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Okay how fun is this little gadget? It’s a mini printer that connects to your phone via bluetooth.


You can crop/adjust your iPhone pictures in the app, and then print right away!



I love pictures, and this was such a fun thing to play with! I’m sharing a round up of some of my favorite tech gifts today, for the people in your life that love gadgets and technology!


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I’ve always loved hearing about the latest gadget or techy thing to hit the market. My husband is the same way, and in fact he waited in line for hours to get the very first iPhone. It was totally worth it to be able to have a game-changing device like that!

I have a few tech favorites that would make great gifts this Christmas season, and I thought I’d share a little bit of input on each of them to explain why I like them!

01. I use my Fuji Instax Camera at least once a week, and more if there are special occasions. I love the little vintage looking pictures it dispenses, and the boys get a kick out of it. The film isn’t cheap, so this isn’t a gift I would give to a child. It would be a great gift for a friend or family member embarking on a new chapter in life though, like moving into a new home, just moving to a new place, getting engaged, starting college, etc. It’s also great to give parents who love to document things about their children. I’m much more likely to snap a quick pic with this to slide into David and Luke’s baby book versus printing out a nice DSLR shot photo. (More about this camera here).

02. My husband surprised me with the apple watch last year and I really enjoy it. I do not wear it every single day, and often I skip it if I’m dressed up a bit because it feels like such a casual/sporty watch to me. But I like wearing it on casual/athleisure days and when I can remember at 4:55 in the morning, I’ll put it on before I go to bootcamp! It’s VERY convenient if you have a busy life because you can just glance down and check something really quick without pulling out your phone. If you want to read more about how I use it, you can read a quick review of it here!

03. I’ve professed my love for this camera over and over, and then I went through a frustrated stage with it because the iOS 10 update for the iPhone caused a connectivity issue with the camera. The biggest selling point was the very easy ability to transfer photos on the camera directly over to the phone–and that was lost. I still loved the camera, but I ended up purchasing a Eye-Fi card which does the same thing in a separate app. However, I do know that Samsung is working on an update and a kind reader found a work around so that solved the problem for me. Anyway, what I love about it is that it’s so light and portable, it takes great photos and has a ton of settings to choose from. The lenses are interchangeable, so you can customize it to your needs.  I use my 30mm lens almost exclusively, but often have my 16mm nearby for wider shots. You can read more about my love for it here.

04. Again with the picture theme, I saw this at Best Buy on an end cap and my eyes turned into hearts. I’m a big picture person, and the ability to immediately print a great quality and tiny photo is kind of my life song these days. Photos taken with the Fuji Instax, and now the photos I take on my iPhone and then easily printed on the Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer  – these two options are now what I use to document the boys in their baby books! The quality for this inkiness printer is impressive to me. Some reviews said the photos pulled a bit red but I haven’t found that to be the case. Also, I think some customers may have had unrealistic expectations about their photos which caused disappointment. . .anyway, this is a fun gift for a friend or family member and to me it’s one of those things that “I would never buy for myself but would love to have” sort of thing.

05. I have small ears and struggle with earbuds. I wear the Sudio Sweden vasa bla pink bluetooth earbuds when I’m out working at a bookstore or coffee shop, but I love having these for working at home when I’m editing or trying to focus. They are comfortable, they look great, and AGAIN, it’s one of those gifts that someone would love to receive but may not splurge on for his or herself. BONUS: Sudio Sweden is kindly offering 15% off all products with the code SmallThings!

06. Justin bought me this UE BOOM 2 for my birthday and I love it. I use it multiple times a day and even take it with me when I’ve had shoots in other locations. The sound quality is amazing, and I love how light and portable it is. The boys and I listen to music every time we are home, and they love it as much as I do!

07. So this isn’t really a tech thing as much as it’s a tech organizer. My sister sent this to me and I thought it was so cool! It’s perfect for that person who already has everything but needs a place to keep it all organized! It would be great for someone who loves to travel as well!

08. Ah my beloved iPad mini. . . commandeered by David to watch his YouTube shows. For it’s purpose, I love the size and portability. I’ve basically stopped traveling with my laptop altogether, but I’ll check in on things with my iPad mini if I need to!

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Candice says · 12.14.16

That mini printer is such an awesome idea!

Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

gena says · 12.14.16

Thank you! This gave me much needed Christmas ideas for my father in law! aka: the guy who has everything 😉

Claire Talks Beauty says · 12.14.16

i love the mini printer ! this is a great idea and a beautiful gift ! i am thinking about getting one for myself !

Charlotte Dawson says · 12.14.16

Oh my god, i love the organiser! In fact, i love anything stationary, or anything that helps me organise my crap.

Lovely post. I’m a proper tech geek myself, so these are the best kinds of gifts for me.
Charlotte xx

ki says · 12.14.16

That mini printer is perfect for my sister in law with her new little one! I haven’t see that before-thank you!

Dea Andriany says · 12.14.16

Earphones are just the best thing to pick up because you cannot have too many with how many times you lost them. The mini printer is so neat!

Erica says · 12.14.16

Well I have put the zip printer in my cart on Best Buy and Amazon over this past week thinking does it really work. Thanks for helping me make up my mind! Ordered!

Kristine says · 12.18.16

Instax Film Cheap Tip: If you are an Amazon Prime member you can get the film for half price or do like I do and buy it from Michael’s with a 50% off one item coupon. You get these coupons almost every time you purchase something or get the Michael’s app.

jennifer says · 12.21.16

I have to say….this has got to be the best invention ever since computers/phones!!! Makes me want to buy a smart phone right now.I know,I know,I’m still in the stone ages.Lol But I will most certainly get one of these printers when I get a phone.

Im so terrible at printing pics with my Digital Camera- this would be so handy!
Love it!

Lauren says · 12.29.16

Sudio Earphones: CAUTION! I ordered a pair from the company and upon arrival, they were far too small for my son’s head. Carefully repacked them and requested a return ticket. Answer was ‘No, you’ve opened the seal.” Huh?! Well of course we did- how were we to inspect them for damage, size, etc. Long story short, after a request to amend their return policy somewhat, they are allowing me to make the return. But guess what? The shipping cost to Sweden is over $65, half of what we paid for them. We opted to keep instead. Lesson learned. BTW I did read the return policy and it says nothing about keeping the items sealed for return.