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(image via Elisabeth Ashlie)

My sister brought me a Rosemary and Mint candle this week and it smells LOVELY. Sometimes the aroma doesn’t always live up to the name with some candles, but this one definitely does.

I used this homemade taco seasoning recipe to make this yummy and easy crock pot chicken.

Cute striped dress!

I love all of these light fixtures!

Anthro members get 20% off full price items today so it’s a GREAT time to pick up my absolute favorite jeans!

MAC is coming to Ulta stores this spring/summer! Their lipsticks are awesome and I used their powder foundation for years and years.

Going on a spring break trip? Here are 10 cover ups! And a great pair of sandals, a summer staple.

This looks pretty yummy, especially on a warm day!

If you are craving summer but it’s still cold where you live, get some house plants! Have cats? Here are some safe ones!

A low halo braid.

A cute pink bomber jacket.

Have a great weekend! We’ll be cleaning the ceiling of our porch that somehow became covered in mildew. We’ve never experienced this before and don’t know why it happened. Is it something about having a pool nearby? Too much moisture in the air? If you’ve had any experience with this, tips would be appreciated!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 03.18.17

The candle sounds amazing, will have to look into it myself.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Lo says · 03.18.17

That MAC news is so exciting! I’ve been wanting to try those paint pots that you love so much!


Mara says · 03.18.17

Good luck with the mildew that is a bummer! How do you clean it off??

Teresa says · 03.18.17

I use my crock pot all the time now, since I found the slow cooker liners.
They cut down on clean up and I love them!!! LOL

Melissa says · 03.18.17

That Vanilla Bourbon candle…I think I need it…nope, I know I need it. I love vanilla. I love bourbon. It was meant to be.

natalie says · 03.18.17

I am next level excited for the Mac at Ultra stores now!! Can’t wait!!!!


Annabel says · 03.18.17

That striped dress is gorgeous!

Annabel β™₯
Mascara & Maltesers

Suzanne says · 03.18.17

We have as screened in porch that needs to be cleaned from top to bottom each spring with a mild bleach solution. It’s the humidity. Ugh. It’s a bear of a job. Don’t expend too much energy, as you’ll need to deep clean after the pine pollen. North Carolina’s gift. Ps-we Are in North Raleigh.

Brittany says · 03.19.17

I’m so excited about MAC coming to Ulta! While I love MAC, I rarely pick things up from then because I find it a pain to go to a department store to get makeup.

Brittany |

Reply says · 03.19.17

what a lovely post, thank you for sharing. I really want those candles! My name is brandy and im new to the blogging community, its nice to meet you

Maria says · 03.19.17

I love candles, I just wish they wouldn’t run out!

Maria Cano | Instagram | Bloglovin’

Mel says · 03.20.17

I heard about MAC and Ulta partnership! I feel like it’s a game changer!

Mel |

Donna@Healthy Hair says · 03.21.17

It’s so nice. I’m very excited about MAC! It’s looks so lovely and smells lovely. It was meant to me!

Donna@Healthy Hair says · 03.21.17

MAC is coming to Ulta stores this spring/summer!
It’s so nice. I’m very excited about MAC! It’s looks so lovely and smells lovely. It was meant to me!

Nicole @ Pumps & Iron says · 03.21.17

Thanks for including my recipes! πŸ™‚

Leah says · 03.21.17

The packaging on the candle is ADORABLE. I want to buy it just because it’s pretty πŸ™‚ does your sister make it herself?

Ashley says · 03.21.17

Such a fun round up…thanks for including me! πŸ™‚ Hope you’re doing well pretty lady! xx Ashley

Jennifer says · 03.22.17

Regarding your mold issue, we had a new roof put on our house early last summer and then developed mold for the first time under our soffits when the weather turned humid. Turns out that the roofer over vented our house when we went from mushroom cap vents to a ridge vent. The increased air flow resulted in moisture and then mold. Since you mentioned the mold was new and then the roof was relatively new – our situation came to mind. Mold is scary around kids so hopefully you can resolve your issue – Good luck!

Michelle Langi says · 04.30.17

I love the bomber jacket.