Most Worn Booties of the Fall

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I was never a shoe girl until recently. When I did hair, I found a few, like two, pairs of shoes that I would alternate and I had to make sure they were comfortable enough for standing all day. They were wedges, and typically didn’t exceed 1-2 inches in heel height.

I’m fairly particular about shoes that I buy, and I’ve learned the hard way that super cheap shoes simply don’t last. I bought some booties on Amazon last year for really cheap and while they got the job done since I wasn’t sure if I was going to wear them a lot (spoiler alert: I did), I decided I would invest in a nicer pair for the following year.

Since then, my bootie collection has grown to a few pairs that I get a ton of wear out of. I think what I like so much about ankle boots is they can be so easily dressed up or down. They are easy to wear when they don’t have a high heel, and they don’t feel constraining like knee high boots sometimes can for my life right now.

So, here are my most worn booties of the fall.



from left: one, two, three, four, five

I’ve professed my love for Peera Cutout Bootie on Instagram plenty, but it’s time I share it here too. And yes, I have 2 colors of the same bootie–that’s how great they are. I’ve only wore them without socks, and they feel like I dream. I haven’t gotten a single blister or had a single painful spot since the day I put them on. I love that I can wear them without socks, since “Fall” in the south can still be quite warm. And as the temperers cool a bit more, I’m going to hunt down some nude, low profile nylon-like ankle socks to wear for extra warmth. Obviously once it is really cold out I’ll hold off on wearing them, but for so much of the year I can get a ton of wear out of these booties!

Hence buying two pair in different colors!


Though pictured with jeans here, the Romy bootie are my favorite to wear with a dress. They are the highest of my bootie options and but the heel is still low enough to feel comfortable for me. You can certainly roll your jeans a bit if you don’t love the look of jeans into ankle boots, but I kinda like the look!


These cute scalloped booties are the most recent addition and the highest heel of the bunch. They still feel completely realistic for my days hanging with the boys, because they are only 2.5 inches high, and they are really comfortable. They are a bit more narrow around the ankle the rest of my booties, so they feel the most structured and polished.


Occasionally I post outfit shots on Instagram, so if you aren’t following but you want to see full outfits with these shoes, you can find me at K8_smallthings!

More of my favorite shoes here and here!


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Marta says · 12.02.16

They’re all gorgeous! I love booties, they’re so comfortable and pretty.

Alyssa says · 12.02.16

Oh my goodness those scalloped booties are sooo cute. I would probably grow my bootie collection a little more, but living in Michigan requires more taller boots. You never know when the snow will be knee high! The weather is so unpredictable!

Jana @ Happy Wife Healthy Life says · 12.02.16

I am obsessed with your bootie collection! Such great pieces. I actually just got a couple pairs from Old Navy during their Black Friday sale and have been really happy with them so far. and they’ve been surprisingly very comfy! I figure I will probably get a single season out of them, but I only paid $22 a piece for them so it’s hard to beat the look and quality for the price! 🙂

Debbie says · 12.02.16

Love the booties…need to seriously reconsider my jeans collection, though, as I still wear boot cut except for one pair. (Don’t judge; I’m a practical Michigander gal, and they work…plus once it snows I’m wearing serious, snow resident boots.)

On a different note: can you PRETTY PLEASE talk about the neutral colors in your home? I already loved your wall color, now I am curious about that carpet. I dream of freshening up my family room.

Pretty pretty please? I’m pretty sure I’m not alone:)

Kate says · 12.02.16

It was all here when we got here 🙂 I have no idea about the carpet–it was just what the previous owners chose! Sorry!

Desiree says · 12.02.16

I have been searching for ankle boots for the whole month! Thank you for your post!

Kelsey says · 12.02.16

Booties are my favorite fall shoe, the ones with the cutouts are so cute!

Sarah Chavis says · 12.02.16

Super cute! I really how they are neutral colors so you can wear them with almost anything! Great shoe post!

Jessica says · 12.02.16

Love your collection! Do you still wear the Crown Vintage ankle boot from DSW?

Kate says · 12.02.16

I do! Just not as much this year so far!

Wildfire Charm says · 12.02.16

Such a beautiful collection! 🙂 I love the deepest Gray ones. You have the perfect neutrals x

Katie says · 12.02.16

Those Romy booties are so cute! I really need some brown booties- my previous pair bit the dust earlier this season.
Katie Actually

Katie says · 12.02.16

Please share color of the scalloped pair-Nordstrom
Shows it as dark brown but these look

Jennifer says · 12.15.16

I was wondering the same thing!

Charmaine Ng says · 12.03.16

I’ve been obsessed with ankle booties lately and just SEEING your collection makes me so happy. Loving the colour palette!
– Charmaine

katie leon says · 12.06.16

What kind of socks do you wear under yours? I always feel like mine show and ruin the look…

Cary says · 03.05.18

I have the Peera cut-out booties and love them. The Romy booties are so cute. Did you get your normal size in the Romy booties or size up a 1/2 size? The website says they run small.