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I’m excited to have Nicole here today sharing her gift guide!gift-guide

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The last couple Christmases, my family has followed the tradition of the four categories of gifts: something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read. It’s a great mixture of practical + fun, and it helps to give the gift-giver some categories to buy from. However…since becoming a mom (and especially right now, having a 3 year old, 2 year old, and 5 month old), reading for me lasts about 5 seconds before I fall asleep! So the last 2 years, we’ve changed my final category to “something to see” – or home decor. Sure it doesn’t rhyme perfectly but it’s close enough.

Something you want: I’m dying for a new curling iron (now that I’ve got the technique down) – and two words: Also, I’ve been telling Rob (my husband) that I want this camera for almost a year now 🙂 And a perk of working from home? Slippers. I hear these are the COZIEST.

Something you need: I’m trying to get back in shape and desperately need some capri leggings. In the hair department, I am in dire need of a shower cap to make my 2-day hair last. And I’ve been using this hair towel for approximately 15 years and it is a life-saver for my thick hair.

Something to wear: This is my favorite necklace ever (Rob bought it for me earlier this year) and I lost it recently. I love it so much I’m asking for it again! This tunic sweatshirt looks amazing. And I’ve heard these wedge booties are incredibly comfortable.

Something to see: This print and this print are from one of my favorite shops – Maker and Ink. And this cutting board is so pretty, I would just prop it up on my counter as decoration!

So there’s my little wish list for this Christmas! Thanks for reading and hope you all have a wonderful holiday!


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Kerrie says · 12.09.16

Just curious, who is Nicole?

Julia says · 12.09.16

Nicole is Kate’s assistant, she helps with blog stuff!

Raquel L says · 12.09.16

This is great, but who is Nicole? 🙂

Jen says · 12.09.16

Nicole is Kate’s assistant. She introduced her in a post.

Kate skincare help please! I have been trying to get into a skincare routine but my skin goes through phases where it just freaks out. Not sure if you’ve been doing anything different but your skin looks great. Any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Katie says · 12.09.16

I have a pair of UGG slippers. I have the thick soled ones. THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!! Mine were around $100, and worth EVERY PENNY! I wear them everyday when I get home from teaching and =). Even with my dog thinking they are rabbits and eating them …. they were the best purchase I bought for myself last year.

Nicole A. says · 12.09.16

I can attest that the TOMS wedge booties are very comfortable! I have them in the sand color and the black. They’re so much my favorites that I bought a spare pair in the sand color for when my current pair is too beat up to look nice. I get a lot of compliments on them as well! If there’s anyone reading that is on the fence about getting them… it!

Erin Andrews says · 12.09.16

I’ve seen the wedge booties at Costco recently! Check your local warehouse for them in black and gray!

Jess at Just Jess says · 12.09.16

I love the idea of categories for Christmas presents, I tend to always add a few practical gifts on my list along with favorite movies and books! Jess at Just Jess

Joey says · 12.09.16

UGG slippers ARE the coziest, but I’ve stopped buying them due to news of the mistreatment of sheep in shearing and for sheepskin. 🙁

Stacey says · 12.09.16

I just got the wedge Tom booties this week! They are fabulous. I will be buying another pair in a different color!

Fran says · 12.10.16

I loved this 😊 The idea of splitting gift buying into those 4 categories is pure.genius. I’ve got a big family and it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start when buying presents, especially when you want gifts to be both original and personal. This post will help so much, thank you Nicole! ♥

Charmaine Ng says · 12.10.16

I just got a pair for capri leggings for jogging and they are the BEST! I love how sporty I look in them, despite not being sporty at all 😉 I also want the same polaroid!

– Charmaine

The New Old Fashioned Girl says · 12.10.16

That curling iron looks like something I need:)
The New Old Fashioned Girl

Tracy says · 12.10.16

Just bought my 89 year old technologically challenged Dad the Fuji Camera. He’s been complaining how difficult it is getting to get his old fashion 35mm film developed, so I think this will be a happy medium for him! HA! Loving many of these items you’ve posted as well. Thank You!

Drgul says · 12.10.16

I thought you have 2 sons . when did the 5 month old come along ? Merry Christmas!!! I think Parents Magazine subscription would be really nice for a new parent.;)

Kate says · 12.11.16

This is Nicole’s gift guide, not mine 🙂

amelia says · 12.11.16

Love the four category idea! That’s a good one to hep get ideas, thanks for the tip!

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