping notice was sent over and I just had to wait for the box.

Check out the video to hear more first impressions, and my thoughts on some of the items in the box!





Isn’t the lace detail on this top so pretty?




The black denim was by Paige, and a simple hem job would make them wearable since they were about 6 inches too long. I loved the fit and stretch though!


The pearl necklace is such a “Reese Witherspoon” necklace, and I liked the length of it. I have a lot of long and dainty necklaces, but this was a nice shorter length!

I loved the comfort and casual nature of the black Vince shoes. I have a similar pair in grey, by a different brand, and nothing beats the convenience of slip on shoes especially when you are running out the door with your kids.


The highlight of the box was the leather jacket. It was mixed with sweater material, so it was a bit more laid back than a proper leather jacket. I LOVED it. Such a great find for Ari, and a huge win in my eyes. Justin really liked it too, and I’m planning on wearing it a lot this winter!

The boys and I also spent some time in Chicago recently, and with the temperatures in the SINGLE DIGITS, I was very happy to have a warm leather jacket to wear while we were there.


Overall, it was such a fun experience. I got an outfit idea for my Christmas date, and I’ve got a few other options for family time that I know I’ll feel comfortable in too!I would definitely do it again, and am planning to in January! I loved that I was familiar with the brands in the box, but my absolute favorite part was being able to see the choices before they were sent to me. I feel like I could have saved a lot of time in the past with other services like this had I seen the contents prior to shipping!

You can read more about Trunk Club on their website, but the basic gist is that it’s a $25 styling fee, maintains free shipping too and from the warehouse, it’s available for MEN and women, and you have the opportunity to chat with your stylist before, during, and after the experience. It’s designed to feel like you have a personal stylist shopping with and for you, without having to leave your home, and that is exactly how to felt to me.

This post was created in partnership with Trunk Club, all opinions are my own.


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Morgan says · 12.21.16

What are the prices of the items like? Is it similar to Stitchfix?

Kayley says · 12.21.16

It’s more expensive. Paige jeans usually retail for around $160 give or take the style. Trunk Club carries brands like Vince, Equipment (lovely silk blouses), and Joie, all of which are moderately expensive and pricier than Stitchfix. Hope that helps!

Kate says · 12.21.16

I think, if I remember, stitch fix gives you a price point option on their website. You could certainly request that your stylist, thru Trunk Club, lean toward the less expensive end. The leather jacket/sweater I got was about $100, which was a great price point in my mind!

Andrea says · 12.21.16

The Trunk Club website also give you choices for price points like Stitch Fix does. $50-100, 100-200, 200+.

Sarah says · 12.21.16

Loved all of it and you’re adorable, but your video made me feel like I was watching the scene from Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory where they get transported into the television screen. Lol!! 😂😂.

Tanya says · 12.21.16

I love this idea. Can you share who makes that leather/sweater coat and that bag please?

Sarah O says · 12.21.16

Yes! Love the jacket!

Ali Vizzo says · 12.21.16

Of all the clothing services you’ve tried, which is your favorite?

Christina says · 12.21.16

I think a video with the pros and cons of each service with her personal thoughts would be great!

Jennifer Bunkers says · 12.21.16

Cute stuff!

Sarah says · 12.21.16

I’m curious to know which other clothing services you’ve tried, and what you liked/did not like about them. You’ve got great taste, and I trust your opinion.

Kate says · 12.21.16

Thats a great idea!

KG says · 12.21.16

Would love to know who makes the bag!!!

Claire Talks Beauty says · 12.21.16

i love the leather jacket ! i love how you choose your clothing !

Alexis says · 12.21.16

I’m always wanted to try a fashion subscription box. This is a very informative post. Thank-you.

Sarah Chavis says · 12.21.16

I am in love with that leather jacket! It’s so fun! Great post btw, you definitely open my eyes up to different website and brands. Broaden my horizons to say the least lol. Iam naturally a “creature of habit.” If I found a shirt that i like..I will buy like 3 of the same shirts in different colors…and I shop at the same 3 places.

So you and your blog definitely help me get out of my comfort zone! Thanks Kate!

Maeg says · 12.21.16

I would REALLY like to know who makes that leather jacket! SO CUTE!!

Kate says · 12.21.16 Reply
Em says · 12.22.16

I have this jacket in olive green and love it too! The stretch makes it crazy comfortable!

Maggie says · 12.21.16

Wow the leather jacket is outstanding! I would never be able to wear a full leather jacket (4 kids later I have lost what little “cool” I started with) but this one is a beautiful mix. Great find!

Jaclyn Lara says · 12.21.16

Everything is cute! Who makes bag? LOVE it!!!

Rachel says · 12.22.16

Yes would love to know who makes the bag ! So pretty !

Candice Whitney says · 12.22.16

I’m not going to lie. I signed up for this immediately. Can’t wait to get my first trunk! Great share!

Christa says · 12.22.16

Hello love!
I follow you on snapchat (christaky23) and I saw the one about TrunkClub. Amazing! I signed up after your snap ended lol. Stephanie my “pocket stylist is wonderful! I saw the BLANK NYC jacket in yout trunk and she found me one too! Definitely going to add that item to my wardrobe! Thank you for sharing!

Rosa Otterstetter says · 12.22.16

Everything looks so cute on you! This would be a great idea for me to add some new things to my closet as well 🙂 Thank you for sharing this!

Debbie says · 12.27.16

Hi Kate,
I am a bootie lover, like you. What is the brand of the bootie? So CUTE !!

Meredith says · 12.28.16

I’m glad you lived your trunk–I tried it based on your review and had such a bad experience. Everything was bad, and I couldn’t understand why it was such a miss. Bummer! Lesson learned, I guess.

Erica says · 12.28.16

I loved that leather jacket so much I immediately purchased! But not I’m at a styling loss! Could you share how you style it??