On my Radar [beauty edition]

Lake Tahoe, The snowiest place on earth

nail polish, berry lip glow, tinted lip oil, blush

Around this time of year I start to crave a bit more color on my face. It’s the perfect way to restore some life back in after a long winter. My wardrobe is still generally neutral and full of soft earthy colors, so a subtle pop on my lips or cheeks is all the freshening I need.

I loved the Burt’s Bees lipstick that came out last year so much, and I have high hopes for the tinted lip oil whenever I get my hands on it. I imagine it will be quite sheer, and perfect for anyone who has a bit of lipstick fear! Something about the words “lip” and “oil” sound so good in these chilly days.

The skin illusion blush looks like a lovely compliment to a variety of skin tones! Make sure you pair it with warm lip shades so you don’t interfere with the palette!

I love a gel manicure as much as the next girl, but I hate how brutalized my nails get afterwards. I’m so excited to try the Essie Treat Love & Color polish. If it’s chip resistant, like I’m hoping, it’ll be the perfect in between polish!

For more, check out some of my favorite drugstore lipstick choices here and my favorite winter skincare products here!


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Mel says · 01.25.17

Ooooo I want that nail polish!!

Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com

Danon says · 01.25.17

I love gel manis, but my nails used to have a lot of damage. If you don’t already, check out the Red Carpet Manicure removal instructions. Turns out, proper removal really makes a huge difference (no damage). I think their instructions could apply to any gel. Use a file to remove shine and on the free edge, soak for 15+ min (foil or the plastic clips with a saturated cotton ball), and gently wipe off. Moisturizer after. Also, I use the step #1 side of a nail buffer before application vs using a harsh file on nail surface. Harsh digging into nail before gel application is not needed in my opinion (like what every salon does).

Claire Talks Beauty says · 01.25.17

i was a lot into lip oils this winter ! i love the way they hydrathttp://www.clairetalksbeauty.com/e the lips!