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80% of my week is casual and comfortable as I’m hanging with the boys. I try to dress up a little bit on my work days, and am usually filming those days as well, so full hair and makeup is done.

But on the other days, I like to wear comfortable clothes that allow me to be up for any activity without looking like a total slob.

My favorite leggings right now are the Lululemon Align Pant 2. My sister told me about them and they are in fact the most amazing pants ever. I refer to them as cloud pants on snapchat as they feel like you are wearing clouds. In the past, my favorite leggings were Zella Live In Leggings, which are still very much a favorite, but the Align 2 Pant has slipped into first place. To compare the two, Align 2 is a high waist, feels much lighter and stretchier, and hits the ankle. Zella Live In leggings are full length (though I do think there is an ankle option maybe?) and are mid-rise. I just saw that a high rise option for Zella is available too. Zella leggings are thicker, still very stretchy, and feel very comfortable as well!

I wear these shoes so much. These were such a win when I was looking for an easy shoe to just slide on. They’ve gotten a few scuffs are marks, but they wipe clean with a damp paper towel pretty easily.

I love this sweatshirt from Target! It’s light, flexible, and a perfect long length. If it’s chillier where you are, this looks like an easy to wear vest to throw over a thin sweatshirt.

I’ve been wearing bralettes more than usual since it’s more discreet in the wintertime. They are comfortable and easy to wear on casual days, but a bit nicer than just a sports bra.

Lastly, I usually pull my hair up into a messy bun with a fabric elastic. Throw my Apple watch on, and apply a bit of a sheer pink lip product on my lips!

If you like a more athletic shoe look, you can’t go wrong with a pair of New Balance sneakers!

More of my favorite casual wear items and hairstyles!


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Nikki Perkinson says · 12.08.16

If you ever want to try a new pant or brand, I LOVE the beyond yoga space dye collection! They are the softest pair of leggings and bras that I own! I highly recommend the high waisted leggings! They also have an incredible pull over sweatshirt with a v neck that is super soft, lightweight, and easy to throw on over everything! I work at our local Pure Barre, so I wear altheltic clothes a lot and totally understand how you want to look pulled together too!

Kristin says · 12.08.16

I also LOVE my align leggings. However, I bought a pair about a year ago & they immediately pilled between the legs, like on the first wear, before washing. I only wash them with other lulu pants & the pilling is worse. They’re the comfiest pants ever though so I kept them anyways.
Did that happen to you? Maybe they’ve changed the material a bit since my pair.. I really hope so!

Sarah O says · 12.08.16

I just browsed them on Lulu’s website and the first 10 reviews I read said horrible pilling.

Patty Hetrick says · 12.08.16

I have the LuluLemon align pant also and they feel so good and the high waist is awesome! The waist doesn’t cut into me and give me more muffin top. I wish they made them longer because I am a tall girl and the inseam on these are 25″. I usually need a 31-32″ to hit my ankles and these end up looking like crop leggings. Lululemon did tell me they are a 7/8 pant. I also have pilling in between the legs but everywhere else is okay. I wish it didn’t pill but there really isn’t anyone between my legs to notice, lol.

Jennifer says · 12.08.16

They have changed the material since last year. I like the old pair slightly better, but the Align II are probably a little more durable.

Kristin says · 12.08.16

Ok well that’s good to hear. I play a lot on the floor with my 14 month old son, so the pilling is maybe visible to others around me at times, which was a bit embarrassing. But they’re SO comfy and flattering.

Karly says · 12.08.16

This is my go to outfit on the weekends!!

Debbie says · 12.08.16

I found a great pair of leggings… the grocery store! They are no nonsense brand and are high waisted with the perfect amount of stretch and support. I have all my friends loving them and buying them up. Only 15 bucks!!! Best secret in my neighborhood!!! Shhhhh

Darian says · 12.08.16

I bought those slip on sneakers on your recommendation and I LOVE them! I even bought a pair for my sister. They are so comfortable and easy to wear—without looking too casual!

sarah Chavis says · 12.08.16

I have the Target sweatshirt! It is my absolute favorite and can I say “oh so comfortable and soft.” I usually wear a cami under it. What I also like is that it’s longer. It’s just an awesome sweatshirt.

The athleisure wear look has totally crept into my closet. It makes me feel put together and not like a slob. Especially since I am running after a 2 year old that seems to have more energy that two of me put together!

It just keeps all my junk in place without feeling exposed. You know what I mean?

Blush & Pearls says · 12.08.16

I would go insane without leisure wear. It’s what I put an after a long day of work. Have to get me some bralettes – didn’t even know these existed!

Blush & Pearls by Angela

LB says · 12.08.16

So question about this barrette thing… Never heard of it. Do they have enough support and coverage when its cold if you know what I mean? Haha. They look super cute and comfy, but do they function like a sports bra?

LB says · 12.08.16


Genevieve says · 12.08.16

You will have nipplage but if you’re wear a sweatshirt over, it will be your little secret/secrets. Ha!

Barb says · 12.08.16

How is the support on the bralettes?

Kay says · 12.08.16

Dang…now I want to buy all this stuff!

Christy says · 12.08.16

How do you feel about LulaRoe leggings and tunics? It seems to be the craze right now on Facebook so I’m sure you’ve seen some of the stuff. I can kind of get-away with wearing them to the office as long as I dress them up with boots, accessories and curling my hair. However, some of the stuff seriously looks like people are wearing colorful potato sacks over leggings. haha.
Have you tried anything from LulaRoe yet?

Kate says · 12.08.16

I haven’t tried it but probably won’t as it’s not my style.

Claire Talks Beauty says · 12.08.16

i love the Cowl Neck Leisure Top from Target ! too bad that it closed in canada 🙁

Ashley says · 12.08.16

I’ve been trying to find staple pieces to wear and build my “athleisure” wardrobe. That sweater looks perfect especially for these dreary days. Both the shoes and pants are on my wishlist! Also- It was wonderful meeting you last night and I hope you do more events like that in the future!

Sarah @ Smile & Conquer says · 12.08.16

I too am a convert to the Lululemon Align pants, they are seriously heaven! I picked up a pair to wear on an overseas flight would like to swap out my entire wardrobe for them. Those sneakers are also super cute, not great for the snowy winter here but perfect for spring!

Charmaine Ng says · 12.08.16

I love wearing athleisure wear too. Like you, I’m in leggings like 80% of the time – even at work because we get to dress casual. I love your picks!

– Charmaine

Mel says · 12.12.16

I need the sneakers!! So cute!! I would be lost without my Apple Watch!!

Mel |

Lauren says · 01.02.17

Hi! I bought the slip on sneakers ( thanks for posting something so affordable!). However, what type of socks do you wear? My no shows…show. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Kate says · 01.02.17

I don’t wear socks with them!