Highlights of 2016: Motherhood

Highlights of 2016: Hair

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Motherhood has been the greatest blessing in my life without a doubt! My kids bring me so much joy, sometimes I just squeeze them so hard and smother them with kisses and hugs. And then they pull away and say,”NoOOOOOO!!!!!!”. . .but I still do it anyway. I’m that mom.

These were the top motherhood related posts of the year:

There are so many good suggestions in the comments of this post! 3 Ways to Simplify Cooking Dinner With Kids

One on One Time

We are still loving Blippi, and by “we” I mean “David” because my ears are starting to bleed at the start of every song. David’s Favorite iPad Activities

This has been such a well-loved and OFTEN used purchase! We Love the Playset!

Such a simple DIY that makes such happy kids! DIY Car Ramp for Kids


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Michele says · 12.27.16

Your play set post was my inspiration to start shopping around for one for my daughter for next summer. Of course, I’ll be very pregnant with #2 at that point, so that will be my husbands job! Probably bonding with his brothers!

Random question that would probably have been better suited for yesterday’s post, but it occurred to me that you mentioned a bajillion posts ago that you were growing your hair out for a project you’d tell us about later. Then there was no project mentioned later. Did I miss it? I’m just curious as I’m growing out an a line lob and thought of you.

Laura says · 12.27.16

From one Blippi sufferer to another, I feel your pain. I sometimes hear “so much to learn about….” even when it’s not playing. 😉

Kim says · 12.27.16

This is so seeet!


http://bit.ly/2hq0Eqo .. camels and a GIVEAWAY!

Chelsea Selbig says · 12.27.16

Thanks to your suggestion months ago, my kids (3.5 years and 18 mo) are also Blippi obsessed! My youngest got the Blippi doll for Christmas and it already needs to be washed after an airplane ride, boat ride and countless nap snuggles.

Chrissy says · 12.27.16

Ok, so I know you do lots of hair tutorials. Do you have one for the hair you have in the picture? Love it!

Ashli says · 12.27.16

I loved your 3 Ways to Simplify Cooking post. I find meal planning is very important in our home.


Ayesha says · 12.29.16

Such a lovely picture with this post 🙂