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A Snack and Play Day

I’ve been playing around with creating a “banana bun” tutorial since it seems to be the latest trend. IĀ love it because I love anything relaxed and simple! I think it got its name from being in a twisted and more vertical shape that follows the head shape, as opposed to requiring an actual banana. However, my friend sent me a photo of herself wearing a bun with an actual banana placed on top of it and remarked at how convenient it was to have a snack so accessible. šŸ™‚

How delicious does this look?

I still get questions about the rug under my kitchen table. Here is the link!

I’ve been wearing Playful so much on these warm, spring days. It’s such a fun pink! I also tried on all the shades via Birchbox’s Instagram Stories earlier this week and it was fun to see them all!

Such a Kate shirt. Such Kate shoes. Such a Kate watch.

A great visual reference on what may be wrong with your plants!

Pretty earrings that are very similar to the ones I’m always asked about from J.Crew Factory! Also, in my search for more ear jackets, I found that Fossil has a “build-your-own earring” section on their website which allows you to create your own ear jackets! How CUTE is that?

How ADORABLE is this bride-to-be box?

I use my apple corer/peeler/slicer MULTIPLE times a day. It’s a huge time saver and the kids + I are much more prone snack on apples instead of junk if they are easy to prepare!

Have a lovely weekend!

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Carrie (This Fit Chick) says · 03.04.17

I love your weekly links!! Keep them coming! The banana looks great on you- watch me attempt to do it and completely fail. Happens every time…

Karly says · 03.06.17

Ditto on both! Lol.

caroline says · 03.04.17

I live by my core-er. My fiance thinks it’s ridiculous but HELLO such a time save.
x0x0 Caro

Amanda says · 03.04.17

Yes! Banana bun tutorial pleeeease!

Annabelle says · 03.04.17

I love posts like this! Such adorable picks!

x Annabelle

Raya says · 03.05.17

I love how casual, yet chic your banana bun looks like! šŸ™‚ I am definitely trying it out. Seems like the perfect hairstyle for the office.

Abbie E. says · 03.05.17

That looks so cute! I’m growing my hair out so hopefully, I’ll be able to do that with my hair in a couple months. <3
Abbie E.

Elizabeth says · 03.06.17

Love this weeks links!
Xo, Elizabeth

Ashli says · 03.06.17

Yes, such a Kate shirt! Such an Ashli shirt too! Thank you for sharing.

Maddy says · 03.06.17

That bun is so beautiful and casual at the same time! I’m in love!!! I am alway trying to find new ways to do my hair.. Thanks for sharing!

McKenzie says · 03.07.17

If I could get my hair to look like this, I would be one happy girl! xo

McKenzie |