A Low Halo Braid

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braided together-1

As we get closer and closer to summer time, I’m wearing my hair down less and less.

But my goal this summer is to find more inventive ways to wear my hair back beyond just a ponytail or a messy bun!

This style is simple, and you could very easily swap out the dutch braids I did for fishtail braids too!

Texture spray I used is Amika Un.Done Texture Spray.

braided together-2

braided together-4

braided together-6

Dress is from Old Navy

For another easy braided look, check this double braided headband tutorial out! Or for more detail on how to stretch & soften braids, click here!


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Ali Vizzo says · 04.26.16

My goal this summer is to try all of your new ideas for keeping my hair back. We’re outside whenever possible so wearing my hair down just isn’t going to happen, but I’m always looking for something fun to do with it.

Leann says · 04.26.16

I might have missed you answer this question somewhere already, but have you considered going back to your shorter shoulder length hair or are you digging the long hair?? I love both, but long hair just gets so hot in summer. Of course right now I went to short and have a about chin length bob and it’s to short to pull back, so as humidity hits, it poofs! Eeek!

Tiffany says · 04.26.16

I love this Kate! This has totally inspired me to get out of my ponytail rut.

A New Old Fashioned Girl says · 04.26.16

This is so lovely! I wish I wasn’t so hopeless at braiding my own hair.

Crystal says · 04.26.16

Tell me about your color on your hair? Foil or cap?

Kate says · 04.26.16

Here are more details on my current hair! https://www.thesmallthingsblog.com/2016/04/my-haircut-2/

Michal says · 04.26.16

I just bought the dress at old navy! love it 🙂

Amelia May says · 04.26.16

This is such a soft and pretty style. Lovely! Xxx


Mary says · 04.26.16

Oh Kate, that is beautiful!! You make any hairstyle look great. 🙂

Steph says · 04.26.16

I didn’t see her tweet, But I would think the concern would stem from a lack of depth perception at close range and also a lack a peripheral vision. Not from a negative place of making fun of someone.

Mel says · 04.26.16

As usual, soooo pretty!! I love this look for everyday!

Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com

Serein says · 04.26.16

That braid is so pretty! And it’s so casual too! Love it!


Angie says · 04.26.16

What lipstick do you have on in this? Love the color!

Emma Kate says · 04.26.16

Love this look! Also, are their any texture sprays or sea salt sprays you recommend for medim to thick hair? My hair would just slide out of a look like this and start to look very flat.

Lisa says · 04.27.16

Love this lipstick (color) too. Which one is it?

Jenni says · 04.27.16

This is so pretty! Now I wish I wasn’t so rubbish at braiding 😀 xx


Kaitlin says · 04.29.16

How funny, I ordered this dress and received it yesterday along with that Gap one you posted!

Amy says · 04.29.16

I keep practicing my braiding at home. I think with my fine hair I need to try the texture spray. My braids look too puny?

Jem says · 05.01.16

Awww, such a cute hairstyle! Love it!

Molly says · 05.02.16

It is my life goal to be able to master braids like this. So gorgeous!


Tina says · 05.05.16

Adorable! I love this look- what a great idea for the summer months!