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How to find a hairstylist

I shared this #momiformĀ on Instagram and got so many comments! Here are links to what I’m wearing: leggings, sweater, bag, shoes

It was so nice to have a “normal” week with the family this week!

Are you watching This is Us? Oh my GOSH IT’S SO GOOD! Please start now.

Great questions to ask yourself when considering a new clothing purchase.

I’ve been loving the Young House Love podcast! It feels like I’m just chatting with friends! Well, just listening to two friends talk. . . but either way it’s a fun and easy listen!

These are my absolute favorite work out leggings, plus there’s a pocket on the side for your phone when you are heading to or from the gym!

How cute is this gift box for valentines day?!

Such a pretty bag!

How pretty do these lipsticks look from Hourglass? So tempted.

House plant tips + suggestions!

A cute rain jacket. I finally got a sporty one last year and wear it all the time!

More recent links + loves here and here!


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Stephanie says · 01.27.17

My fiancee got me the Columbia rain jacket for Christmas since all we’ve had is rain here this year. It’s the best. It’s also really great when it’s windy, too.

claire talks beauty says · 01.27.17

i love the outfit. so comfy and feminine !
i am not watching This is Us ! i should start !

Lynn says · 01.27.17

This Us Us is so good…and always a bit of a surprise at some point!

Blush & Pearls says · 01.27.17

Love those leggings! I’m trying to avoid This Is Us because I think I’d end up in tears every episode – I’m too emotional!

Blush & Pearls by Angela

Sophie says · 01.27.17

I love the questions for buying clothing.

Sam says · 01.27.17

I love the Young House Love podcast and really need to start watching This is us.
I rewatched some of your everyday waves videos yesterday and was reminded of so many great tips. Thanks for helping me have better hair days!

Vickie says · 01.27.17

I just jumped on the This is Us bandwagon and just caught up and I LOVE IT. I am so glad they renewed for two more seasons. Thanks for the urge to watch from seeing your thoughts on snapchat!

Lisa says · 01.27.17

Such a cute sweater! I love Lou & Grey, but mostly only purchase their items when they’re on sale at LOFT. Also, the sporty rain jacket looks great – I just may look into getting one myself!

Paige says · 01.27.17

I love your brown purse in the picture above! SO cute!

Paige Flamm
The Happy Flammily

Andrea says · 01.27.17

I love “This Is Us!”
It will be a real tear jerker when they reveal Jack’s fate.
Love your blog!!!

Julie Smith says · 01.27.17

Kate – I love your blog and have been a follower for years! I also love the new look of your website. One question – has the format of your emails changed? The only reason I ask is that the photos are huge and the font is super tiny.

Thank you for sharing your creativity!

Amie says · 01.27.17

You’re advertising $128 LEGGINGS. Do you realize that?!?! Lol. Love your style. But way out of reach for me!

Jessica says · 02.01.17

I thought the same thing when I clicked on the link. I am finding that I am relating less and less to this blog as things that are advertised or talked about seem to be way out of my price range.

Mel says · 01.29.17

You look soooo cute!! Love the whole look!

Mel |

Alyssa says · 01.30.17

I would love to know if you’re trying the new Kristin Ess products at Target. I just purchased a couple of them and they’re amazing. The texture spray is fantastic, I can’t get enough of the leave-in conditioner and the hairspray is so good!

Hope Aslinger says · 01.30.17

Oh my gosh, This Is Us is AMAZING! One of the best shows I’ve watched! Love the outfit!

Minna says · 01.31.17

Have gotten so into collecting house plants and they have quickly become my babies! Thanks for sharing that link. and yes, This is Us is te best show on TV latelly!