Winter Shoe Wardrobe + A Cute Knee-High Boot!

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I’ve established already how much of an ankle boot girl I am, but in the dead of winter I like to have a little bit more warmth on my legs! In my knee-high boot owning history, I’ve only ever bought leather or fake leather brown boots.

But I loved the look of these suede ones from Nordstrom (which I got on major sale!). I also loved that the zip was in the back, that was a fun detail to me that made the boots feel a little unique. I have found seriously awesome itemsĀ at Nordstrom this year, and usually always find things during great sales!

I donated an old pair of cheap knee-high boots upon introducing these to my wardrobe, and noticed that my entire shoe collection is full of shoes I really like and get a ton of wear out of. Gone are the days of trying to wear high heels or super high wedges. I’m only looking for footwear that is easy to wear, totally my style, and functional for my busy life. I need my shoes to go from park or playdate to running errands, and then to a dinner date with friends.

I picked a variety from Nordstrom to represent the versatile options I have to choose from. And basically they fall into 4 categories: sneakers, booties & boots, weather boots (only because it’s winter, normally this category would be replaced by sandals) and flats.


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The color of my boots is called Otter Suede, and it’s like a mix of brown, grey and olive. And depending on what shirt I’m wearing, one of those tones will stick out more than the other. It’s a dark enough, and neutral enough color to really be worn with almost everything in my wardrobe too, which is just want I wanted.

I’m in Chicago this week and these, and some winter weather boots, are the only footwear I brought! And with temperatures in the single digits, I’m definitely glad I left my ankle boots at home for this trip!

My bag is from fotostrap, my jeans are AG, and my sweatshirt is very old from Lou & Grey.

This post was created in partnership with Nordstrom.


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Lubna says · 12.18.16

The color is so unique; I love it! I am planning to get a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots x


Beckie says · 12.18.16

They look super cute. I need to invest in some for winter!

ThePaleTails – Beckie x

Jamie says · 12.18.16

Very cute. Quick question, do you wear socks with your Steve Madden sneakers? I love those but worry about warmth. Maybe low profile or no-show versions?

Kate says · 12.19.16

No, I go sock-less!

Claire Talks Beauty says · 12.19.16

love the color of this one you are wearing but for me the leather is my favorite ! love it !

Kate says · 12.19.16

Welcome to Chi-beria! As a native of the area, I have so-so many boots for fall, winter and (let’s be honest) spring … and I keep trying to acquire more. I love the color of these suede ones. I just had an old pair fall apart, so I think I have reason now to get just one more pair.

Patti says · 12.19.16

I can’t recommend Sam Edelman Penny boots enough. The whiskey color boot is my all-time favorite full boot (with that being said I love booties more).

Lacey says · 12.20.16

What pants are you wearing? I love how tight they are.

Jennifer Smith says · 12.20.16

Are these boots waterproof? They’re adorable, but in the winter I worry about that angle.