Family Calendar Gallery Wall

Organization versus Clutter

I have grand plans for this one side of our downstairs that I refer to as “the apartment” on snapchat. I can’t tell you how many people are confused by that as it is not standard in most homes! Someday I’ll do a video tour, but until then I’ll explain it as best I can.

The previous owners of our home knew they were moving into it with the husband’s mother, so they built her an apartment on the side of the house. It was a tiny little apartment with a tiny kitchen, stackable washer and dryer in the bathroom, and one bedroom. She had her own entry, and I’m assuming it served the exact purpose for which they put it there!

When Justin emailed me this house from a listing 2 years ago, my sister and I read through the description. We were so confused by the apartment, and it made so much more sense to see it in person.

So, essentially, we have an attached apartment that we simply treat as an extension of our home. And when my family comes to visit, they have their own little part of the house that is quiet so they can have a little space.

My grand plans are to knock down the wall dividing the bedroom from the living area, creating one large space. I want to remove the kitchen, which is currently used as storage, and in it’s place build a laundry room/pool entry room. This would be where all the children, wet from the pool, could come in and drop their towels off versus walking directly into the nicer living room off the deck.

We’d finish the hardwoods, maybe cut out another window or two, and get a huge sectional for the ultimate family hang out zone. Then, in the corner where the couch currently lives, I’d move the white round breakfast-sized table and create a kind of homework zone/sitting area.

I can see it all in my head perfectly, I just need to get my husband to commit to doing that actual project!

Anyway, in the meantime, this area has gotten no love as it’s just the kid hang out room. But I got pretty tired of looking at the empty undecorated space and decided to shop my own house to bring some life in there.

Having just come back from Lake Tahoe, with plans for our family’s social calendar and such, I wanted to create a little family calendar area that was easy for quick reference, and also a place to store some of the junk that piles up on our kitchen counters. Also, I wanted it to look pretty. My friend Rebecca is kind of a gallery wall queen, and she has this awesome one in her kitchen that inspired me to create my own.

I did my best to source as many items as I could below.

Family Calendar Gallery Wall:

Build Your Own Daily System Components

similar feather art

bike printable (free)


Grace not Perfection print

similar sideboard (I have this exact one in the command center and love it!)

The cabinet is from my parents apartment that they are no longer renting in Raleigh. Before that got placed there, this was just a big open wall! I love this little area so much. It serves a perfect purpose, and looks pretty too. In fact, the other night I walked past it and said, “I like you”.

Yes to my wall. Yes I was sober.

Let this be a lesson to us all – let’s quit waiting to finish a room because we may be waiting forever and it’s better to like your space while you are living in it, versus saving everything for when it’s “perfect”!

For other peeks into my home, check out my command center and coffee bar!


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Elizabeth says · 02.01.17

I have so many blank spaces on my walls – this is great inspiration! Thanks for sharing!
Linking up our wedding day over on S&S today!

Stephanie says · 02.01.17

Not fully related, but I love those wood floors. They look so lived in and homey.

Kristin S says · 02.01.17

Something to consider as you think ahead to the future. In-law suites are a great selling point on a home. Especially around here. I have a lot of friends (remember, I’m older than you and many of my friends have older parents who all moved here in the early 80’s for RTP jobs) around here who are adding in-law suites to their homes or who are buying different homes that either have one or where they can add one. I know your parents are FAR from retiring or planning to come live with you. BUT it is something to consider for resale. Also, what a delight for guests to have a suite all to themselves. I travel so dang much and always want coffee first thing in the morning. When staying with friends, I don’t feel comfortable going in to the kitchen so early and it would be delightful to be able to fix my own right there by my room. Just a few thoughts.

Sydni says · 02.01.17

So cute!! Great ideas. Would love to see a full home tour one day! 🙂

Abbu says · 02.01.17

Yes to this! I love the idea of just going for it instead of waiting for all the stars to align and everything to be perfect! And it looks wonderful! I say “I like you” to your wall too!

Abby says · 02.01.17

lol I spelled my own name wrong! It’s Abby! Haha!

Kate says · 02.01.17


Deb Campbell says · 02.01.17

KEEP THE KITCHEN!! In years to come you can stash cold drinks & snacks for the swimmers when they take a break. They won’t be running upstairs anyway to get something, keeping the wet people downstairs. Ditto for the family when you are hanging out down there.

Claire Talks Beauty says · 02.01.17

Love the idea ! it looks really wonderful and so cool. this is so unique !!

Cynthia says · 02.01.17

This might not be up your alley at all… but have you thought of creating an Airbnb listing for your little apartment?

Trisha says · 02.01.17

I vote for keeping the kitchen and cute “apartment”! (And don’t rent it out to anyone- that’s just asking for trouble, plus with littles around I would be scared of creeps!) I’m assuming you don’t have a basement in your home, so think of the apartment as your basement. It will be a great hangout for your family when your kids get older! Believe me, you will want some space AWAY from them 🙂 You can knock walls down within the apartment to open it up. Also, keep the flooring the same throughout the entire area, that will help make it feel larger!

Katie says · 02.01.17

I’m so guilty of putting off ‘finishing’ rooms, waiting for the ‘perfect’ item…

Kathryn says · 02.02.17

Oh man, what I wouldn’t give to have a space in our home that our guests could call their own. With that said, I wouldn’t say no to a larger living space either.

Love the table under your gallery wall. I’m looking for something similar for my dining room. I love that it has drawers for poking things away, but still has shelves for leaving pretty things on display. And if my computer is showing its true color, then its the perfect shade of grey.

Heather says · 02.02.17

“Yes to my wall. Yes I was sober.” 😂😂😂😂
I like the gallery wall! I think a pool room/hang it room is a great use for f the space, especially as your boys get older!

Patrycja says · 02.02.17

I love the post. You made me smile a little. In Germany, those calendars are quite common! 🙂

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Krystal // The Krystal Diaries says · 02.03.17

Here in New York, little side apartments like that are very common. On Long Island we actually call them Mother/Daughters, since they are usually meant for parents or other family members to live in and have their pwn separate space.

Elizabeth Piccinnini says · 02.04.17

I never post on your blog but simply had to now – if your house is already zoned to have a second kitchen do not take it out!!! You will find as your children get older and your parents do too, that it is a huge benefit to have an already approved space in your home! Its hard to see when you have little kids, but as your children get older you can begin to see that they won’t always have wet towels from the pool!