Florence’s Coffee Cake


I was so picky as a child. Now that I’m an adult I’m realizing all the delicious food I missed out on because I was too scared to try something new.

Caesar salad, Bruscetta, Caprese salad, coffee cake.

Yes, even something with the word cake in it caused trepidation. Perhaps it was the word coffee. Either way, when I finally tried it I was pleasantly surprised and became an immediate fan.

It’s hard not to.

My grandma Florence often had this coffee cake sitting on her round kitchen table when my family would go to visit. My parents would sit with Florence and Arnie drinking black coffee and having a bite of coffee cake, while my siblings and I would play with these antique metal cars in the other room. I can still vividly picture the stairway leading up to their apartment, even though it’s been years and years since we’ve been there.

All of my grandparents have passed, and oh I wish they could have met David and Luke.Β I’m glad, though, that I can carry some of their food traditions on for my kids!

My grandma liked to bake. My dad told me she would randomly bake pie’s during the week for no reason other than to have pie. That’s my kind of lady.

And her coffee cake is simple and delicious. It’s perfect for a baby shower, a coffee date with some girlfriends, or just a random morning in the week!

Florence’s Coffee Cake

This recipe is for two 8 inch coffee cakes. If you only want to make one, halve the recipe.

1 cup sugar

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 cup butter

2 eggs

1 cup sour cream

2 cup flour

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp salt

1 tsp baking powder

Combine the first 5 ingredients until well mixed, then add all the dry ingredients. Mix until combined.

Pour into two 8 inch cake pans that have been sprayed with Pam.

BEFORE BAKING, make the streusel and sprinkle on top of the batter. Choose one of the following!

Cinnamon Sugar Streusel: 1/2 cup sugar, 3 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 cup chopped nuts; mix together and sprinkle on top of batter

Streusel Topping: 1/2 cup flour, 1/4 cup softened butter, 1/2 cup sugar; mix together and sprinkle on top of batter.

Bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes.

The plate, bowl, and tumbler were a gift from Honeycomb Studio. I’ve been following the brand on Instagram for a long time, and was very grateful to be gifted a set of dishes from their new tableware collection! Also how beautiful areΒ these bud vases?

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  1. Sherry says
    Posted January 18, 2017

    Looks delicious…….I can see the steam coming from that coffee cup.
    Have a great day !!

  2. Brittany says
    Posted January 18, 2017

    This looks delicious – do you choose one of the streusels and sprinkle on top, or do you do both?

    • Kara says
      Posted January 18, 2017

      I was wondering the same. Do you layer the toppings?

    • HJ says
      Posted January 18, 2017

      That’s what I came to ask too πŸ™‚

    • Nicole Shields says
      Posted January 18, 2017

      Choose one! πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading!

  3. Sophie says
    Posted January 18, 2017

    I want to try this.

  4. Posted January 18, 2017

    wow this looks really delicious ! i really want to try it !


  5. Judy Johnson says
    Posted January 18, 2017

    Thank you for sharing your grandmother’s recipe. I think I will make it for Valentine’s Day in honor of all those who have had an influence on us and have loved us in special ways. To Grandma Florence!!

  6. Carol says
    Posted January 18, 2017

    Do you use both streusel toppings?

    • Nicole Shields says
      Posted January 18, 2017

      Just choose one! πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading!

  7. Posted January 18, 2017

    My grandma was Jewish so she usually made Babka and Monkey Bread several times a week for no reason other than to have them.

    Grandma’s are great people!


  8. Posted January 18, 2017

    Hello Kate, I have followed you for a while and appreciate the meaningful, and informative content of your site. Most of all though I appreciate your honesty with your reviews. Honesty on social media is very rare! Thanks again.

  9. Posted January 18, 2017

    Could miss up a chance at a great cake recipe for my Pinterest recipe board. Your grandma sounds awesome!

    Blush & Pearls by Angela

  10. Kim says
    Posted January 18, 2017

    Yum! And beautiful pictures!


    http://trendkeeper.me .. Treat yo self with a spa night!

  11. KG says
    Posted January 18, 2017

    I think Florence and I are going to become very good friends. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Kelly says
    Posted January 18, 2017

    Kate, I just wanted to let you know the pictures under your shop section redirect to other products (example, a shirt is linked to Sephora). I know this is a new layout s I figured you’d appreciate the feedback. It looks great!

    (Sorry to comment about this. Would have emailed or messaged otherwise.)

    • Nicole Shields says
      Posted January 18, 2017

      Thanks, Kelly! I’ll look into it today πŸ™‚ Really appreciate you taking the time to let us know!!

  13. Brittany says
    Posted January 18, 2017

    In the oven as we speak…an awesome “get well soon” cake for my dad who’s had a crappy flu and we get one too! I had the same question about the streusal. I didn’t have any nuts so I just made a combo of both: 1/2 c of sugar and flour, 3 tsp of cinnamon, and the 1/4 c of butter. Looked pretty legit to me.

  14. Posted January 18, 2017

    This looks delicious! I really want to try making this. I love a good coffee cake but I’ve never tried to make one myself.

  15. Teresa says
    Posted January 18, 2017

    Looks so good! I love that vase and dishes so pretty! That was so nice of them to give you a set of dishes!!

  16. Alison says
    Posted January 18, 2017

    Almost all of your posts have a grammatical error, misspelling or clunky sentence structure. You should have written “pies”, not “pie’s”. Plural, not possessive. Until you either brush up on your writing or hire an editor who can correct your mistakes, your blog will continue to be sub-par. I am not trying to be mean, I am just pointing out that if really you want to be an internet “star” you really need to polish up your act. These mistakes make you look dumb.

    • Katie says
      Posted January 18, 2017

      Almost all of your comment is unnecessarily rude. You should have delivered your suggestions in a constructive way. Honey, not vinegar. Until you either take a few deep breaths before hitting submit or reconsider your approach, you will gain no friends or fans. You are mean, and stating that you are “just pointing out…” doesn’t excuse you for it. Your tone discredits your message.


      Seriously though, Kate delivers her posts in an upbeat and cheerful way everyday. If spelling and grammatical mistakes make it intolerable for you, there are kinder ways to tell her. Or, you can just not read it.

    • Courtney says
      Posted January 18, 2017

      May I point out, Alison, that your comma should come before the end quote in pies, not after, and the period should come before the end quote in pie’s. Since we’re getting nit-picky, I thought I’d help out. Not trying to be mean.

    • Kate says
      Posted January 18, 2017

      It was just a mistake Allison.

    • Emily says
      Posted June 6, 2017

      Okay so I’m just reading through old comments, because I came back to find this recipe. I literally laughed out loud at this comment. Do people really not have anything better to do than bash sweet people trying to share their grandma’s recipe? Maybe Allison needs a piece of coffee cake to sweeten her up. πŸ™‚

  17. Ashley says
    Posted January 18, 2017

    Thank you for sharing! Never has a posted recipe failed me. Question though, are we to top the cake with both the cinnamon sugar streusel and then the “streusel topping” or choose to top it with one or the other?

  18. Olga says
    Posted January 18, 2017

    Thanks, Kate!

    I just made the cake, and it smells delicious. Can’t wait to try it when it cools down a little.

    I just layered the streusels (no nuts, though) on top of the cake, and it seems to have worked great.

  19. Posted January 18, 2017

    What a lovely tribute to her grandma! The coffee cake is easy to make and sounds delicious!

  20. Posted January 18, 2017

    These look delicious! Definitely going to be adding this to my recipe list!

    x Annabelle

  21. Sofia says
    Posted January 18, 2017

    I was such a picky eater as a kid, too! It wasn’t until I went to college and was forced to branch out before I actually started eating like a “normal” person! Loving this recipe! Thank you for sharing!!

    xo, Sofia

  22. Becca says
    Posted January 18, 2017

    So happy to get this today. I to. Have lost all my grandparents and wish they could’ve met my daughter. I miss time with them so much and the things they would cook. Mmmmm. I’ll never have Butterscotch Pie like my grandmother made or her chicken salad (and I’ve tried TONS!). Or my grandfather’s potato soup. I can’t believe I was 14+ years old when I tried her. I own salad though. That’s just how us kids were though. πŸ˜‰

  23. Laura says
    Posted January 18, 2017

    Making this for my bible study group! Thanks for sharing!

    By the way, the blog update looks amazing. I have been reading your blog since 2012 and I LOVE the new look!

  24. Posted January 18, 2017

    Kate, I love this post! And it looks lovely on your rebrand colors and layout.

  25. Posted January 19, 2017

    My grandma used to make the same cake, and my husband always asks for it on his birthday.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  26. Sam says
    Posted January 19, 2017

    This looks so yummy! Quick question…if you only do one cake do you do half of the streusel recipe as well?

  27. Nikoleta says
    Posted January 19, 2017

    Thanks for sharing! Amazing recipe, it looks delicious!!!


  28. Dianne says
    Posted January 19, 2017

    This is a good recipe. I made one almost like it, but subbed plain yogurt for sour cream and layered half the cinnamon sugar on half the batter and half on top of the rest of batter.

    • Kate says
      Posted January 19, 2017

      Good to know!

  29. Sarah Wantoch says
    Posted January 19, 2017

    I have a lovely coffee cake recipe too, and an adopted grandmother named Florence (Flossie). I’m so pleased you have found a love for that cake. A great testimony to grandmothers everywhere.

  30. fellowwakecogal says
    Posted January 19, 2017

    I love seeing recipes on your blog! Please keep them coming!

  31. Lauren says
    Posted January 19, 2017

    This is crazy. We have a daughter named Florence and are currently pregnant with our second who would be Arne (pronounced Arnie) if it were a boy. Both are family names for my husband and I. What are the chances?

  32. Tara Edwards says
    Posted January 20, 2017

    Made this for our ladies night at church. I made them into little muffin coffee cakes by using my muffin tins (this made it easier to share at our event). I also did a combination of the toppings. Thanks for sharing!

    PS: The batter was my favorite part (SO glad I was able to lick the spoon!)

  33. Sarah K says
    Posted January 20, 2017

    Fabulous, Kate! Everyone loved it. Keep them coming.

    • Sarah K says
      Posted January 20, 2017

      P.S. Bless her heart πŸ˜‰

  34. Sharon says
    Posted January 20, 2017

    Made this coffee cake as soon as I read the post. My whole family loved it!
    It was delicious!
    So sweet that it was your grandmother’s recipe. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.
    (Half of the cinnamon sugar streusel topping was plenty for both cakes)

  35. Ali says
    Posted January 22, 2017

    This looks delicious. Bookmarking it for next weekend! πŸ™‚

    Ali | alibourke.com

  36. Jennifer says
    Posted January 22, 2017

    i’m yet to try coffee cake – probably for the same reasons. I was a fussy child! but this sounds and looks gorgeous – definitely saving this recipe for a rainy baking day!
    jen | velvet spring

  37. Lisa says
    Posted January 23, 2017

    Kate, I made this cake yesterday and it was just wonderful! The whole family enjoyed it, and it pairs so nicely with tea. It was also super light and fluffy. I will definitely be making this one again. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Mel says
    Posted January 23, 2017

    This looks and sounds amazing!!!! I sooo want!

    Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com

  39. Gena says
    Posted January 23, 2017

    Made this tonight for my parents. Yummy. I will for sure make again. SOoooo good. Thanks for sharing.

  40. Kathleen says
    Posted January 25, 2017

    I’m excited to make this! Is it best served right away or would I be able to make it the night before?

    I love your blog and find it so helpful for a busy mom like me. Thank you!

  41. Chelsea says
    Posted January 29, 2017

    Kate! This is so fun. Very nostalgic for me… my grandma(who was also Florence!!) always made the best coffee cake. I still use her recipe. πŸ™‚

  42. Beth says
    Posted January 30, 2017

    Made this over the weekend and it’s husband AND toddler approved! I made the plain Strusel topping (no nuts) and instead of white sugar, I used brown. DE-LISH! Thanks for sharing!

  43. Posted January 31, 2017

    So, this is weird. I lived with that woman for nearly 20 years and I CANNOT REMEMBER THIS COFFECAKE. Ha! I wonder if she just made it for guests. I actually have this recipe from her in my recipe box but have never made it. I’m going to now. πŸ™‚ I do remember A LOT of chocolate covered raisins, Riesens, sour lemon candies, abelskiver, shortbread, little boy cookies, frosted rolls and popcorn. Lots and lots of popcorn. You’re totally right that she loved to bake. There was always something homemade. And, there was always coffee. And, around 3pm, the call rang out. “Oh, for Arnie!” I actually really love that we have different memories of her. I love that we can still learn about her from each other. xoxo

  44. Clare says
    Posted February 2, 2017

    Do you think this could be done in a 9×13 pan or 2 nine inch pans?

    • Kate says
      Posted February 3, 2017

      I’m really not sure. I think 2 nine inch pans would be the best option of the two!

  45. Kimberly Kelly says
    Posted March 14, 2017

    This sounds absolutely delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  46. Sandy says
    Posted April 5, 2017

    Question? Did you use brown sugar or white sugar for the streusel topping? Thanks! Can’t wait to try it.

    • Kate says
      Posted April 5, 2017


  47. Posted May 23, 2017

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    Wonderful .. I’ll bookmark your blog and take the feeds additionally?

    I’m happy to search out so many helpful info here within the publish, we need work out more strategies
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  48. Wendy Fortney says
    Posted June 17, 2017

    Wow, lovely cake! Since I have no cake pans (in our RV) I made a half recipe and used a standard size muffin tin and it made 11 muffins. Cooked for about 20 minutes in a convection oven. The cinnamon strudel topping was quite generous so would cut that back some when I make them again. Thank you for sharing your grandmother’s recipe. It is definitely a keeper.

    • Kate says
      Posted June 19, 2017

      So glad they worked for you!

  49. Robin says
    Posted June 23, 2018

    This cake is adorable ,you have decorated this cake in very unique way i loved it.

  50. ellis hunt says
    Posted July 2, 2019


  51. D says
    Posted August 18, 2019

    I made this the day after you originally posted the recipe. It is still my family’s favorite coffee cake, hands down. My children ask for it often and complain when Dad takes the last piece. πŸ™‚ I tend to do both toppings. I sprinkle a little bit of sugar and a moderate amount of cinnamon before adding the streusel. The best of both world’s!

  52. Heather Costa says
    Posted June 11, 2020

    Made this today after seeing your story/post on it and it was fabulous!!! Will definitely be making it again!

  53. Katherine N. Belden says
    Posted June 22, 2020

    Do these freeze well?

  54. Sara says
    Posted January 26, 2021

    Did I miss something, or is there really no flour in this cake?

    • D Reece says
      Posted January 27, 2021

      There is two cups of flour in the recipe, listed just beneath the sour cream.

  55. Posted February 22, 2021

    Love this recipe! I’m excited to try this. The process you used looks quicker. Thank you for sharing the amazing recipe.