A Snack and Play Day

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To be totally honest, a day around the house with no plans sounds pretty terrible to me. Okay, occasionally those are good in order to get stuff done, but I much prefer staying busy and arranging outings with the kids! We’ve been to every single park in the surrounding area, have lots of playdates with friends, and run errands together. And trust me, my van tells that story if you were to peek inside.

Since we are always on the go, I always have snacks with me. Even before kids, I would always carry some kind of snack in case hunger struck! So now with kids, who can sometimes manage to act like they are famished by extreme hunger only 30 minutes after breakfast, I always have snacks with me.

Justin, the boys, and I swung by the park on a nice day recently to let the boys stretch their legs and play before nap time. We started with a snack break, which ultimately meant they carried their little bags of snacks with them all over the playground!

Justin and I are both recovering picky eaters. One of us is recovering better than the other ::cough ME cough::, so I’m trying my best to give the boys healthy variety in their diet at an early age. They love Pure Growth Organic snacks and I love that they don’t have some of the junk in them that you’ll find in other snacks. I also LOVE that they are affordable as well. The characters that they can recognize on the bags make these snacks extra fun for the kids too. David calls them his “Paw Patrol snacks” and prefers to eat them straight out of the bag versus in a snack cup. Luke doesn’t discriminate about his snacks as much as David may, but he certainly gets excited to see Mickey Mouse on his bag!

David and Luke play so well together and always end up near one another at the park. I know the day will come when they won’t want me or need me to help them jump or catch them at the bottom of the slide, so I’m savoring it now. Justin loves playing with them too, and always encourages more risk-taking than I do at the park. I think that may be a dad thing! He’ll stand by as David climbs to the very top of a structure and then tell David to yell, “LOOK AT HOW HIGH I AM, MOM!” to get my attention.

Having the boys 14 months apart has already been so deeply rewarding. It is the absolute best to see them play with each other, and look for each other after nap time. There are certainly challenges with two kids that close together, but I would do it again like this in a heartbeat.

You can find Pure Growth Organic snacks at Walmart and amazon.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pure Growth Organics. The opinions and text are all mine.


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Sarah says · 03.03.17

I may have to try these snacks with my daughter! Your boys are adorable! Maybe I overlooked it in your post, where can you find these snacks ?

Jessica says · 03.03.17

You can find them at Wal-Mart and Amazon. The links are at the very end of the blog.

ELizabeth says · 03.03.17

Those snacks look so good! My nephew enjoys them too!
Xo, Elizabeth

Claire says · 03.03.17

I am always on a hunt for organic snacks for my boy! I have never tried these before !
Your family is so lovely by the way!


Monica says · 03.03.17

I couldn’t agree with you more about getting out of the house! Your boys are so stinking cute. I’m curious, have you ever had trouble getting them to eat well at meals after snacking? This wasn’t a problem for me until recently (my son is 21 months) but now I’m really grappling with it and always curious what works for others!

Lisa says · 03.03.17

I haven’t tried these snacks yet, but now I may have to!

On a side note, your boys are so handsome! I have two boys as well, though they are 5 years apart (6 and 20 months…it’s what happens when you’re undecided as to whether or not to have any more children, and then decide later that you actually do, lol)! The big gap is perfect for us though, because Eric loves helping his baby brother, and Andrew loves playing with his big brother! It’s so awesome that they can get along at any age, and though I know that will likely change when Eric gets a bit older, I am also savoring his time now!

Ashley ramsey says · 03.03.17

Thanks for sharing! I’m always looking for good healthy snacks that my picky toddler boy will eat! Which types of snacks are their favorite?

Kate says · 03.03.17

They like the bars and the snack mix with pretzels!

Jillian says · 03.03.17

My 3 year old would absolutely love these!! All the ones I want are out of stock. I sure hope they stock up again soon.