January Beauty Favorites

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Another month has come and gone, and today I’m looking back at my favorites for the month of January!

Also, I’m offering a little/huge giveaway of one of the products mentioned in the video over on instagram if you would like to enter! Find me at K8_smallthings!

Products mentioned:

Origins Super Spot Remover

Kenra Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner

Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy Extreme Restoration Duo-Serum

Charlotte Tillbury Instant Look in a Palette (Natural Beauty and Seductive Beauty)

NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer in Chantilly


For more, check out my favorite beauty products of 2016 and my favorite beauty products in December!


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claire says · 02.06.17

I am hearing geat things about this Nata concealer. I usually tend to avoid these types of creams under the eyes but it seems like this one is an exception!

Stephanie says · 02.06.17

Since the Kenra is there, have you ever tried their cleansing shampoo?

I have color-treated hair and I can feel gunk on it but obviously don’t want a cleansing shampoo that will strip the color out (is that even a thing) and I’ve heard Kenra’s is pretty color-safe. I figured I’d see if you’ve ever tried it.



LYNN says · 02.06.17

Ah! Just ordered the hair products! I color my hair and last time I wanted more of a cool blonde instead of warm blonde. Well the process killed my hair and I have been wondering what to do to help it get its life & moisture back. (I’ve been living in ponytails & braids because it is scary burnt straw… I totally have that look!) Thank you!!!!

Elizabeth says · 02.06.17

Origins spot remover is the best! Thanks for sharing!

Kristin S says · 02.06.17

I feel that same way about the philosophy acne spot treatment. I think it’s called ‘clear day’ or something like that. Love it.

Oh my word. Yes about the random weird eye shadow colors in palettes! These are pretty. I just got the Beauty Counter one at Christmas and it’s wonderful! I love all the parts which is so not normal.

jacqui says · 02.06.17

Great blog post, thank you for the info. x Jacqui

McCall says · 02.06.17

Would love to see a video of using one or the other of the charlotte tilbury palettes!

Jen says · 02.06.17

I have naturally auburn hair. I do not color my hair. Would it be ok to try this shampoo?

Amanda says · 02.06.17

You and Justin would enjoy “Parenthood”. It has a “This is Us” vibe. Best show I’ve ever watched. Sorry…nothing to do with the beauty post, but I’m not sure how to respond to your snaps!

Kim says · 02.06.17

I LOVE nars products so I’d love to try that concealer. Great favorites!


http://trendkeeper.me/ .. Bomber jackets & nyfw?!

Lauren Tyner says · 02.06.17

I just ordered the Origins spot treatment a couple of days ago. Hearing this good review makes me even more pleased to be trying it. I also might look into the NARS concealer! Thanks again for your great reviews!

Kelly says · 02.07.17

I love your blog! Keep it up!! Thanks so much for all the tips and guidance you give on beauty products!

Kaloi says · 02.09.17

I love your top and your nail color!!! Do share please😁

Nicole says · 02.16.17

I bought the Shu Umera after reading this post and let me tell you that stuff is amazing. My hair was fried after it was bleached a few weeks ago. Really dry, brittle, breaking and just horrible. I added this to my daily regimen and within days I could tell the difference!!! Thanks Kate for sharing this product on the blog.

http://etizest1.com says · 02.23.17

Since the Kenra is there, have you ever tried their cleansing shampoo?

Kelly says · 03.07.17

Over the past few years I have noticed my hair thinning. Have you heard of anything that would work to try and get it back to being thicker? or use something to help with that. I hope this makes since. I can’t wait to try the Kenra shampoo and conditioner. Thanks for all of your updates:) Have a great day!!