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If my style could be summed up in 1 outfit, it would be this. (topshoes, denim

A great post on realistic fake Fiddle Leaf Figs!

I love a high neck work out tank, and sometimes they are hard to find. This looks like a great option though!

I made this this week and it was SO good! It’s a staple busy weeknight meal in my mind. The sauce was a bit runny so I’d either add cornstarch or more flour, but the flavor was great!

Have you ever tried Benefit Hoola bronzer? I just saw they are coming out with a lighter version in April! I’m VERY intrigued!

I live in these t-shirts from Gap, and my secret is to order them in TALL, whether you are tall or not! I also size up because they are bit fitted, so “medium in tall” is my perfect shirt. They are currently 40% off, so I suggest you invest in one or four immediately!

My sweet 3 year old David was hit with something yesterday that led to an afternoon of vomiting. I hated seeing him so sick. As he was laying on the couch, he whispered to me, “Mama, I’m not talking.” I told him that was okay and it’s because he doesn’t feel well. My mother-in-law showed up later that evening (Justin was out of town and I so appreciate her coming to help in case I was incapacitated in the night!) and that was right about the same time David perked up a bit. He requested a bath, so I put him in one, and he started to play and talk more. “Mama, I’m talking now!” he said to me, with a big smile.

It was so sweet to understand that that was his way of explaining to me that he knew something was wrong.

I hope you have a fun, healthy, and sick-free weekend where you are!

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Alyssa says · 02.17.17

Aw poor David! I’m glad to hear he’s feeling better and I hope the rest of you stay healthy!

I’m SO interested in that Hoola light. Too Faced Milk Chocolate has been my go to bronzer because I’m so fair and I’m so excited that there’s another pale-friendly option coming out. Does anyone else kind of wish they wouldn’t put the powders in those boxes though? I feel like you hit pan in the middle and then it’s so hard to get an even distribution on your brush from the outside edges.

Happy weekend!

Jennifer says · 02.17.17

Hi, Kate! Thanks for sharing some of your favorite tops. For the Loft top and the gap t shirt in white, can you tell me if either or both are opaque enough for you to wear (comfortably) without a cami underneath? I’m always on the hunt for a great white top that isn’t too sheer. Thanks, and happy Friday 🙂

Allison Vizzo says · 02.17.17

Poor guy! It’s just the worst when they’re so miserable.

I ordered one of the tees. Can’t wait! I ordered a tall, but I’m pretty tall so I hope it’s still long enough. Does it shrink at all if you dry it?

Michelle H. says · 02.17.17

I can’t wait to try that Hoola Light! I typically avoid my Hoola bronzer as it is to intense for my skin tone. And that chicken recipe looked AWESOME! I pinned it! LOL

Nicole says · 02.18.17

Hey Michelle, I’m the chicken recipe author! I’m so glad Kate mentioned my recipe and I hope you have a chance to make it 🙂 For me, it’s the ultimate comfort food!

Gina Ruhlig says · 02.17.17

I For some reason I can’ tsee my typing. Hoping for no typos! I love the lululemon Sculpt taknk for a high neck option!I’m having trouble seeing my reply, but I am going to press post and hoe f

Amanda says · 02.17.17

Poor fella! Something is going around in my neck of the woods and at least one person in my household has been sick for the past month! It’s exhausting! Hope it doesn’t last long for you guys!!
P.s. I ordered three of those t shirts!! Can’t wait to try them on. Thanks for the recommendation!

Amanda Wells says · 02.17.17

Start everyone else in the house on a 3x/daily cup of 100% grape juice, bolstered with some Grapefruit seed extract if you can find it at a local health store. Take it from a mom of 7,you don’t want it going around your whole family expecially your helpful MIL! Young children remain contagious with the stomach bug for up to a week after symptoms cease!

Sheri says · 02.17.17

Kate! You’re a genius! I don’t know why I never thought of buying tall sizes for the extra length.

Hope David is feeling better today.

Sheri says · 02.17.17

Great post! Going to check out the faux plant section at Target, as I have one room in my house that gets little light. Thanks for the tip on the Gap tee ordering. I am always looking for great, relaxed fitting tees and I love Gap tee’s. Didn’t think about ordering in tall to get a more relaxed fit for my petite frame (I usually order in regular not petite but still want longer length).

Katie @ Live Half Full says · 02.17.17

I feel like this is the week of sickness for every Mom out there! Hang in there!

Azalia Kettler says · 02.18.17

Hi Kate! if you have a chance I would love to read your skin care routine !
Also I loved your “getting ready” video on insta!

Sarah Beth Allen says · 02.19.17

I just saw this on Facebook and it reminded me of your vacuum mouse!

Danielle @ BABYNEWSCLUB.COM says · 02.19.17

Yes! I can’t wait for the new version of the Hoola bronzer
Hope you had a nice weekend 🙂


Bretta says · 02.19.17

Would you ever do a post on what your kids eat on the regular? Like what lunches look like? Do they eat what you all eat at dinner time? Always needing more ideas for my boys!

Reply says · 02.20.17

typically avoid my Hoola bronzer as it is to intense for my skin tone. And that chicken recipe looked AWESOME! I pinned it! LOL

Catherine says · 02.20.17

I love my Benefit Hoola Bronzer, but find it too dark during the winter months. So excited to hear they are coming out with a lighter version!