A smokey eye with the Tartelette in Bloom palette

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Sometimes I get in such a repetitive cycle with eyeshadow palettes, that I only use the same shades over and over and over. I picked up the Tartlette in Bloom palette the other day, having not touched it for a few weeks, and immediately went for a smokey eye look using at least one shade I hadn’t already used before.

If it’s helpful to watch a video to see how I apply eyeshadow when I’m going for a darker crease look, you can watch this! The shades are different, but the method is exactly the same.


I started with “firecracker” all across the lid, then applied “activist” in the outer corners and up into the crease just a bit. I grabbed a smaller eyeshadow brush and pressed “funny girl” right on top of my eyeliner (and this is the technique I used to apply that!) and blended everything out with “charmer”. And to finish, I applied “firecracker” at the base of my lower lashes just to add a bit of depth under my eye to round out the shape.




earrings, bralette, similar bralette, sweatshirt, lipstick, blush

I loved the look! The shades in the palette show in the images online are much warmer than they look/wear in real life, so just keep that in mind. The final look was rich and chocolatey, with shimmery warm copper/gold all across the lids and lower lash line.

p.s. Here are a bunch of eyeshadow palettes, in a range of prices, that anyone can wear!


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Lo says · 12.23.16

you’re so stinkin’ pretty! love this look! Merry Christmas Kate!


Rachel says · 12.23.16

Hi Kate!

I’ve been wanting to buy a quality eye palette, but I’m not sure which one to choose: Lorac, Bare Minerals, Tarte..etc….what would you suggest?

P.S. : I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. 🙂
P.P.S: Merry Christmas!

Katie says · 12.23.16

Def get Tarte in Bloom!!!

Dea Andriany says · 12.23.16

Absolutely pretty! Teach me how to blend eyeshadow your way, Ma’am! I’m such a mess when it comes to them.

The New Old Fashioned Girl says · 12.23.16

This is such a pretty look!
I bought this palette for my mom for Christmas, and I desperately want to try it for myself:)
The New Old Fashioned Girl

Noel M says · 12.23.16

I have this palette and LOVE the colors, but hate the consistency of the powder when applying. Do you have any tips for that? I feel like it’s a little too… powdery? I end up with it everywhere on the palette and around my eyes and cheeks, even when using a primer.
I almost took it back, but couldn’t part with the color combo.

Noel M says · 12.23.16

Um – excuse my profile pic – fantasy football team related!

Brenda Gross says · 12.23.16

What color in the Nars lip glide do you have on? Also what shade in the Amazonian clay blush? Both very pretty.

Kate says · 12.23.16

Nars is Bound, and Tarte is Exposed!

Jen says · 12.23.16

Love this look!

Anyway you can change the ads on the page? The Abreva ad at the bottom is so big we can only see half your blog at a time. I can’t even hit next page at the bottom…..just a heads up. Not sure if it’s just me or everyone!?!?! It’s that way on my phone and iPad.

Kate says · 12.23.16

Thanks for letting me know, it definitely shouldn’t be that big! Will look into it stat!

RBeck says · 12.23.16

That first pic…. absolutely gorgeous! I think bangs were made for you!

Roffe says · 12.25.16

I am new in your blog….a very tasteful blog!
You are beautiful in this makeup!

Kind regards

Mireia says · 12.25.16

Gorgeous makeup!

Mireia from TGL

Heather says · 12.26.16

I struggle with the repetitive cycle with eyeshadow palettes, too. I’d love to see a post on several looks with the same palette, maybe using the same palette for a week or something. I think palettes are great for traveling, but then I end up with the same look for the whole trip.

Lisa says · 12.28.16

What is your lip color? You look beautiful as always.

Katie says · 12.28.16

So beautiful!! Your makeup looks PERFECT here, gorgeous!
Katie Actually

Mel says · 12.29.16

Sooooo pretty!! I would wear this look everyday!!

Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com

chunkon.com says · 03.01.17

Teach me how to blend eyeshadow your way, Ma’am! I’m such a mess when it comes to them.