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Tis the season of traveling to homes of friends and family, and also hosting friends and family in your own home! In thinking about how to prepare for people heading your way, I wanted to share 3 things that I always think of whenever I have house guests, whether it be family or friends!

Provide some slippers. You can find really inexpensive slippersΒ on Amazon, or at TJ Maxx. And a lot of times there are some general sizes in case you need to guess what shoe size your guest is wearing! Also, providing a robe would be a nice touch too. There have been too many times that I’ve had to pull on jeans in the middle of the night to use the bathroom because I forgot pajama pants.

Set up a little medicine and toiletry area. I had the *worst* mosquito bite when I was staying at my in-laws before Justin and I were married. It was nighttime, everyone was in bed, and I had to text Justin to ask him if he knew where to find some cortisone-10 cream! Ever since that time, I’ve thought to gather some common medicines, from pain reliever to lip balm, just to put in plain view should a guest need something.

Leave some snacks and something to drink. I’ve certainly stayed at homes of people who I didn’t know terribly well, but Justin knew better, and didn’t feel comfortable riffling through their fridge for some grapes or something to snack on. I’ve always thought about that when I have people stay with me. I try to have a rough idea of a meal plan, but I also like to have light snacks readily available, and even on the counter if they don’t need to stay chilled, so the guest doesn’t feel like he/she is overstepping.

Happy Holidays!

While you’re hosting, make your guests some ofΒ my favorite banana bread or some homemade apple pie!


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Tiffany says · 12.22.16

I buy travel size lotions, deodorants, shampoo, really anything I think I’d use when away and I put them in a glass jar with a cute tag attached that says “take what you need” and I have it out on the counter in our guest bathroom. They always use items, so it’s perfect!

Alyssa says · 12.22.16

Love this!

Kate says · 12.22.16

That is a great idea!!

Cheryl says · 12.22.16

I love your suggestions. I would add a shower cap to this list.

Megan says · 12.22.16

I always leave an extra throw blanket out for guests because I am so cold natured and am typically uncomfortable in others’ home. Also I like to leave an extra iPhone charger out for guests because my husband ALWAYS forgets his.


Crystal says · 12.22.16

I always say there are 5 things every guest room should have (because I find that these things are often missing at people’s homes I’ve stayed at: A mirror, tissues, trashcan, clock, and lamp. I have extras of toiletries and stuff, too, but I like to have the other 5 things in place.

Amy P says · 12.22.16

YES! Thanks. Snack and toiletries and such are lovely extras, but it’s amazing how many times someone’s spare room has been missing these basics (my mother-in-law is an amazing host who has people over all the time – she’s warm and welcoming and cooks/bakes everything, but the mirror/clock/lamp/bedside table (it could be a spare chair or a box for all I care!) are never in her spare rooms. Eventually I started remembering to bring a travel light and downloaded a nighttime clock app on my phone and brought an extension cord so I could plug it in near the bed (that’s another great thing to consider – are there enough plug-ins available for use in your spare room?). I never mentioned it because she is kind enough to host us so many times and I really do love her and don’t want to hurt her feelings, but I always felt kinda bad for the other guests who might’ve felt less comfortable in her house to grab a spare chair from another room, or who came not knowing to bring those things.

Christen says · 12.22.16

I always leave small snacks on the kitchen table (fruit, pretzels, etc.). It’s the WORST when you’re starving at someone’s house and there’s nothing to eat.

Kate says · 12.22.16

Agreed! Love that idea

amanda says · 12.23.16

As far as this goes, I always leave something out but also tell guests to make themselves at home and feel free to go looking for whatever they want (and I always appreciate when hosts tell me the same). Simple solution and gives guests a lot more options πŸ˜‰

Sarah Chavis says · 12.22.16

When in-laws stayed with us for a couple day back in May, they were comfortable enough to help themselves to the fridge and such. But one thing that I never thought about is guests don’t know your home as well as you do.

My mother-in-law brought night lights. She put a couple in the bedroom..then in the bathroom.

So night lights may be useful as well!

Deb Cadovius says · 12.22.16

I always tell anyone who enters my home: “Please treat this like your house. Plunder the fridge, raid the pantry and please put your feet (not shoes) up on the couches.”
Also, remember to include gas/diarrhea meds and feminine products in the guest baskets, y’all. For reals. πŸ˜‚

Andrea says · 12.22.16


Abigail says · 12.22.16

I also think a bedside carafe for water is classy and useful. I personally sip water often throughout the night and AM.

Sydni says · 12.22.16

Great ideas! At the very least you should provide a water cup and an extra blanket. And may I add, a TRASH CAN. We lived with my in-laws for half a year and it took about 2 months for me to bring a (teeny tiny) trash can into our room. It was so annoying and embarrassing having to walk across the hallway (past the in-laws room) to the bathroom to throw something away.

Krysta says · 12.22.16

Slippers for guests is such a thoughtful idea! πŸ™‚

Leanne says · 12.22.16

Love your suggestions! I always accumulate all my miniature products and display them in a dish for guest use when they stay. I think they like it as usually the products have come from a high end brand and on multiple occasions they have actually gone out and purchased the full size after.
Great post – perfect for the Christmas season when family and friends are staying.
Leanne x


Michele says · 12.22.16

I always keep extra toothbrushes on hand with toothpaste in our guest bathroom. They’re definitely appreciated!

Jenna Sherard says · 12.22.16

I’m cracking up picturing you creeping in a kitchen somewhere to sneak some grapes from the fridge πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Bethy says · 12.23.16

We recently turned one bathroom into two and I LOVE being able to tell guests that one is entirely theirs so they can spread out their things and not have to worry about messes (or smells). This was particularly helpful when the stomach flu attacked last weekend. Also, I always show guests how to adjust the heat in their room – it’s so uncomfortable to sleep somewhere chilly! Great idea on the snacks, I’m going to do that.

Kara says · 12.23.16

I printed up a little card that says “Here’s our WIFI password – make yourself at home!” and put it in a pretty little frame next to the guest bed! Gone are the days of awkwardly having to ask! πŸ˜€ (I also make up a large basket of bath towels, wash cloths & toiletries and leave it on the guest bed so that way they can help themselves & not have to ask or feel strange looking through my cupboards for a towel!)

Beautyforever says · 12.26.16 Reply
Aleeha says · 12.27.16

Awh, these are such cute ideas!
Aleeha xXx

dai ly jetstar says · 12.29.16

I LOVE being able to tell guests that one is entirely theirs so they can spread out their things and not have to worry about messes (or smells)
san ve may bay di con dao re nhat
book ve may bay di ca mau khuyen mai