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The thing about being a blogger, especially with what I do here, is that you have too much photographic evidence that is available to the public displaying some bad hair choices.

I used to be a hairspray addict and I wish I would have gone a bit lighter on the use so my hair, I don’t know, MOVED a little bit.

Anyway, I’ve relaxed a bit with it recently, and have loved these loose and casual “everyday” waves. They wear so easily, and I can usually get a second day out of them with only a quick touch up.

In fact on Snapchat a few weeks back, I told you that they are what I call “nothing waves”, because they are so casual and effortless. If you don’t follow on snapchat, you can find me at K8_smallthings!

In the video I used a 1 1/2 inch Babyliss curling iron, a cricket comb, Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast and Kenra Volume 25 hairspray.




I always love seeing your recreations of my tutorials on Instagram, so when you post a pic, use the tag #smallthingshair !

For more hair tutorials, check out Laced Half Up and my Tied Up Updo!



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Danielle says · 12.01.16

Can you give a suggestion for hair that will not hold a curl? I’ve tried several kinds of mousse, spraying with hairspray before curling, texture spray, using hairspray after, etc etc and nothing works. Any tips or specific products you’d recommend?

keven says · 12.09.21 Reply
Liz says · 12.01.16

How are you putting your hair up in a pony tail at night after your shower? My hair always gets a big bump from the ponytail holder?

Kate says · 12.01.16

I wait for my hair to cool and then put it in a loose ponytail with a soft fabric elastic holder!

Colleen S says · 12.01.16

At what point did you use the two styling products? Also, you leave the ends out of the curling iron. Is that to avoid damage. Thanks!

Janine says · 12.06.16

Along the same lines, how do you avoid a dent when you leave your ends out?

Sara says · 12.07.16

i would love to know as well!! this always happens to me :/

Blush & Pearls says · 12.01.16

Great look! I love waves but never have the time to do them anymore. You make it look easy.

Blush & Pearls by Angela

Jamie says · 12.01.16

What size curling iron would you suggest for shorter hair? I likethe loose look and sometimes my hair feels too curly for being above my shoulders. Thanks

Ali says · 12.01.16

Yes! I run into the same thing!

Amanda says · 12.02.16

I third this!

katie says · 12.06.16

me too – was just about to ask the same question. For a long bob (shoulder lengthish) – still use a 1.5″?

Mary Lou says · 01.01.17

Same here!!

Sarah says · 02.09.17

I’m wondering if anyone got an answer on this? I have a shoulder length-ish long bob as well and am wondering what size barrel would be best.

Trish says · 12.01.16

Love your lipstick in these pictures! Do you mind sharing what it is? Thanks!

Andrea says · 12.01.16

Yes! Agree! I’d love to know your lip color – it’s stunning!

Brooke says · 12.02.16

It’s the Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in watermelon. She posted this same picture a few weeks back with lipstick details!

Angie says · 12.21.16

Yay, thank you, Brooke! Did she happen to give a link for her tee in that previous post as well? I see lots of people are asking that with no response. Thanks again for the lipstick tip!

Ana says · 12.01.16

So pretty! Do you do anything to your hair to keep it looking heathy and prevent damage? My curls never last a second day and I feel bad styling or curling every single day.

Joanne Talbot says · 12.01.16

Absolutely love this look, have taken your pic in to my own hairdresser. Would love to see a tutorial on your fringe.. aka bangs. Cant quite get mine right… I know there are past videos but I would like to see with this look how you blowdry, style, what brush or comb etc.. Thank you so much. Ever Grateful..

Becky says · 12.01.16

I’ve taken your pics to my stylist, too!! I’ve never, ever seen any evidence of any bad hair choices on your blog! Just evidence of style evolution that we all go through. 🙂 Personally, I really like your hair in the hair-spray days. I never could achieve that volume on my own hair, so I always admired yours! Thanks for sharing all your fabulous wisdom with us readers! 🙂

Kristen says · 12.01.16

Loving the loose waves! I’ve followed your tutorials before and my hair is so grateful. 🙂

Ellie says · 12.01.16

I’d also like to know name of that lip color. So pretty!

jen says · 12.01.16

such a gorgeous hair look, i love it!
jen / velvet spring xx

Kris says · 12.01.16

I would LOVE a tutorial on your current bangs right now too!

And, how about a bang tutorial for those of us who work out in the morning, use a headband to hold our hair back, and don’t want to wash our hair (dry shampoo to the rescue)? I try not to wash my hair every day, but since cutting it short and cutting in bangs, I’m not sure how to restyle bangs after working out in a headband in the morning. Or maybe there’s a better way to “take care of” bangs during a workout that I’m missing?!

Crystal says · 12.01.16

Love the hair tell us about the color. How do you get your root color?

Claire Talks Beauty says · 12.01.16

Love the babyliss curling iron ! One of the best !


Alyssa says · 12.01.16

I have long thick hair (about 4+” longer than yours) and I’ve been looking for a curling iron for everyday styling. Is this one you would recommend or I should I look for one maybe with a longer barrel (if possible?) Open to suggestions!

kratom says · 12.01.16

Loving the loose waves! I’ve followed your tutorials before and my hair is so grateful.

mormormedstiletter says · 12.01.16

So pretty! 🙂

Alisha Lambert says · 12.01.16

Where is your light gray top from that you are wearing in your photos? Love it!

Janelle says · 12.01.16

What would you recommend for someone with mid-length hair to achieve a similar look? Also, I would love to hear your recommendations how how to ask your stylist to cut your layers tolook good with curled and straight hair. Mine looks terrible right now when its curled! Yuck!

Jennifer says · 12.01.16

Can you tell me what lipstick you are wearing in this post??? Your waves are beautiful and make-up is perfect.

Cindy says · 12.01.16

Yes, what lipstick are you wearing…..would love to know

Pat Burns says · 12.02.16

Hi! I’ve followed your suggestions forever and really appreciate every post you do.
I’m looking for a new curling iron and remember that you have mentioned the GHD iron in the past. Do you like the BaByliss better for long hair?
My hair doesn’t hold curl well even though it has body. It’s been suggested, by a salesperson, that I go down to a 1 in barrel. Do you agree that that might work with long hair?

Marie-Louise Høg says · 12.02.16 Reply
Beth says · 12.02.16

Hey Kate, where is your gray tshirt from?

Kristin S says · 12.04.16

Curl spooning (as I call it) makes me nuts! But I can’t curl in different directions. If I try to go toward my face, it gets all wonky. I think it’s because I’m SO right-handed.

I’ve wondered with that spray if you tease first or spray first. Even though I have thick hair, I LOVE this spray too! My hair can get really heavy even though it isn’t straight. This stuff has helped so much. It’s an investment, though.

Ashli says · 12.04.16

Rocking those bangs! I love them.


Mel says · 12.05.16

Beautiful look!!! I sooo need to try this!!!!

Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com

Samantha Lee says · 12.07.16

I have no idea how to use a curling iron, but a wand is pretty easy. I think I need to invest in a larger barrel though to get these looser waves. So cute!

Sam says · 01.02.17

Hi Kate! Love your posts, thank so much for sharing them with us.
I am interested in how your hair regimen has changed over the years. For example, been watching your older hair videos and you seemed to have been a big fan of aquage uplifting foam, but don’t seem to mention it now at all in your current posts.
What would you say your go-to hair products are these days, especially for volume and holding curls?

Ashton says · 02.15.17

I second this!!! Is there an updated video with your daily routine?

Love the blog Kate!!

Kate says · 02.16.17

I’m doing nothing different! Same technique!

Amber says · 01.18.17

These pictures of you are stunning! I love your tutorials. =)

Katie says · 02.01.17

I need a class on how to curl my hair like this. For the LIFE of me, I just can’t get it.

Heather says · 02.05.17

Very cute!

Anna says · 02.08.17

🙁 can’t see the video. All black. Bummers!

lisa lou says · 02.23.17

Best beautyforever hair

Tanya Burkhart says · 03.14.17

Hi Kate!

I would love to see this tutorial again with your shorter hair (which just so happens to be my hair length) because I know it will curl differently with less length. Thanks!

Hillari says · 03.22.17

Hi! I’m looking for your color formula you had mentioned in the past to get that Balayage Rooty look and can’t find it anywhere, would you mind sharing your formula shades color?? Thank you so much!!

Sheila says · 05.15.17

I love this tutorial! Thank you for sharing. Curling in the opposite direction makes a huge difference.

alipearl says · 05.27.17

I naturally had long curly hair and was bored so i searched on google how to keep the hair naturally the options came i selected it.Tried the tips it really worked now i use the tips always after week and now my hair is silky,straight,smooth n shiny…

irhair says · 07.16.17

Gorgeous!!!wavy hair is always beautiful.
shop remy wavy hair here:https://www.irhair.com/brazilian-hair-body-wave

Juleehair says · 10.11.17

I naturally had long curly hair and was bored so i searched on google how to keep the hair naturally the options came i selected it.Tried the tips it really worked now i use the tips always after week and now my hair is silky,straight,smooth n shiny…

Amanda E says · 10.18.17

This is beautiful and it looks so easy. When I try to do this with a similar hot tools curling iron, the waves/curls don’t hold to begin with and hairspray doesn’t help. My hair is think and fine. I have mousse in my hair from washing it the night before and blow drying. Even trying to this in layers, clipping up the curls to cool down, it doesn’t work and my hair is about your length. Any tips?

Great video!

Maria says · 10.23.17

What kind of curling iron are you using. I have thick course hair. Will that curling iron your using work for me?

Fanny says · 10.24.17

Hi, I have shorter hair so ….which size you suggest? I mean which size for curling iron. Thanks

Julie Evans says · 10.25.17

You look great with bangs also. We all love change when it comes to our hair. I wish I had some of your courseness. Mine won’t keep a curl.

Karen says · 03.15.18

Love these tutorials! I have a hair challenge: my bangs have a growth pattern forward. I can’t seeem to curl or style them back. They ruin my ‘do! Any ideas?

Lydia O'Donnel says · 09.04.19

Love, love, love the beach waves!

Try them out with extensions to get a fuller look 🙂

hairgets says · 09.23.19

Great look! If the women with thin hair, she could try to install a hair extensions, may be this hair extensions is a good choose

beautyforever says · 10.25.19

I love the wavy hairstyle, I naturally have a little wavy texture, but it is a little messy. I love the hairstyle and will definitely try it.

KNhair says · 12.15.19

Very useful tutorial, very pretty loose wavy hairstyle, thank you for sharing!!

dearyhair says · 12.29.19

You look great with bangs also. Maybe the style you want here.


Elle Irwin says · 12.28.21

I love this blog so much! I have been using bundles with closure since sooo long now and I have never being disappointing with how they turn out because these 30 inch bundles are pretty natural looking and especially the Wavy Wigs are the best because of how natural looking they are!