3 Rules For Rocking a Bold Lip

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I’m wearing “Spectacle” by Smashbox

Really these aren’t RULES as much as basic suggestions. Wear a bold lip color in whatever way you feel most comfortable, okay? In case you are new to it, or aren’t sure quite how to pull off that look, I’ll share 3 “rules” I stick by when choosing a bold lip color.

  1. Keep the rest of the makeup simple. You’ll never find me with a dark, smokey eye and a super bold lip. It’s too much. If you know you are wearing a brighter lip color, keep the rest of your makeup soft and neutral. That doesn’t mean light or minimal, though that always looks good too, it just means stick with browns or soft greys in the eyes instead of stronger colors.
  2. Choose the most nude blush, or just use a touch of bronzer. You don’t want the tone of your lipstick competing with the tone of your blush. And you don’t want too much color on your face in general because it can start to look a little clown-like. Whenever I’m wearing a strong lip color, especially in the orange family, I skip blush and just go slightly heavier on bronzer in my cheek area.
  3. Don’t make your outfit compete with your lipstick. A simple, classic top goes best with a bold lip because it doesn’t take away from it! In fact, it highlights it a bit which makes it even more fun! Nothing is better than a white dress, or white blouse, and a bright pink lip in my mind. So choose a simple top, and classic jewelry to go with your statement lip.

ps. Speaking of lipstick, if you’re looking for a fun new lipstick shade to try (perfect for warmer weather) try my new lip color with Birchbox, Playful


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 04.26.17

Thank you for the tips, they were really helpful. I’ve never had bold lips before so if I ever venture into the area, I’ll know what to do.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Karly says · 04.26.17

Good Tips! I always follow these “rules” when I wear any thing other than neutral on my lips! I mean, who wants to look overdone, right?!

Alyssa says · 04.26.17

That lip color looks so so good on you! I’m never brave enough to rock it on my lips, but I love the red/coral on my fingers and toes!

Kay Nguyen says · 04.26.17

Great rules, thanks for sharing! And you look amazing with that bright red lip color <3


Stephanie says · 04.26.17

I pretty much stay neutral in most things anyway, so if I did try an bold lip, it probably wouldn’t be hard for me. It still like freaks me out a little, though. Not sure why but I always feel a little self-conscious at the thought of a bold lip.


Amanda says · 04.26.17

Personally, I always feel more confident with a bold lip and soft eye. I’ve never felt confident with eye make-up. Never thought about keeping my top simple though, good tip!

Susan says · 04.26.17


Kerrie says · 04.26.17

I have been waiting for you to do a post, but I can’t wait any longer. We need to address the fact that you chopped your hair! I really am loving the length! Super cute, Kate.

Ashley says · 04.26.17

Nice tips! I love a red lip.

Sophie says · 04.27.17

You are so right with the last one in particular – white top and bright pink lip is such a perfect combo!
Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

Ulla says · 04.27.17

Hey Kate- what di yoz think about the tyme hair curler?- because you are a hairstylist..can this be healthy for your hair?