Mind on Warmer Temperatures. . .

Warm and Toasty with Pixi

Back in September I had my mind on cooler temperatures, but now I’m craving a little sun and a bit more warmth!

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

The southern winter is so totally bearable that I’m almost ashamed of myself for craving warmer temps.

I mean it was 68 degrees on February 1st–that’s pretty darn warm! The thing, though, about this time of year is the erratic changes from day to day. You’ll have near 70’s one day, and then a high of 43 the next. I’d so much rather take this than multiple feet of snow!

I love the touches of blush pink mixed with a little “rougher” details like perforated dark booties or an army green jacket. It’s the easiest way to lighten up a heavy winter wardrobe!

Gone are the days of high heels or wedges now that I have a 2 + 3 year old, but I’m all about a slightly heeled ankle bootie. They are so easy to wear and can dress up an outfit a bit more than a simple flat. The perforated options that are seemingly everywhere this spring are perfect for warmer spring days ahead!

 For more, check out some of my favorite transitional bags and some of my favorite pink lipsticks!


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riley says · 02.03.17

Here you are, just three days from your post of January 31, presenting yet another post filled with affiliate links. How do you reconcile this action with your post of January 31?

Kate says · 02.03.17

I reconcile it by thinking “well these are some cute options for spring, here let me put them on my blog and perhaps if someone is looking for something this may help them”.

riley says · 02.04.17

And help you out, of course, by virtue of the affiliate link.

Clever idea to do a post suggesting that people have too much stuff, and perhaps should downsize. And, then, voila, after they’ve followed that advice to downsize, because they now don’t have much—you suggest items for them to buy.

I wonder how many blog readers understand that when they purchase something by following an affiliate link, that you get a commission NOT ONLY on that purchase, but on EVERY PURCHASE they make from that store FROM NOW ON?

It’s no wonder bloggers link to so many different stores.

If I follow your link to Sephora, for example, and make a purchase, you get a commission on that sale, AND on every Sephora purchase that I make from that point forward.

I have followed your blog almost from the beginning. I enjoyed it a lot but am disappointed to see that it has become primarily a place to find affiliated links.

Elizabeth says · 02.03.17

Definitely craDefinitely craving a little more sunshine here in NJ!

Shannon says · 02.03.17

I just discovered your blog and love it! I am already thinking ahead to warmer weather as well. It’s goingg to be a long six weeks.

Laura says · 02.03.17

I actually bought the Kelly & Katie flat (#4) from DSW. The back of the shoe is so unforgiving that it made my heels bleed. I walked maybe .25 miles before need band-aids for both of my heels. Luckily I was able to return them and get my money back. I wouldn’t recommend this shoe AT ALL unless you break it in very well before wearing it out.

Kate says · 02.03.17

brutal! Good to know!

Leslie says · 02.03.17

Where are the boots from that are shown in the grouped picture? The ones at the bottom with the open toe are different. Love your blog!

Amber says · 02.03.17

I have the Kelly & Katie shoes in black and it took a couple days to break them in but now I love them! Didn’t know they had them in other colors, now I’ll have to check those out!