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how beautiful are those cupcakes?!


If you are local I have to tell you that Urban Chic Nail Bar in Holly Springs is the best nail salon I’ve been too ever. The leg massage during the pedicure is an official 10 minutes, and they actually spend 10 ENTIRE minutes on it. Plus the polish is perfect, and I’ve even gotten a gel manicure there that lasted the longest on my nails than any other nail salon.

When I was in Chicago visiting my sister we popped in Anthropologie and I tried on this dress. It’s so cute! I’m waiting for the next sale (actually today is 20% off for Anthro Members!) and then I think I’ll scoop it up! Also, while I’m talking about dresses I was *this close* to keeping this one from Loft.

Have you decorated for fall yet? I was in our attic, with Luke on my hip, and saw my clear storage box full of all my orange-y pumpkin-y things and turned away, leaving them alone to remain baking in the 95 degree attic. The temperatures just don’t feel right yet! Also, would you believe me if I said I am kind of leaning towards going for a neutral/plum inspired fall decor this year?

Moms with little babies, have you seen the Solly Baby Wrap + Rifle Paper Co collab yet? It’s perfection.

Do you have any plans for the weekend?

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Kristin S says · 09.16.16

First, I’m so sorry for your loss but really glad you can attend the funeral. That’s so important.

On the fall decor note, yesterday I found a dealio. Pumpkins at Kroger are BOGO $7.99! The pretty, rustic white ones! I grabbed two yesterday and would have grabbed four if the gigantic carts of mums hadn’t been delivered moments before and parked in front of the pumpkin display. I couldn’t reach more. Also, DJ’s Berry Patch in Apex re-opens today with every possible type of pumpkin and they also have you-pick! OK, I’ll stop with my pumpkin joy.

Alyssa says · 09.16.16

I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s spouse. I hope your weekend is filled with some sunshine and you’re able to bring some into your friend’s weekend.

(I feel so strange transitioning to this, but I love the idea of plum for fall! I love a burgundy or plum with accents of orange, coral/red and gold. It doesn’t feel so cliche fall and I love it!)

Andrea says · 09.16.16

That dress from Anthro is so cute! Anthro is the store I always go to but never buy anything because the prices are up there. I always have to wait for their sales 🙂

Erin says · 09.16.16

I really LOVE that Solly baby wrap, but I’m not finding out the gender and am not sure it would work for a baby boy.


Sydni says · 09.16.16

I’m leaning more neutral for decorations this year, too! I am thinking charcoal and burgundy/maroon plus gold and metallics. But like you, I haven’t felt like it’s time to put everything up yet!

Theresa says · 10.01.16

That dress from Anthro is so adorable! Anthro is the store I generally go to however never purchase anything on the grounds that the costs are up there. I generally need to sit tight for their deals