3 Pink Drugstore Lipsticks for Winter

Is your New Year resolution to treat your hair better? It should be.

If you caught my post recently on my favorite dusty rose pinks for wintertime, this is the follow up to that with some drugstore versions!

I chose 3 different finishes/product types. Each one has such a nice pink shade for winter! The first NYX Full Throttle lipstick Sidekick could easily transition into Spring too, and Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 08 reminds me so much of MAC Syrup! NYX soft matte lip cream in Stockholm made me think of Jouer’s longer lip cream, but without the drying feeling.

Let’s start with the lightest pink of the bunch, NYX Full Throttle lipstick Sidekick. This was most instantly matte, and didn’t have an offensive taste or smell like some drugstore lipsticks can have. Maybelline, while I really like the formula, smells the strongest and I wish they would change that because their lipsticks are otherwise nice! In fact, I picked up a nice pink shade from Maybelline, but as soon as I smelled it, I put it back.

The next option for a winter pink is Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 08. This reminds me of MAC Syrup. It’s a more satin finish than matte, and looks a bit darker in real life. It’s more mauve than brown, but very much on trend for the neutral, earthy tones of wintertime.

And finally, NYX soft matte lip cream in Stockholm. This has an applicator, and dries to a matte finish quickly. I haven’t given it an all day test, but it also doesn’t claim to be long-wear. Again, it has zero smell, stretches with my lips when I talk, and is a great choice for a drugstore option!

I don’t talk about lip liner much as it’s not a regular part of my routine, but it does make a difference especially if your lipstick is prone to bleeding or is a bright color. I have a very cheap nude color that I use with basically any shade I wear other than red. It’s too fussy, for me, to have a liner to match every shade, and I figure the closest I can get to my natural lip shade for a liner, the better.

What I love about all these shades is how wearable they are for every day. And they all fall in neutral territory, so a variety of skin tones and colors can wear them!

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Alyssa says · 01.17.17

Thank you for the recommendations! I love hearing both your drugstore and prestige favorites.

You feel the same way about Maybelline that I feel about L’Oreal lipsticks. I can’t get past the smell/taste and it makes me sad because they have such beautiful colors!

Amy says · 01.17.17

Love this drugstore-to-higher-end comparison! This format is really helpful for those of us who are just dipping our toes into the lipstick world and aren’t ready to commit to the higher priced options. Thank you for keeping readers of different demographics in mind!

Claire Talks Beauty says · 01.17.17

i also love the Rimmel provocalips in the shade ‘wish upon a berry’.
It i a very soft everyday pink .

Lo says · 01.17.17

love the rimmel shade! it is so nice and deep without being dramatic.


Shelley McArdle says · 01.17.17

Lip liner…you put in a link “very cheap nude color” it takes you to Ulta ‘s site and a color called stone fox which is black in color, could you please share the name of the color of your lip liner?

emily says · 01.17.17

I’ve found the NYX Matte lip creams to last surprisingly long! Although, finding a color can be tricky.

Kayla says · 01.17.17

I always appreciate when you share GOOD drug store finds. As I’ve gotten older, my taste in beauty products has matured too, but it is always nice to know there are higher quality, inexpensive products I can look to as well! 🙂

Leah says · 01.17.17

I absolutely love the look of the NYX Full Throttle lipstick, it’s such a pretty colour and looks gorgeous on you. I was actually looking for a new pink lipstick so this post is much appreciated!

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Jackie says · 01.17.17

Thanks for including photos of each shade on your lips!

McCall Johnson says · 01.17.17

Hi Kate!
I’ve emailed you/your team about advertising with you on a couple of occasions, if I don’t hear back from them, should I assume you’re not interested? Or do they generally respond either way to let me know?

says · 01.17.17

Hi McCall! Feel free to email me (Nicole) at nicole@thesmallthingsblog.com and I’ll make sure we get back to you 🙂 Thanks!! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Rachel Gregory says · 01.17.17

I love the Rimmel Kate in 08! It’s such a striking shade but it’s not too over the top.

Rachel Gregory

Katie says · 01.17.17

Yes. Why, Maybelline. Why? I have a lovely matte pink/nude shade that I rarely wear because of the smell.
NYX butter lip glosses are by far my favorite drug store lip product! Great choices.

Alissa says · 01.17.17

I have been wanting to have Stockholm by NYX. Thanks for these reccommendations. These are my fave shades. 🙂

Dominique says · 01.18.17

Oh I LOVE the Rimmel lipstick!! have a hard time with light lipstick shades but this one seems very nice : )

Michele says · 01.18.17

Looking forward to trying a couple of these. I’ve been using a Rimmel lip liner as lipstick since my wedding with gloss over it, since that’s what my makeup artist did and it lasted all day (I know you’re all picturing the kid 90s lip liner with no lipstick inside look, I promise the lip liner was used ALL OVER the lip, not just the outsides!). I want to try that last shade since it seems like it would work best with my coloring.

Straight hair, don’t care in this post! Like it for a little something different on you! Now please come to my house and cut my bangs like that:D

Shawn says · 01.18.17

Kate! You do all things beauty! And now you’re reading minds? I thought to myself today, I need a cheap winter lip liner, maybe something nude to go with all my (3 that I own) lipsticks. And there you’ve written it! Thank you!

Aleeha says · 01.18.17

Ooh, that Rimmel one is beautiful! The perfect shade for this transition into spring!
Aleeha xXx

Kate says · 01.19.17

Thanks for the recommendation.

Renae Vinzant says · 01.19.17

I love the NYX Matte Lip Creams and their lipsticks! They are one of the best brands at the drugstore.

Lindsey says · 02.01.17

I am a red head with fair skin and never know what color lipstick to buy! Any suggestions??

Cassie K says · 02.28.17

What do you use to make the color look so good? I purchased the NYX Full Throttle lipstick in Sidekick, and it doesn’t even come close to looking as good on me as it does you. I can see every nook and cranny on my lips, and it’s almost like in some spots it doesn’t even have full coverage color.
Is there a primer that you use? Do you make sure to exfoliate before applying? I really want to love this color but the application is just not very flattering.
Thank you! <3 Cassie