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I’ve done a terrible job about really letting you get to know Nicole here on the blog. She’s been working with me for over a year and a half and has brought such a fantastic element of drive, hard work, friendship, and positivity to the “behind the scenes” blog work! Here to share some recent home items on her radar is Nicole! She loves all things home decor and just recently moved into a new home!

Jordan gave me this blanket for Christmas and it is SO soft and comfortable…not to mention, beautiful! It’s long and I love the tassels on the corners. It’s a perfect accent to layer some texture in your living room!

I passed these coasters at Target and impulsively threw them in my cart. I’m so glad I did. We had been using the same old worn out coasters since we first got married and it was time for some grown up ones. It’s funny what a difference a little accent like that can make in freshening up a room. I’m loving marble accents these days and I love the warmth that the wood gives these!

Speaking of Target, did you see this post about Target’s new fake fiddle leaf fig trees? There are some great tips on how to make your fiddle leaf fig look real and since I’m not great at keeping plants alive, I love that I can’t possibly fail at keeping this one alive!

And since it’s finally Spring, I’m looking to add some fresh prints to my gallery wall with some pops of green! I love this idea from Minted – the flowers are beautiful and I love that it’s spreading some North Carolina love. (And they have one for every state!)

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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 04.27.17

I love the coasters. Actually, I love everything you’ve put down on this blog post. Perfect for a minimalist, neutral home!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Kay Nguyen says · 04.27.17

Love the wood/marble coasters, they are so cute <3


Courtney says · 04.27.17

I bought those same coasters and LOVED them! But then the wood portion started snapping off when the coaster would get moisture on it.

Dana says · 04.27.17

“And they have one for every state!”… except they definitely don’t. Boo. I got my hopes up, the print is so pretty!

Gina says · 04.27.17

Nice. Gotta say though I miss your hair tutorials and tips. Thats how I landed here a few years ago. Now you mostly cover makeup, lipstick etc. Just sayin.