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Eyeshadow School, the basics

We had a snow day in Raleigh last weekend and it was so much fun! Justin tried so hard to find sleds from different stores, but they were all sold out. So he made one out of a large mixing tub, and after putting a little wax on the bottom of it, it was good to go! The boys were quite apprehensive of it at first, but eventually David warmed up to it and LOVED sledding down our neighbors driveway over and over again. Either Justin or I would ask him if he wanted to go alone or with dad, and David’s response was either “just one boy” or “two boys!”. Luke was happiest perched on my hip, but he did go in the sled a few times and liked it!

We have really great neighbors, and live on a low traffic cul-de-sac, so we could be all over the street and everyone’s yards and driveways all day. We didn’t get as much snow as predicted, but it was still very fun! And the boys had all the snow gear they needed because we had just done a trip to Chicago early last month where there was also snow.

The boys hats are from Hannah Anderson. They don’t have the exact ones available on the website, but right now they are only $6!!

The best eyeshadows for oily lids!

How cute is this planter?

I’ve had trouble finding church shoes for Luke, but these look quick to put on and a nice universal color for a lot of use!

I’ve always been drawn to that dusty lavender grey shade.

This looks like the perfect striped tunic sweater to me!

What a great way to try a bunch of different dry shampoos!

I mentioned on snapchat that I just used my T3 compact dryer again at the gym and it blew me away, pun intended. I don’t often use a compact dryer, but I grabbed that before I ran out the door and MAN it did a good job. If you have hair that is difficult to dry, and you need a fantastic travel dryer, DEFINITELY look into it!

My favorite work out shorts are on sale! (only in a few colors but still!)

My girlfriends and I saw La La Land last week and it was so good! It had a few unusual moments, but in general it was a great movie with great acting. I love Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling together, so it was a win in my book!

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Elizabeth says · 01.15.17

I found the T3 compact dryer at Nordstrom Rack for an amazing price! So happy to have found it and can’t wait for my diffuser to fit it to come in! With curly hair, I can never use the hair dryers in hotels and diffusers never fit them either! Perfect solution!

Alyssa says · 01.15.17

Love to hear if you try Kristin Ess’s new hair line. I think it launches in Target next Sunday!

Love those snow pics!

Elizabeth says · 01.15.17

FYI the texture sweater from The Loft is $24.95 right now!!

Melissa P says · 01.16.17

That dry shampoo box is on sale for $22.40 right now (was $35)! Sold!

olivia says · 01.16.17

how fun!! I love seeing such happy, fun pictures!! new post//

Michelle Martin says · 01.26.17

I just ordered that dry shampoo box! I got it for $20 shipped since I had some Birchbox points saved up and it was on sale too. Awesome!

Hey, did you every find a good microblade place? I have been looking into Bellabrow in Durham but I haven’t made the plunge yet 🙂