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Blush has seriously come onto the scene as a trendy shade over the last few months or so, and I love it. Any soft color that can easily go with grey is a huge win in my book.

It’s such a pretty and feminine touch that can really go with any outfit. And it isn’t overly girly, which works really well for me.

I saw those pretty blush sneakers in store, but they didn’t have my size, so I went to order them online and they are completely sold out! I think they’ll be a perfect alternative to my grey Steve Madden sneakers which, while I still love, have taken a bit of a beating over the last few months! I’m hoping they will restock soon.

Also, how cute is that tote bag? It’s from Target. I don’t know when I’ll stop being impressed by the style and quality of items that come from Target, but I hope it’s not soon. So many of my simple wardrobe staples are from there, and it’s just to easy to pick them up when I’m shopping for other necessities.

More pink things I’m loving here and here!


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Alyssa says · 02.23.17

I love this! You can seriously wear blush with almost any color!

Kristen says · 02.23.17

Blush is one of my favorite colors!!! It is so soft and feminine !

Stephanie says · 02.23.17

This is the most perfect pink color! This will be beautiful for spring!!

Karly says · 02.23.17

I love this color also. I bought a basic shirt in blush from H & M a while back and now off of a sudden its THE color. So pretty with grey or white and gold jewelry for spring! 🙂

Lisa says · 02.23.17

Can I just have everything you posted above? lol!

Those sneakers, the bag, and the cute t-shirt has me yearning for a cross-border trip, especially since Target is no longer in Canada (that was such a sad, sad day).

Kaitlin says · 02.23.17

Yes, yes and yes! And I am dying over the absolute affordability of those bags! Also, I have those Vans in black and la-la-love them. I’m thinking I need them in blush!

Elizabeth says · 02.23.17

Loving all this blush right now! Thanks for sharing.

Nicole says · 02.23.17

I’m not really a pink person, my least favorite color. But this blush color is the right amount of pink for me. I have been dreaming about a pair of skinny jeans I saw at Target last weekend that will be mine tomorrow.
I really want a creamy floral shirt (maybe a sleeveless or short sleeve flowy one) to go with them, but I can’t seem to find one online that I LOVE. Any suggestions?

Krystal // The Krystal Diaries says · 02.23.17

Blush is such a pretty color. I’m actually on the hunt for some more blush tops.

Lisa says · 02.23.17

I picked up those blush slip-on sneakers at Target just before our trip to Charlottesville this past weekend. They are insanely comfortable and held up well to tons of walking. No blisters! I did have to go a full size down. I’m normally an 8-8.5 and I grabbed a 7.5.

Jenny says · 02.23.17

The watch is giving me heart-eyes.

Lindsay says · 02.23.17

I LOVE the new blush trend. It is super adorable and adds that girly touch without being overly feminine (which I can’t do as an all-black/gray wearer). I was just in Kohl’s and browsing their junior dept and they had a bunch of items in that shade as well. What do you think of the bomber jacket trend lately? I haven’t jumped on board lately, but I saw a bunch I fell in love with!

Maria says · 02.23.17

Oh man… that Blush Target bag though!!! I instantly went to buy it and their website says it’s unavailable 🙁 I’m so sad now… It’s perfection!

Beth says · 02.23.17

I have those shorts in black from last summer, and I love them, so I ordered them up in the blush color this morning. Plus Old Navy has a 40% off code “MIDWEEK” today so they were even more of a bargain. Hooray!

Tracy says · 02.23.17

Oh dear, blush is not jus a crush for me. I think it’s an all out affair! I adore this colour. One of my students, last year, gave me a hand cream and talc set from The Body Shop because she wanted to give me something pink! That blush shade is my very favourite.

And Target in Australia needs to get its act together. Our clothing selections are pretty ordinary over here.

Sandra says · 02.23.17 Reply
Paige says · 02.23.17

Love those sneakers!


Sherry says · 02.23.17

Omg… I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw those shoes ar target! They are so comfortable and they had one pair in my size… So glad I grabbed them! I totally thought of you and your sister when I saw them!

Jessica A says · 02.24.17

Ph jeez…I am so in love with this colour right now too. More and more pink is is enetering my life as I bought it new items for myself like wallet, iPhone, journal, scarves, sweaters. Can I get a new case or my Kindle too?

Jessica A says · 02.24.17

Excuse the weird typos, the page was glitching on my phone but I went for it anyway 😛

Meaghan Rae says · 02.24.17

This color is beautiful and so popular in Japan (where I live). I have a hard time pulling it off though, I’m ginger and it seems to clash a bit with my haircolor and wash me out. 🙁

Reply says · 02.24.17

I am dying over the absolute affordability of those bags! Also, I have those Vans in black and la-la-love them. I’m thinking I need them in blush!

Alecia says · 02.24.17

Not sure what size you are but was just looking at the pink shoes from Target and looks like they are all in stock.

denise says · 02.24.17

I have those tassel earrings from Target and they are everything. They are SO lightweight that you can’t even tell you’re wearing them. And they are just so cute. Get them! Also definitely wanting blush sneakers.

Lee says · 02.25.17

Not the biggest fan of of pink or colors of the pastel/light variety (I’m into bolds and neon), but colors like blush are a great way to add color that works for all situations without it looking too much.

I find that this color is slowly creeping its way into my life (and my wardrobe) cause of my love for floral print everything.

Kate says · 02.27.17

Heads up- I ordered that elephant shirt. It’s not blush- it’s neon pink with a copper stripe. It was a surprise! They should have made it blush! It’d be prettier!

Megan says · 02.28.17

Love all these! I bought the linen shorts in black for a upcoming trip and they fit great!

Elizabeth Baillie says · 03.01.17