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I’ve seen other bloggers post about thredUP for years and was excitedly intrigued when thredUP reached out to partner on a blog post. I dove into the site before agreeing, and it took about 35 minutes of being sucked in deep to searching the category of  “Women’s Dresses” and seeing how low the prices are for like-new or even “new with tags” items for me to become a fan.

Not only was it exciting to see what was available in my size and style, but I also stumbled across items that I used to own (or still do!) that I love! There’s a particular Lou & Grey sweatshirt that my sister loves but I bought it about 3 years ago and I FOUND IT on thredUP in her size! I texted her immediately and I’m pretty sure she scooped it right up.

thredUP is the largest online consignment store offering high-quality clothing for women and kids. They carry top name brand and designers for up to 90% off retail, and are adding new items every day. When I was browsing, I could really tell they were thinking about the consumer when they decided how to organize the online store. You can search by broad or extremely specific categories, and you can even search just by brand. Huge racks of clothes in hundreds of brands would always turn me off from shopping consignment, but there’s none of that stress here.

My sister is getting married this summer, so I have a handful of springtime events to attend for her, like bridal showers and girls’ weekends, so I had those on my mind as I shopped. I also wanted to pick up a few nicer items for my boys since they tend to lack in that department. Being 2 & 3 years old they are pretty active, so I dress them pretty casual, sporty, and comfortable. I needed to have a “staple” dressy outfit that could get them through the spring.

Let’s start with my new favorite Sunday styling for me and the kids, shall we? Well, let’s actually start with how much money I saved on each item because almost every single one of the items you see below were “new with tags” and in excellent condition.

I’ve been eyeing the bomber jacket trend on other style bloggers I follow, and I was so thrilled to find that lightweight black and white stripe one by Juicy Couture. It was originally $348.00 and I got it for $79!

Is it just me or do my kids look 5 years older when they are dressed up in collared shirts?

I also found some great spring and summer dresses that I can wear to my sister’s bridal shower and so many other places. A cinched waist looks best on my figure, so I was looking for exactly that. On that note, that’s another thing I liked about browsing thredUp. When the current trends don’t always work in your favor, like the short and boxy shirts that seem to be everywhere right now OR the crop top, you can be sure to find classic, wardrobe staples that transcend any season.

The dresses I found were from J.Crew Factory, Madewell, and Broadway and Broome, which was a brand sold at Madewell for a time.

(Stripe J.Crew Factory dress was $20.99, down from $70.00; The green Madewell dress was $53.99, down from $179.00; and the Broadway and Broome dress was only $16.99, down from $143.00!)

I also found a really cool vest that I couldn’t pass up from BCBG Maxazria that was originally about $650.00 and I got it for $127.99. That’s crazy savings.

Since this first box was delivered, I’ve now been searching the site for some shorts. I’ve found that Madewell shorts fit me pretty well, so if I can find some like-new or gently used on thredUP, I’ll be a happy girl.

thredUP is offering The Small Things readers a special discount! The first 100 people to use my code “SMALLTHINGS40” will get an extra 40% off their first order! (Applies to new customers only. Discount up to $50) Click HERE to shop now!

This post was sponsored by thredUP, all opinions are my own.


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 03.17.17

I’ve been hearing a lot about thredUP lately – the clothes really suit you!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Julia says · 03.17.17

I’ve been so curious how thread up compares to Poshmark! I guess it’s time to give it a try 🙂

Claire says · 03.17.17

I heard great things about thredup. I have never tried anything from them before but I am really curious about this store!

Haley & Ashley says · 03.17.17

What seriously great deals! I’ve been meaning to dig through thredUP as well — and it looks like I’ll need to add it to the weekend to-do. You look amazing!

XX, Haley & Ashley

Christina says · 03.17.17

I’ve been a long time thred up shopper! I always find cute things for me and for my boys. Stinks that the discount is only for newbies. What about us loyal shoppers? What’s a girl gotta do for a little discount now and then?! 😊 Love the coral colored dress. It looks so nice on you!

Tess says · 03.17.17

thredUP is such a hidden gem! It’s been on my to do list for months to send my unwanted to clothes and this just inspired me to actually get it done this weekend 🙂 Can’t wait to shop!
xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

Stephanie says · 03.17.17

I loooooove thredup. I’ve gotten so many amazing pieces from them. And they have clearance sales from time to time where you can even get Anthropologie clothes for like $10-15 for a top.

Ashley @ Sweet Carolina Belle says · 03.17.17

That coral dress looks amazing on you. Love the color!

Jenelle says · 03.17.17

Grrr it won’t even let me browse the website because I’m in Canada. I have someone I can ship to in the states! Why can’t I just look?

Samantha says · 03.20.17

Hi Jenelle, we’re so sorry you ran into a road block. Shoot us an email to [email protected], and we’ll get that taken care of for you! -Samantha, from thredUP

Sydney says · 03.17.17

The coral dress you picked out is so pretty, a perfect color for spring!!
xo, Syd

Alexis says · 03.17.17

This is definitely worth checking out! Thanks for the head’s up!


Sarah @ Smile & Conquer says · 03.17.17

That coral dress is so pretty, the colour and the top part remind me so much of the dress I wore to grad…that was years ago but I still love the dress. I also love that olive green dress, great finds. Sounds like a great system, here’s hoping them come to Canada soon!

Brooke says · 03.17.17

This post inspired me to take a look at thredUP and I ended up purchasing a dress for a wedding I am attending in 2 weeks! The promo code was a nice savings! Thanks!

Mary says · 03.17.17

I have had decent luck buying items, but selling my items to Thred-up was a totally different story. The clothes were from well known stores, the styles were current and the condition was very good. They send the bag and your items ship to them for free. You get an email with a quote from them a few weeks later. I was SHOCKED at how low their offer was. If you want your stuff back, you pay the shipping or you can opt to donate. I’d recommend buying from them, but I’d sell on eBay.

MJ says · 03.19.17

Agree! I won’t sell there again. The bag processing times are incredibly slow (8 weeks the 3rd and final time I sold there); you have to pay a processing fee; and their offers are getting lower.

I could have sold my items locally or on Poshmark with better results.

Shopping there is great though. I have bought a few items and was pleased with the quality!

Samantha says · 03.20.17

Hi Mary, we’re sorry to hear that. Are there any questions we can help answer about the details of your bag, or the reasoning behind our pricing and payouts? We keep a detailed log of all items received, and the reason for each unaccepted item. We’ll be happy to share it with you. Drop us a line to [email protected]. -Samantha, from thredUP

Aubrey says · 03.18.17

Just curious if I read the fine print right….if you want to return a piece, you only get store credit, not a refund to your credit card?

Samantha says · 03.20.17

Hi Aubrey, we have two return options available! The first option is a refund to your original place of payment minus an $8.99 return shipping fee. If you’d like a refund as store credit, the return shipping fee is waived! -Samantha, from thredUP

Tara says · 03.24.17

ThreadUP may be good to buy clothes from…however they now charge you $10.00 to send you a clean out bag when it used to be free. Ill never use them again now…I sent in about 40 items before and they accepted 6 and paid me about $5.50…however they also told me how much my items they accepted went for….and it was like 80$! So I made 5 and they made 80? And now with the $10 fee to send your stuff in theres just no way I will ever shop on their again.

Karen says · 03.29.17

Thank you for posting this. I went over to ThreadUP and purchased a cute strip dress from LOFT for 22 bucks.