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A Holiday Hair Tutorial, The Triple Braid


This past week, while in Chicago, my mom, sister, and friend Sam all went wedding dress shopping! Lauren is getting married next July and I’m so glad that I was able to be here for the very first dress try-on experience!

She looked absolutely beautiful in every dress, as I expected, and I think she may have actually found the one! I’m so excited for her!

It’s absolutely freezing here in Chicagoland. I mean, mind-numbing cold. More snow/ice and even colder temperatures are blowing in this weekend so the boys and I had to reschedule our flight. We hope to make it out tomorrow because we miss Justin!

When we were downtown, I noticed that almost every woman was wearing the same exact outfit. It was a black puffer jacket with fur around the hood, a hat with a pouf on top, and serious winter boots. I’m not even kidding, I didn’t see any single person wearing an outfit different than that. I mean, I was only outside for a grand total of 10 minutes but still.

My sister gave David a sweet little Ice Cream Shop toy that he LOVES! He serves everyone ice cream cones, and actually set the price of each cone at $1,000.00. The set comes with paper money, which are $1, but David decided his cones cost more. It’s so cute seeing him take it so seriously and pretend to be an actual Ice Cream Shop worker!

My sister and I go to Las Fuentes downtown Chicago every time I visit. It’s the best Mexican food I’ve ever had!

There is no way to transition smoothly into this subject, but I’m sure you’ve been keep up with the news coming from Syria. As a mother, I’m quite literally nauseated with the thought of what the innocent civilians are enduring day in and day out, and heartbroken that so many children are seeing and experiencing such horrifying circumstances. I usually can’t google it too much because I become too upset, but I did find a resource listing out ways to help, if you feel compelled.

And there is no real way to transition back into my normal light-heartedness that you find on the blog, so I’m going to wrap up this links + loves post here.

Thanks for reading, checking in on my posts, and I hope you have a restful and restorative weekend in this busy season.


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Kristina says · 12.17.16

Yep. I live in Chicago and I’ve been wearing that exact outfit every day 😉

Kristina does the Internets

Katy Posey says · 12.17.16

Love your sister’s floral top. Mind sharing where she bought it?

Sarah O says · 12.17.16

Thanks for posting that link! I wanted to donate but wasn’t sure exactly where to send it.

Stephanie says · 12.17.16

I haven’t even thought of dress shopping yet! I have until june 2018, but still, i should probably get on that.

Kimberly says · 12.17.16

This is a Montessori company looking for bloggers. I’m not with/from them, I just think you might like the product. (For the boys)

ashley says · 12.18.16

I feel like your hair is always just a little bit bigger when you’re home with family (not in an unflattering way, just very volumized)…back to your roots I like to say. I just think it’s funny because I do the same thing! Personally, I never think you can have too much volume….I just love how we all revert back when we’re with family 🙂

Kate says · 12.18.16

its the water and lack of humidity!

Nicky Brett says · 12.18.16

Haha! I have a friend who now lives up north and she is wearing a black puffer jacket with fur around the hood in her new Facebook profile pic! 🙂

Tamara Teal says · 12.18.16

When I first looked at that picture, I thought “what is Mila Kunis doing there?”

Maria says · 12.19.16

Regarding the situation i both Aleppo and the rest of Syria.
In Sweden where I’m from you can donate to The red cross and Doctors without bordets just to mention a few. The red cross in the area are on stand by and in the event of a breif cease-fire they can in just a few hours get in and repair vital infrastructure.
I think it’s greate that you adress this issue.

Wishing you and youre family a happy holiday!

Kari Terrell says · 12.19.16

I just moved to Valparaiso IN (from CA)…hubby works outside Chicago. I have worn that outfit the last 6 days….minus the ball on the hat. Those beanies look just plain silly on me. Hope you enjoyed your time in Chicago. We haven’t made It to downtown yet. Mexican food is my fav though so I’ll have to try that place.

Emily says · 12.20.16

Have you done a post on flying with two toddlers alone? Would love to know your tricks!

Trisha says · 12.20.16

Kate, Post more about your faith. I miss your faith posts.:) But I really love all the hair tuts you’ve been doing lately!