December Beauty Favorites



My sweater is from Target!Β 

I have some favorites! It’s true! I also have some *special* footage in there that truly depicts me in my natural state. Just had to leave that nugget in there for you as an early Christmas gift.


Here is what I talked about:

Pureology Colour Fanatic Instant Deep Conditioning Mask

Kenra Dry Texture Spray

NARS Velvet Glide in Bound

Bare Minerals Be Beautiful Palette

Anastasia Brow Wiz in Blonde

Essie Gel Couture in Take Me to Thread

Bobbi Brown long-wear shadow stick in Bark and Rich Caviar

For more recent beauty favorites, check out here and here!

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  1. Danielle says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    Wow Kate, that video looks better than ever!



    • Kate says
      Posted December 7, 2016


  2. Kristy says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    Did you notice you said “backsplash” instead of “backslash” at the beginning? πŸ˜„

    • Kate says
      Posted December 7, 2016

      Yes I do that constantly! πŸ™ˆ

    • Kate says
      Posted December 7, 2016

      I do that all the time! : / πŸ™‚

  3. ULLA says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    I’m absolutely a fan of your tutorials…I moved to UK and I’m not sure if I could get your products here in UK.
    Have a very nice time before Christmas. ..I’m still looking forward to your next videos..
    Regards Ulla

  4. marissa says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    Thanks for sharing your favorites! πŸ™‚

  5. Alyssa says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    I LOVE your beauty favourites videos! I’ve tried the Essie Gel Couture line but the polish always pushes back on the ends of my nails. Any tips to applying?!

  6. Lo says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    that sweater is gorg on you! love these videos!

    XO Lo

  7. Megan says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    Hey Kate! I am really curious to try the Essie gel couture polish. I recently tried a Sally Hanson version of the gel product and it took FOREVER to get it off my nails! Would you say the Essie polish comes off relatively easy? Thanks. Love your blog ☺️

    • April says
      Posted December 7, 2016

      Yes! It comes off just like normal nail polish, if not easier.

  8. Erika says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    I recently bought some of the L’oreal longwear lipsticks that you talked about and I wanted to mention I bought a lipstick remover by ELF that makes them come right off. Otherwise you were right, there is serious scrubbing involved. They are awesome though, thanks for the recommendation!

  9. Posted December 7, 2016

    Really love your blouse!!!:-)

  10. Posted December 7, 2016

    I would love to try the Brow Whiz and eye palette next – thanks for the picks!

    Blush & Pearls by Angela

  11. Susan says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    Great tutorial, thank you!

  12. Jenica says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    Katie how long does the Essie polish last for?

  13. Sherry says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    Thank you for doing the research for us! As a mama of 3 little boys, it is much appreciated. I don’t have time to stand in Target/Ulta/Sephora and try on several different products. Plus it’s nice coming from someone you trust. My bank account/husband don’t thank you – but I sure do!!! Have a very Merry Christmas. πŸ™‚

  14. Posted December 7, 2016

    Hey Kate!
    I am in love with the Pureology Deep Conditioning Mask! Like it’s my absolutely favorite. What I love most about this product is, a little goes a long way. I can’t live without this stuff at all. Plus it makes my hair feel so hydrated..even wet..if that makes sense!

    If I had to pick a product for my hair to always have on hand it would definitely be Pureology Deep Conditioning mask!

    Thanks for all your beauty help & tips! Highly appreciated!

  15. Ashley says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    Another ABH product that I absolutely love is the brow definer. It’s very similar to the Hourglass Arch Brow pencil that you usually use in that it’s angled. It is by far my most favorite brow product! BUT, I recently stumbled across a dupe at the drug store- Revlon has an eye brown pencil with an angled tip too. I wouldn’t say the formula is as good as the Anastasia version, but it’s not bad and totally worth it for the price! There’s a blonde color, a light brown, and a dark brown.

  16. Rachel Butler says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    I’ve tried several of Kate’s favorites and I’ve always loved them! Gotta make a Ulta run tonight and pick up the Kenra and Pureology products. So glad I found your blog, Instagram and Snapchat!

  17. Emily says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    Love that Essie gel polish! I really think the magic is in the top coat. I’ve actually worn it over other regular Essie polishes and even some other brands. It’s just my go-to top coat now and my nail polish lasts for days – and I work at a preschool, I wash my hands approximately 47 times a day, before I even go home and do laundry and dishes.

  18. Paula says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    I love Anastasia Brow Whiz but I go thru one in a month :/

  19. Chelsea says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    Hi Kate! I know this is off subject, but where did you say your dark cherry “cloud” pants were from on Snap Chat?

  20. Jenerfer Andersen says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    I love your videos Kate! Is the eyeshadow you are wearing in the video form the be beautiful pallet? Thanks!

  21. Maria says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    Love these videos!! And this one is the best yet πŸ˜‰ Thanks again or sharing!

  22. Krystal says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    I always love these videos and this one didn’t disappoint! Great info and it had me cracking up! No wonder so many of your followers think of you as a friend!

  23. Alyssa says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    So good. I LOVE this. Your sweater is so good. Everything SO GOOD.

  24. Elizabeth says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    I’ve been sold on X Factor polish since getting a kit at Sephora, but I’m tempted to try the Essie version now. The video looked fantastic! There was a static-y sounding background noise, but that could be something I just happened to notice because I am in a very quiet place right now.

  25. Heather says
    Posted December 7, 2016

    I said Anastasia the way you said it originally. If you follow on instragram that’s how all their employees say it in their videos!

  26. Dana Nuppenau says
    Posted December 8, 2016

    You go girl! Keep up the good work!😊

  27. Laura says
    Posted December 8, 2016

    Kate, the video definitely looks great – the 60 frames really make a great difference. (Did you also get a different camera?) Also, the sound is MUCH better than your previous videos so thumbs up for Adobe Premiere! ❀

    • Kate says
      Posted December 8, 2016

      Thanks Laura!

  28. Krista says
    Posted December 8, 2016

    Eye cream recommendations? Dark circles, dark spots and hydration are the concerns. Also, Bobbi Brown has a new tubed corrector vs the pot that you’ve featured. What is the difference? I love you blog and videos. So helpful!

  29. Danon says
    Posted December 8, 2016

    I almost bought the Essie gel couture in Take Me To Thread, but ended up buying the RCM set with a LED light on a great black Friday deal (ulta, $30 for everything for actual gel mani). Have you ever tried a (with light) gel mani at home? I just love it. I just thought you might be interested being a busy mom like me. I need my manicure to cure fast & really last!

  30. Patti says
    Posted December 8, 2016

    I already love Take Me to the Thread by Essie – my go to neutral. I can’t wait to try the Pureology mask!

  31. Caroline McKee says
    Posted December 8, 2016

    Kate, I love these videos! I know that if you recommend something it will be great! And I think thats true because you let us now the bad/disappointing products so we know you’re opinion is legit πŸ™‚ Thanks for that!
    I’m so OCD with my nails but can’t afford a gel/shellac manicure every 2 weeks. I went out and bought the Essie Gel couture system last night! You sold me on Take me to Thread and I grabbed Rock the Runway (just put it on my nails) for a company trip to Mexico this weekend! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Also loved that you kept the *special* footage in! Love the real-ness!

  32. Heather says
    Posted December 8, 2016

    Can you use that Pureology hair mask on NON colored hair? Or do they have one for non colored hair? Thanks!

  33. Amanda Chase says
    Posted December 8, 2016

    Greetings from snowy Boise Idaho!
    This is my favorite video of yours! “Backsplash” slip = classic.
    Nearly every product I use these days has been something I learned about from you. Thanks for being my “beauty guru”! I would love to see a series on products for naturally curly hair! Maybe recruit a curly-top ex-client of yours and do some demos? Us kinky gals need some love! You’re the best, keep being awesome.
    Merry Christmas XO

  34. Gina says
    Posted December 8, 2016

    Thanks for the great video! I just purchased the bareMinerals Be Beautiful palette and can’t wait until it arrives! It’s even on sale right now – couldn’t pass up the great offer πŸ™‚ I’m thrilled to hear of your review of the NARS velvet glide lip color. I’m always looking for a great matte option.

  35. Rachel says
    Posted December 9, 2016

    Haha the little shot of your camera setup was actually pretty nice to see. A lot of YT videos are super polished and it’s nice to see something a bit more natural. The Nars color is really pretty and I LOVE the nail color you’re wearing! I’ll have to try that gel combo.


  36. Nicole says
    Posted December 13, 2016

    I have been following your blog for years now, I think this is one of the best videos you have ever done!! I love how much information you gave about the products and how to use them! I love the new Essie line too… Although I am having a hard time finding them at the stores in the colors I wanted… Thank God for amazon. Anyway, Thank you so much for the great info!! Merry Christmas, isn’t great to see the joy the holidays bring your boys? My daughter is 4 and can’t get enough of everything Christmas!!

  37. Heather Reed says
    Posted December 14, 2016

    NARS velvet glide was NOT great.

  38. Teresa says
    Posted January 11, 2017

    Really loved the new video and your personality is perfect for what you are doing.I really like the Bobbie Brown gel pencils and the idea of using it as a eyebrow pencil, I can; wait to try it . Thanks so much!

  39. Melissa says
    Posted January 18, 2017

    My name is Melissa, and I’ve followed you for several years. I absolutely love your hair and makeup!! So pretty!
    If I can remember correctly, didn’t you use to be in the DFW area? I live in Plano, and am really needing a good hairdresser great at cut & color. I was hoping to use you, but it looks like your not in this area anymore. Do you happen to know anyone in Plano, Frisco, Dallas or Rockwall who you would highly recommend? I have long blond hair & very baby fine.

  40. Cheyenne Trivette says
    Posted April 6, 2017

    This is nice, May I stick a banana in your tailpipe?

    • Jada Cornett says
      Posted April 6, 2017

      If you cant get a hold of her you can hit me up!!!!!!!!

  41. Cheyenne Trivette says
    Posted April 6, 2017

    you are nice looking, May I stick a banana in your tailpipe?

    • Jada Cornett says
      Posted April 6, 2017

      If you cant get a hold of her you can hit me up!!!!!!!!