Winter to Spring: Transitional Bags

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I think one of the things I love the most about a primarily neutral wardrobe is the ability to mix and match nearly everything.

I love carrying a neutral bag as well, so I don’t have to change it out depending on what I’m wearing that day. My preferences have certainly leaned more toward function versus style over the years, and these 3 are my favorites for this time of year.

Normally I only have 1 bag that I carry for several months, but with the combination of Christmas and a crazy, crazy sale at the Fossil outlet, I now have 3.

This is what I’m carrying at the moment. It was a gift from my sister + brother for Christmas. It’s the Transport Crossbody by Madewell. I’m usually a grey bag kind of gal, but I love the warm cognac of this bag!

It’s small enough to not be too bulky, but still holds all my stuff. If you are considering it for yourself, don’t be confused by the Transport Satchel, which is much larger (think of it as a tote) than the cross body.

The bag below was a serious steal from the Fossil outlet in December. I think it was 70% off, and it was already marked down. The total was in the $30 range if I remember correctly! I couldn’t pass it up!

This is an older bag from Fossil that I love so much. It really can work year round, and it’s a bit bigger than the two I mentioned above. It has all the zip pouches I need, and flips open for easy access!

Below are some similar bags that can work right now and bring you right into spring!

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven

While you’re shopping, check out this workout gear I’m loving for the new year!


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Lauren Tyner says · 01.19.17

Love these! All of these are beautiful. You should do a “what’s in my bag now”. Mom/real life version. For me it would include a crushed bag of snacks, diapers, crumbs, etc.! But I’m serious, I would love that!

Ariadna says · 01.19.17

Agreed! That would be a fun post!!

Melissa G says · 01.19.17

Would have loved to see these bags on you…easier to see size that way.

Lo says · 01.19.17

I think number 6 is my favorite! I’d probably do the tan color instead though. do you ever have problems with your dark jeans rubbing off on your bag? it makes me nervous to get a lighter bag!


Sarah G says · 01.19.17

I have number 6 in the tan and black and LOVE them so much. I got them nearly two years ago and they still are in fantastic condition – and I use the tan almost daily and I initially bought it to use for a two week trip to Europe. It’s very sturdy and for the price, the quality is fantastic – it looks way more expensive than it is. Several friends wanted to purchase it but it sold out quickly – I’m glad to see that it’s back! I’m tempted to get another because I love it so much!

Claire Talks Beauty says · 01.19.17

Right now i am loving the calvin klein small bags. They are so classy but still feminine and nice to carry everywhere !

Ariadna says · 01.19.17

Does anybody think that investing in a decently priced bag is worth it? I’m pretty rough on my bags so I just get cheaper ones and wear them out but I’ve been trying to be better and trying to see if they are worth the splurge, I’m not picky on name brands but I need a good style (cross body) with zippers that holds a decent amount of stuff and looks cute! Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

Sophie says · 01.19.17

Madewell’s transport tote is also a great transition bag. It’s a great anytime bag.

Pam A. says · 01.19.17

I ordered the smaller bag from Madewell and loved it until the underside of the strap started ruining my sweaters because it was so rough. Have you noticed this?

Betts says · 01.20.17

Love six and two. Thanks Kate for also listing inexpensive bags as well.

Promo says · 01.20.17

Madewell’s transport tote is also a great transition bag. It’s a great anytime bag.

Lisa Mecham says · 01.24.17

I love fossil bags. They seem to only add more character with age.

McKenzie says · 01.24.17

The Fossil bag is too cute! I’m obsessed with purses and love changing things up! xo

McKenzie |

Vanessa says · 01.25.17

That fossil bag is so nice. I love the colour!

Ashli says · 01.29.17

Ooh, loving all of these! The cross over bag is my favorite right now.

Rachel Bing says · 07.06.18

It is! Love<3
I loved the crossbody bag. Also number 6 from the list below. Recently I'm also in love with the custom-made bag. I can design them according to my personality and style.