THE BEST Beauty Products of 2016

Work Out Gear for the New Year

I know, I KNOW we are already 10 days into the new year. We can barely remember 2016. It all feels like a dream. Or nightmare? Both? Sounds about right.

But I finally filmed my “best of 2016” beauty favorites video and here it is today. For some reason completely unbenownst to me, I forgot to pick up Essie Gel Couture out of my box. It was there, I assure you, I just skipped right over it. So, pardon the oversight but know that it’s certainly a “best” from last year!

Here are the products I mentioned:

Pureoology Colour Fanatic Instant Deep Conditioning Mask

Essie Gel Couture

Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara

Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow Sticks in Bark and Rich Caviar 

Be Beautiful palette by Bare Minerals

NARS Bound velvet lip glide

Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast

Vice lipstick in Brat

Charlotte Tillbury Instant Look in a Palette

Hoola Bronzer by Benefit

Burts Bee’s lipsticks

T3 PROi Dryer


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Kallie says · 01.10.17

You should do a monthly beauty box with your monthly favorites! Like birchbox or ipsy but with your faves! I would totally buy that!

Katie says · 01.10.17

Love your classic makeup look you have in this video! Can you do a tutorial?

JennyBC says · 01.10.17

My sweet husband surprised me with the T3 hair dryer for Christmas. I about died when I realized how much he paid but oh. my. word I love this hair dryer. I have more hair than one head should have and I re-style my hair most every day. First, it dries my hair quickly but not so fast that I can’t style it. I use my dryer on many days to revive my hair and this does a beautiful job. This may sound funny but I am willing to wash my hair a little more often simply because I know I can dry and style it so much more quickly than before. Can’t say enough.
Kate, I don’t see a picture or a link for the product you use on your ends. I believe it’s a Kerastase product. My hair is colored frequently (I’m a good bit older than you – gray hair .) and I use hot tools on it. Would you please post it?
Any opinions on the new Charlotte Tillsbury palette? It is crazy expensive but every color looks so usable which has always been my complaint.
Love your blog. I find it so helpful. Your boys are precious. I am reminded of my two oldest -they are close in age like yours but are 25 and 24 now!

Patty says · 01.10.17

Kate, cherry blooms lash fibers wasn’t on your list. I thought they have to be. 🙂

Kate says · 01.10.17

HONESTLY I forgot some AMAZING products!

Blair says · 01.10.17

What was the Karastase product?

Mel says · 01.10.17

I’ve heard soooo many great things about Hoola! I need to finally try it!!

Mel |

Blush & Pearls says · 01.10.17

Loved that Bare Minerals palette – still have to get my hands on the Living Proof dry volume though.

Blush & Pearls by Angela

Catie says · 01.10.17

OMG! Tapestry Taupe! Yes! I still have some in my drawer! That is an awesome color! I used it all through high school too!

Erin Kane says · 01.10.17

I haven’t heard much about the NARS lip glides but keep wanting to try them out so your review was great to hear!

Jeni says · 01.10.17

what is the lipstick you are wearing????Love it!

Lundi says · 01.13.17

Me too!!

Paige Margaret says · 01.10.17

I love these kinds of posts. Mainly, cause I’m super nosy and like having a nosy at other people fav stuff!!!

Sherry says · 01.10.17

I have seen your polish on snapchat and love it. Would you mind sharing? It looks darker than chinchilly, which I thought you had mentioned. Thanks!

RICOLEKY says · 01.10.17

What was the product you use on the ends of your hair you mentioned? I don’t see it listed.

Tracy says · 01.10.17

FYI-you can find the Charlotte Tilbury palette on eBay for around $100!
Also-I bought the Pureology hair mask with my Ulta xmas gift card & love it!

Tiffany says · 01.10.17

Love these “favorites” videos/posts. Some items don’t have links, are those not available? Which hairdryer is the one you’re replacing with the T3? I can’t afford new one so I’d like to look into previous one that you said is good.

Jessica says · 01.10.17

Wait, I thought you didn’t like the Charlotte Tillbury palette? Didn’t you complain about it and say that it was too expensive?

Jessica says · 01.10.17

Maybe it wasn’t that palette. I can’t remember because it’s been a while.

Kate says · 01.11.17

I love the palette but it is really expensive! But it’s probably one of my most used palettes!

Delilah says · 01.11.17

Kate, I sent you a snap, but I’m wondering what your thoughts are on the original “Instant Look” palette vs. the seductive? Have you tried both? I ordered the original one & it came today, but now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t exchange it for the seductive based on your review! I’d love your thoughts!

Delilah says · 01.11.17

Never mind! I watched your other review of it that you had only tried that shade…hmmmmmm…not sure what to do now.

Nicole says · 01.10.17

Kate, can you please link the Kerastase product? I need some serious damage repair, I’d love to try it! Thank you!! Many of my hair products I use based on your reviews….looking forward to your blog post on treating damaged hair. 🙂

kathy says · 01.11.17

Yes, please link the Kerastace product!

Lisa V says · 01.11.17

I definitely agree with you about the hair dryer. I won the T3 giveaway you mentioned last summer or spring. It’s the best! Thanks for trying all the things and giving your honest opinions.

Angela says · 01.11.17

Is that deep conditioner ok for fine hair? My hair is shoulder length and fine, but I have a lot of it. It looks limp easily without product.

Kristen says · 01.14.17

What was the name of the mascara again? It’s not listed above and I’d like to try it out!

Sheila A says · 01.17.17

What is the best curling iron for hair that won’t hold a curl. I purchased the ghd Wave, and the curls fell out almost immediately. My hair is color treated and about shoulder length, kind of on the thinner side.