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Talk about a STATEMENT! Thanks BaubleBar!ย 

I’m doing my best to cherish these weeks that are flying by! I know it’s just going to get faster and FASTER over the next 8 until Christmas.

Yes I said 8.

It’s been a little bit since I did a life update here, part of that is due to other posts I have scheduled that I wanted to share, and part of that is because I share a lot of life stuff on snapchat (find me at K8_smallthings)! But, for those of you who aren’t snapping, here’s whats up.

Luke is repeating almost any word you ask him to say. It’s *the* cutest. Whenever he sees Justin’s drone sitting in his office he says, “fly drone? fly drone?” over and over. He’s into airplanes and basketballs. David never cared a single thing about a soccer ball or basically any sport, he was always into cars. So it’s sweet to see Luke pursuing his own, innate interest in balls and things that fly!

David is entering the question stage of adolescents. “What does ____ mean?” is asked multiple times a day. I’m usually able to explain what he’s asking and he’ll reply with, “Oh I see what’s happenin’ here. . .”. I love being able to talk with him and connect on a deeper level now.

Both kids are on the cusp of turning another year older, David will be 3 next month, and Luke will turn 2 shortly thereafter in February. We are traveling home to Illinois again in December as I’m trying to maximize flying up to see family before I have to buy Luke a ticket!

We did our first flight, just the 3 of us, last month and it went swimmingly. Justin had to travel for work, so it was the perfect time to head back home!

Someone explained to me once that parenting changes from being very physically demanding to much more mentally demanding as the kids age. I’m seeing that come true a bit with David in particular. I’m becoming more and more aware of how I speak to him and Luke, as they are both extremely impressionable! To be honest, my fuse is shorter than I’d like to admit most days, so I’m consiously making an effort to be patient with the boys as they are only 2 & 3 (basically)! My friend Ashley recommended this podcastย (this specific episode) and it was great. Listening to podcasts is one of the only ways I acquire information like that, because I can do it while I clean or do laundry.

In other non-personal/family news, I tried out Old Navy’s rockstar jeans and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. I hadn’t tried on jeans from Old Navy in literally years, so it was truly a shock to discover how great these are. They aren’t equal to nor better than my beloved AG jeans, but they aren’t very far below! And at a super affordable price point? They are worth looking into.

The Pentatonix Christmas album is perfection.

My mom, naturally, gave me the perfect + easy pie crust recipe, so expect an apple pie recipe in the next week or so!

Hope you have a lovely weekend! Justin and I are going out on a long overdue date and my parents are visiting!


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Jackie Chorz says · 11.04.16

Your boys are absolutely adorable on snap chat! I love that they have so much to say, I always show all my friends because they are just so cute. I also still laugh at that snap you posted once of David in his crib when Luke was napping and you were saying “Don’t say it!” And he was rocking back and forth and then just belted to his hearts content “LUKE A DUKE!!!” ๐Ÿ˜‚

Megan says · 11.04.16

It’s so fun to watch them grow thru new stages. Do you find that your ON rock star jeans stretch and lose their shape? I have been hesitant to buy them for that reason. Have a great weekend!

Kate says · 11.04.16

Maybe a little bit, but not so much that they lost the shape. But they certainly don’t have as much stretch at my other jeans from AG

JC says · 11.04.16

I make pie crust using my food processor. I make 6 (one at a time) and flatten them into disks and freeze-easy peasy. Enjoy the holidays-they grow so fast :).

Stephanie says · 11.04.16

I love your snaps! About the ON jeans, did you buy them in your normal size or did you have to size up? I have also refrained from trying the Rockstar style since they’ve come out, but I recall people saying they were fine if they sized up or down.

Kimber says · 11.04.16

Every snap with the boys in it I find myself smiling!i love reminiscing of when mine were that little, now 29 & 30, wow I’m old !

Mary says · 11.04.16

Thanks for the podcast suggestion! I’ve got 5 boys and I found it so helpful!!

Heather says · 11.06.16

Oh Mary! I’m so glad!!! Thanks for listening.

Jennifer says · 11.04.16

Just to give you a heads up, because no one gave me one and I wish they had. After the mentally demanding stage of parenting, the teenage years tend to be more emotionally demanding. And I say that coming from a (knock on wood) currently close, healthy relationship with my teenage son!

Love Old Navy jeans. I’m a curvy petite, which can be difficult to fit. Plus, I’m getting a larger abdomen from the mid-life change. :(!

Amy says · 11.04.16

So excited for the apple pie recipe!! Love the earrings too!! My little girl turns 2 in February, they grow up so fast. Where does the time go? I love all your encouraging, right there in the moment, mom moments on the blog and snap chats. They are a real encouragement.

Emily F says · 11.04.16

Have you ever tried Democracy jeans? Their Ab-Solution Jeggings are my FAVORITE!! I never thought I’d be a “jeggings” supporter, but they are amazing!!! Real pockets and zipper… stretchy as leggings… You could literally wear them forever and they would never lose their shape.

Kait says · 11.04.16

Would love to see a post on how to style navy booties. I bought a pair because they were super cute and on sale but not sure what color combos…

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 11.04.16

LOVE those earrings on you!

Michele says · 11.04.16

So very random, but I know you and your sister enjoy done of the it cosmetics products and they’re 25% off through the 8th on the it cosmetics website! I was able to indulge a little more then I usually do! Just a heads up!

Also, I tried out that Rimmel contouring kit you mentioned wanting to try a few posts back. I have never contoured before and was looking for an affordable kit to try, and when you talked about it, I thought I’d give it a try…Walmart had it for $6.17! I was very pleasantly surprised…extremely subtle, which is what I was looking for. People noticed something was different, but couldn’t put their fingers on it, which was awesome. Come on, though, we all know the real reason you wanted to check it out and it was calling to you…it’s got KATE literally written all over it!!! Come on, admit it…you’re among friends here๐Ÿ˜‰

I wish I could get the urge to try old navy jeans again…can’t beat the price! But I was informed years ago that they gave me “mom butt,” and I just can’t bring myself to try another pair. Sigh…

Christin says · 11.05.16

I’ll have to listen to that podcast! I’m in the same season of life and you’re right podcast are the way to go!

Adrienne says · 11.05.16

Excited for the apple pie recipe! It looked super yummy on snapchat!

Wildfire Charm says · 11.06.16

Those earrings look so lovely on you! The perfect pink shade too. I am looking forward to reading your apple pie recipe ๐Ÿ™‚

Laura says · 11.06.16

Thanks for the podcast recommendation. I just downloaded that episode (I also have two little boys). I’ve mentioned this before, but my older son is just 3 weeks older than your David, and he is most definitely entering the terrible 3s so I can totally relate. Every day I pray for patience because he really pushes my buttons some days. Mentally exhausting is exactly right!

Kimberly says · 11.08.16

When are you going back to wheaton? We are heading there Dec 7 14th. I’d love to meet you!

Stacia | Pretty Poppy Peony says · 11.08.16

These earrings are so fun! They would be perfect for holiday parties.