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On Nicole’s radar [home edition]

from top left, clockwise: denim(similar), black + white stripe(similar), black, green scallop

First things first, let’s address the cat hair on my black shorts. I see it, it’s a white cat problem, and it’s the reason I have a lint roller in just about every single room in the house.

Somehow I managed to NOT see the sheer volume of it when I shot this and now it’s too late. I’ve moved on with my life and must live with my cat hair covered shorts photo until the end of time.

Perhaps the cutest shorts in history right next to those cat hair ones will distract your eye?

We have about 1 more week of tolerable weather before it gets into the HIGH 80’s until what seems like forever, so my days of wearing pants are coming quickly to a halt!

As much as I want to be a dress girl, when I’m hanging with my boys I always find myself gravitating towards shorts. It’s easier and makes more sense since we are always active when we’re together and I don’t want to let what I’m wearing get in the way of playing.

I found a bunch of cute shorts to check out if you are a shorts fanatic like me. I have a few of these, and with the new front tuck style option I feel a lot more confident about wearing slightly dressier shorts and not feeling like my top is covering them up.

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight

p.s. These are cute for a black and white stripe option!



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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 04.27.17

Love the picks – can’t wait for shorts season!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Kristin S says · 04.27.17

Kate, saw these in Athleta last night and thought of you. The more neutral stripe one. They are SO cute in person. Not cheap, duh, Athleta.

Kay Nguyen says · 04.27.17

I love summer shorts! I pretty much live in them whenever it reaches 85+ degree outside <3

Lily@House Cleaning Blog says · 04.28.17

I liked the jeans shorts and I saw they’re not really expensive. I can’t wait to start wear shorts.

Kristi says · 04.28.17

They are so short!! But cute 🙂
I’m 5’9 so these would reveal a little too much. For longer ones, Loft has a pair of denim cut-offs that are a little lower than mid-thigh (if that’s a good way to describe them) and so comfortable. I wore them all last summer and had to buy another pair.

Melody Jensen says · 05.01.17

Hello adorable Kate! I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time and I would love to interview and feature you on an episode of Momscast podcast. Momscast is designed to uplift, encourage and inspire moms all over the world and you would be so wonderful to join in on that mission. I know you’re a busy, important lady, so we could do it any time it is convenient for you via Skype. I would be so ecstatic and grateful to hear back from you and have this opportunity. 😊 I hope you have the most incredible week! Warmest regards, Melody 💓